Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nautical Nerd: TeeFury Shirts

I am an unabashed fangirl of so many things. What may seem like middle schoolesque sillyness to some is just enjoying the simple things in life to me. When I love something I go all out. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings... I read the books, watch the movies, wear the stuff and throw the parties. It is FUN! Now about wearing the things... my brother-in-law told me about this site called TeeFury that showcases a new shirt design each day (sometimes two designs) and sells that shirt for $11 ($3 shipping) and after 24 hours it goes up in price. I caught a Doctor Who grab bag sale that had me placing my first order. The deal was, you could pick as many shirts as you wanted in your size for $6 each, you just didn't know what you would get.
 I love mystery bags. As a little girl I was always enthralled with the brown paper bag marked $1 full of untold treasures... as a grown woman I still get stars in my eyes over mystery bags of wax... or tee shirts. My mystery bag 'o shirts came yesterday (still only $3 shipping!) and I am happy with what the dice rolled:

The size seems to run true. I do have one minor gripe... why are all my fandoms on dark shirts?! Seriously... must have a million and one black shirts. In Florida. Ugh. C'est la vie. I have gone on to order the baby an Anna and Elsa shirt for her birthday and the oldest a Charmander Poke'mon shirt that came up the other day. They have children's, men's, and women's sizes and usually 3 color choices for the shirt. I just got stuck with blacks.
Speaking of fandoms I am reading City of Heavenly Fire from The Mortal Instruments series. I am not cutting through it as fast as I thought I would but I still keep picking it up.
* Link provided for convenience only, it does not benefit me in any way.


  1. That's cool about the shirts! I'll have to check that site out. Hubby is a huge Doctor Who fan, and my older son is getting into it now too. And Pokemon, both of my boys still love Pokemon and they are 22 and 20 years old! Yeah, we're geeky dorks in this house.


    1. Geeky dorks are my favorite :-) kindred spirits! Fandom shirts are kind of expensive usually and kid sizes are hard to find (affordably). They have all kinds of shirts in their gallery, but just at a higher price. They have Game of Thrones, Star Wars, gaming. Tons and tons of fan made designs. Some people are really talented with their fan art. Glad to hear a new Whovian is emerging in your home.