Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mermaid Moment: Cell Phone Style

I bought this case from Society6 after Lynda sent me a link thinking I might like it. I did like it, and it happened to be free shipping, and my current phone case was tearing at the edges and the metal plate was bending. Time for a new case right?


-It's cute and looks mermish.
-Durable yet slim.
-Wide openings for chargers and access to buttons.
-Quick shipping.

-Pricey at $35.
-The glitter is not really glitter. That bummed me greatly. I wanted sparkle. 
-The case does scratch.

I am happy with the look of this new case and Society6 does have a ton of cool artwork to choose from, even fandoms. I do worry that the hard case won't protect my phone from drops like the rubberized cases have protected it thus far. But time will tell. They are having 20% off plus free shipping today and tomorrow! Where do you buy your phone cases?

How is your weekend going? Our movie and date night plans got terribly ruined but we are regrouping and going to run errands today. The good news is that we are getting tile installed in our bathrooms! And new toilets! 


  1. What an interesting case! Definitely screams unique, but at $35 - yikes! Thanks for the heads up about the sale. :)

    1. Thanks Gil! It was an impulsive splurge for sure!

  2. Drink your water today, missy!

    Do some before and after pics of the bathroom updates. Not that I'm excited to see new toilets, but redos are always fun to look at.

    Phone cases......I'm actually quite enjoying my cheapie case from Dollar Tree. The cheapie dollar ones from Walmart turned out to be *too* cheap. This Dollar Tree one is thick without being bulky, and somewhere between hard and rubbery. Of course you're limited in what you can choose from there, but I like this one.


    1. Yes Auntie Deb. Chug a lug fit to burst.

      Will do! I am really excited. A toilet that flushes is a thing to not be taken for granted.

      Good to know about the Walmart ones, but if I see one in Dollar Tree that calls to me then I will spring for it. Hope your weekend is going well. <3

  3. It sure is pretty, Julie! I'm sorry you thought it would have glitter though. Everything sold on Society6 are prints from the artists original art work. Eric's girlfriend sells some of her art there..

    1. No worries! It was a minor thing and I still love it. Thank you for directing me to it. You know just what I like.

      Her artwork is pretty cool and edgy. Looks like your son has a talented lady!

  4. What a cool case! Totally you!! New toilets, huzzah!! How are you feeling now?? I have been thinking/worried about you.

    1. Thanks! So far it is holding up really well! Adam and I keep telling each other how much we LOVE having new toilets lol! Our old one was pretty bad. It had to be plunged every. Single. Use. It wouldn't flush even the ghost of a toilet paper square.

      Thank you sweet friend. I am still struggling. But hoping summer break and healthier habits will help.