Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sephora & Edward Bess

I placed a Sephora order recently. Two things prompted me: an Edward Bess bronzer I had been eyeballing had gone on sale and the VIB perk was 3 free deluxe samples and one of them was a perfume I had been wanting for quite a while, Prada Infusion d'Iris.
 The deal was the norm... $25 minimum to get the extra goodies. The bronzer was normally $45, on sale for $22 so the $1 hair ties came in handy. I am excited to try the Dr. Brandt's makeup water. It looks to be convenient for days when I need a quick makeup removing routine (like work all day, make dinner, rush out to book club then crash into bed at 11 pm... because I am an old soul and a morning person, NOT a night owl!)

Edward Bess has a quality product. I have two of his eyeshadows that are desert island picks. You know, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have two eyeshadows scenario... yeah, ridiculous but fun. The shades I have and wear almost daily are Intimate and Mystery. The bronzer is in the shade Desert Sun and is lovely. Hardly any shimmer and imparts a beautiful glow. Easy to blend and very flattering for my skin coloring.
The Prada Infusion d'Iris came in a magnetic closure (faux?) leather case that is well made. The perfume is just as I rememeber... an ethereal iris with green shoots  growing in a clearing with hints of the trees that surround. This rollerball is going to get used all summer. In the Florida heat and humidity this will bloom but not overpower.
Do you enjoy Sephora? Use bronzers? I would love to hear some of your makeup must haves.


  1. What a great deal! Did you get free shipping as well?
    These days I'm finding my makeup routine to be on the simple side - my philosophy hope in a tinted moisturizer (+ sunscreen), a sprinkling of make up forever's HD powder, a touch of my favorite benefit blush, a great lip color and my favorite L'oreal double extend mascara.
    Enjoy the Infusion d'Iris --I get so many compliments when I wear it and I do love it for the summer months!
    Have a great week Julie <3

    1. I usually go simple too for work days. What is your fav benefit blush? I love coralista and belle. I will check out philosophy tinted moisturizer. I am using Benefit Big Time right now. I like it but not HG status.
      No free shipping. I do have to admit I really wish sephora allowed code stacking. Really. Tomorrow I will be sporting my iris!

    2. I'm in love with Benefit's hervana blush ( I've always been happy with the Philosophy tinted moisturizer but several of my girlfriend's swear by Nars' version. I may give that a go next time.

    3. Hervana going on list. I prefer the NARS one too. I should not have strayed. I will definitely be going back to it.