Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Mermaid's Makeup Collection: Eyeshadows

I have a great affinity for cosmetics. The artistry of application, the practicality of not looking like a zombie upon awakening, and the plain old fun of colors, textures and variety. I figured I would start my makeup collection post with eyeshadows, if there is even an interest for this sort of thing. I have medium to tan olive undertone skin with hazel eyes and dark hair. I love neutrals, sometimes purples and shy away from blues usually. 

Bare Minerals shadows were the first to start my collection many many years ago. They last forever, but tend to get messy.

L to R: Old Gold, Naked, Violet, Gift O' Glamour, Gilded Green, and Pink Opal.

Other loose powder pigments that I love come from MAC. They too last longer than Methuselah, making them an excellent buy. In fact the pot on the far right was a free sample in Pink Opal that just keeps multiplying like some sort of never ending fountain of pearlized shadow. The MACs tend to make less mess than the Bare Minerals for me.

My third favorite eyeshadow of all time is this pigment in Old Gold. It shifts green to bronze and gold. I get the most compliments while wearing this color as a wash with a cat eye.

Singles L to R: Edward Bess Mystery, Edward Bess Intimate, NARS Lhasa.

If I was ever limited to only two eyeshadows for the rest of my life it would be the two Edward Bess shades I would keep. I use Intimate on the lid and Mystery in the crease. I bought these half off on Modnique. The colors look deceptively simple but they work a magic on my eyes. The pigment is a rich and creamy powder that blends beautifully. 

My Z-Palette is full of all types of brands and palettes: Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4, DuWop Peacock, Stila It Girl, Too Faced Insurance Policy, and a few random singles. 

Palettes: Too Faced New Year New You (blush included), Chanel Harmonie du Soir Quad, Urban Decay Naked 2, Urban Decay Naked 3, and Beverly Hills Anastasia Brunette/Dark Brown eyebrow powder. 

When traveling, I take one of my Naked palettes and the Chanel palette every time. 

Cream Shadows: Benefit Birthday Suit, Guerlain Ombre Fusion 02, Guerlain Ombre Fusion 03. 

I regret buying the Benefit cream shadow. I read all the raves but I just find it so hard to work with, very stiff and unyielding. I am thinking mine is dried out and old but that infuriates me even more, having bought it from Sephora at full price. Yes, I could return it, but I just can't seem to abide returning cosmetics. Plus I don't want to lose my points. The Guerlain creams are simply gorgeous as washes of color on the lids. Metallic and vibrant. Another cheap thrill from Modnique. 

I have tried eyeshadow primers from Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Tarte. I enjoy Urban Decay, but I gravitate towards Too Faced the most. My eyeshadow consistently holds brighter pigment, little to no creasing and stands up to hot and sweaty Florida days with this brand. 

Some shadows I have on my radar to try include: Rouge Bunny Rouge, Dior 5 shadow palettes, and a Geurlain palette. What are your three desert island eyeshadows/palettes? Where do you buy discounted makeup? Are you even interested in what lies within my makeup collection? Please tell!


  1. It is fun to see what you use! The MAC ones look so decadent!! And I love the Z palette idea, I've never seen that before.

    I'm mostly a pink and neutrals girl which was why I was excited when you got UD Naked3. In my Clinique days I was using Lucky Penny and the Strawberry Fudge duo, now I have a couple of random indie loose powders I rotate between from Aromaleigh, Brazen, and Everyday Minerals. Someday I hope to get sophisticated with shadow and wear multiple colors at a time but I'm content with a single neutral for now, usually Immaculate. I came across dupes of the UD Naked palettes that I may try next.

    1. I love pinks and neutrals too as you can see. The Z palette really helped me to cut down on wasted space and increase storage. I can now fit all my shadows in a tiny drawer.

      I loved Clinique too. I hope you decide to tinker with more shades on your eye. The lid and crease are usually my go to application. I do get crazy once in a while and use 4-5 colors. But only if I have time and inclination.

  2. ummm holy moly!! and here I was thinking you just had extensive perfume! I absolutely want to see what else you have squirreled away!! lol
    I'm no where near the makeup diva that my sisters are... but I'm content with my Naked3 pallet right now.. even if I usually only wear 1 color at a time. I loooove my urban decay primer!!

    1. Lol!! Girl! You gotta know when I do something I try to do it all the way ;-)

      Naked 3 is an amazing work horse. UD primer is nice! I didn't care for Tarte's primer though, but everyone has different makeup experiences.