Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Melting Basket 3

Wax I would repurchase from the last basket include: RG Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs, iheartwax Watermelon Punch/Cotton Candy Guava, CFTKR Ultimate Serendipity, TTT Frankly, My Dear, TBG Sea of Tears, Streetman 3 of a Pear this reminded me of BBW pearberry scent I used to adore, Beezy Pink Loopy Loops, SuperTarts Magically Delicious a buttery sugar cookie with extra vanilla buttercream frosting, marshmallow fluff and a touch of brown sugar, way better than just Lucky Charms in a cardboard box.

RG- Earth Angel melted previously, sweet lavander with a slight almond pastry lurking
RG- Lemon Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake
RG- Starberry Lime Fluff
RG- Sweet Lavender/Sweet Lemon Confection muffin
BHG- Butterscotch Maple Cream
TTT- Innocence
TTT- Pride & Prejudice I love that book.
TBG- Ophelia in Gold melted previously, I enjoy this Lush dupe, it is beautiful golden honey drizzled white flowers
iheartwax- Key Lime/Serendipity
Sugar & Spice- Pink Noel
SMT- Brown Sugar Pecan/Sugar Cookie Brulee/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie
Daphne's- Pink Sugar Cookie
Streetman- The Professor and Mary Ann
Streetman- Buttered Rum Cupcakes
Super Tarts- Fake N Bake
Super Tarts- Pink Cookies

I have my Rosegirls' registry ready to roll. I hope everyone that wants to order can. If you have any questions about scents in this basket or previous baskets just drop a line. Wax ahoy!!!


  1. Strawberry lime fluff from RG is always one that sounds good but seems to get dropped by the wayside. Please let me know how you like it! Key lime serendipity sounds so good! Love the octopus!

    1. I will melt strawberry lime fluff today and report back :-) I am going to use the key lime serendipity in all the warmers when I get around to that one. Flood the house. The octopus is a favorite around here. I put her on a shelf and the girls will pick her up and play for a bit then put her back.

    2. Strawberry lime fluff has been melting a bit now. I get mostly marshmallow smoothie with a hint of sweet strawberry... Not very much coming from the key lime pie though. Maybe a hint of tartness? It is nice but not a must have, for me.