Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Traditions: Cascarones & Resurrection Eggs

Here are the cascarones I mentioned in a recent Melting Basket post. Our local Walmart sells these for about $2 per carton. Adam and I hide them Easter morning and after church and lunch, the girls go out to hunt eggs and we take turns smashing them on everyone's heads. These are rather easy to make at home with the kiddos too. If you want to jazz things up a bit you can insert flowers, soft trinkets, and/or glitter. 

This is our other Easter tradition, Resurrection Eggs. There are a dozen eggs, each filled with one item. As you read about the story of Jesus, you let your children open the eggs to find a physical symbol that represents each portion of the story. 

It can be a little graphic for some children or families, as it does tell the story as it is written in the Bible- no holds barred. If you are interested you can find it for sale here.

I am hoping to incorporate more traditions as they arise, but this is all for now. What was your favorite Easter tradition as a child? Mine was egg hunting at MeMa and PopPop's, as they used to put change in the eggs. :-)


  1. oh man! I almost forgot to pull our resurrection eggs out! thanks for the reminder!
    what a fun tradition with cascarones! I used to get them as a kid, but I couldn't destroy them... I'm weird like that!
    my favorite childhood tradition is coloring eggs. I always loved mixing the colors & then afterwards we made egg salad! :)

    1. Yes! Pull them out!

      I am excited about coloring eggs this year too. I bought a few new contraptions to use. Adam ANSI have been on an egg salad kick too. Perfect timing!

  2. Gosh, I haven't thought about cascarones in years! They used to give them at out the Easter fair at my grandparents' church and the boys would chase each other around and throw them :)

    1. Sounds like they enjoyed them as much as my girls! I can't resist smashing some on my husband and sisters :-D

      I hope you have a great week Kate!