Monday, June 9, 2014

Melting Basket: 2

Recap from the last basket I would repurchase the following: RG Peppermint Noel, RG Snowflake, RG Donkey Kong Destruction, iheatwax Pink Strawberry/Serendipity, Beezy Paradise Bay (strong burst of citrus and tropical fruits), Streetman Lemonberry Fields Forever (my oldest loved this one- "smells like a nice perfume in here Mom"), Crabby Candle Co. Nag Champa... and if Daphne was open again, her Carnivale.

This week's basket includes:
RG- Over the Moon
RG- Peach Streuselkuchen
RG- Escape to Neverland
RG- Raspberry Lilac
RG- Raspberry Coconut Pina Colada
RG- Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs melted and reviewed previously
RG- Watermelon/Peppermint/Mallow muffin (only half for now)
RG- Pomegranate scent shot
Butterfly Lane- Strawberry Sugar Cookie Dough chunk
iheartwax- Blue Hawaiian Lollipop
iheartwax- Watermelon Patch/Cotton Candy Guava (only 2 chunks)
CFTKR- Ultimate Serendipity (only one sunny man face)
TTT- Frankly My Dear (half of clamshell)
TTT- Polynesian Red
The Bathing Garden- Sea of Tears melted previously, seriously amazing aquatic scent that has a heavy hand of a musky amberlike note that really makes it more than just a clean water fragrance
Streetman- 3 of a Perfect Pear
Streetman- Monkey Chased the Weasel
SMT- Marshmallow Noel melted previously, really great staple scent, strong vanilla based marshmallow
Super Tarts- President Snow
Super Tarts- Magically Delicious
Super Tarts- Fluffly Sugar Cookies
Daphne's- Pink Sangria
Daphne's- Loopy Vanilla Cake Pops
Beezy- Pink Loopy Loops

If you are curious about any of these scents from this or a previous basket just holler! I find that now we are home for the summer I can melt more, which I am loving!

I have orders processing from Sniff My Tarts (March 31st opening and a Mystery Box enroute), Streetman, and TTT (enroute). Oh, and reading Sunnee's post this morning had me grab a bag of Pecan Waffles from Up the Creek Scents... oops.


  1. Haha, Sunnee's Up the Creek post has me considering ordering too. I'll have to go browse. Or maybe I shouldn't!


    1. Luckily most things are sold out so the pecan waffles was all I got. Whew! Saved by the low stock lol!

  2. Beezy - Paradise Bay?! How do I not know about this one --like, I've never even heard of it? Do you remember when you ordered it? His pink loopy loops for this week is a super strong one too!
    Did you take your wax to the beach?

    1. Paradise Bay was in this last restock I think. When I picked up blueberry cheesecake ice cream. It was good stuff! When we went on vacation to Amma Maria last year and Tybee Island this year I did take some wax... But a good mermaid always has some shells and sand with her everywhere she goes. Actually one if my hobbies is shelling. I use the shells to make wreaths, decorate clocks and mirrors, really anything that holds still long enough.