Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Photo Journal for Saturday, June 27th 2015

7:13 am- Coffee. See a pattern?

8:08 am- Shower. Lots of soapy slivers to scrub-a-dub.

9:26 am- Show and tell with Lego dinos. T-Rex on left. Brachiosaurus on the right. 

10:13 am- Target for allergy meds and multi-vitamins... grabbed the floral notecards and notepad that Deb enabled me on. 

11:30 am- Lunch at Which Wich in Tampa. Amazingness.

12:12 pm- Impromptu canoeing expedition down the Hillsborough River.

1:05 pm- Greetings from the Johnson family and numerous alligators. 

1:50 pm- Still cruising along in the canoe. 

2:08 pm- Getting our land legs back. We took the route from Sargeant's Park to Morris Bridge Park. Four miles and 2 hours.

3:57 pm- Sewing on the big mamajama quilt I have been working on since the beginning of 2010. 

4:59 pm- Dinner break. Grilled ham and Swiss with pickles and honey mustard. It must be a sammy kinda day.

5:22 pm- More sewing then tea break. Yogi Lavender Honey tea is my obsession right now.

6:25 pm- Adult responsibility time. 

7:50 pm- Harry Potter and more quilting. 

8:20 pm- Pop in my sleepy scent: Sniff My Tarts Pink Peppermint. 

It was a beautiful Saturday that will be cherished. Guess what?! I actually have a waxy post coming in a couple days. Yee haw! 


  1. What a lovely way to spend the day! You are a brave woman. You would never find me canoeing with alligators. Shudder.

    1. It was a wonderful day and a lot of fun. Although if you need a litmus test for a marriage, make them go canoeing lol! We had a couple barking matches. Savanna was a little nervous with all the alligators about but calmed down when she saw they were scared of us and usually swam away. Most were tiny with a couple exceptions. I hope you had a nice weekend Jackie! Any plans for this upcoming holiday weekend?

  2. I see some familiar slivers there, who made the one with the lavender buds on top?

    I am surprised the alligators made Savanna a little spooked, when I saw the picture of the girls grinning (!) while holding a tarantula I didn't think anything could faze them. Maybe the tarantula was someone's pet so they were used to it.

    I remember canoeing being a challenge when I was growing up too. The whole paddling at the same pace thing

    1. Bodygoodies, one FP and one Alamo Candelaria (the huge chunk).

      The girls are funny! Never afraid if creepy crawlers (but yes Rosie was my sister's pet) or snakes but gators were a little fear inducing.

      It is a challenge to steer sometimes!

  3. What a great day! Your quilt looks fantastic! I have one I've been making since 2010 as well. I need to finish it. :)

    I stopped going to Wich Wich because my local one doesn't look as good as that. Maybe I will give it another try. I wish we had Crispers here. I loved that when I lived in Orlando.

    Gators -- I find them fascinating, but do NOT miss them when I'm near water here. I never canoed while in FL, but I loved going out on pontoons!

    1. We need to finish our quilts for sure! I am making great headway while watching TV and while the girls play. I am optimistic it will be done before next weekend! Huzzah! I would love to see yours!

      I am sorry to hear your Which Wich is lackluster. Funny how franchises can vary so much! Adam wasn't thrilled with one he ate at in another city but enjoyed his at the Tampa location. I personally can never go wrong with bacon and avocados lol! Crispers really is one of my favorite places to eat. So yummy. I would miss it too.

      My in laws have a pontoon and we love it! Like the Cadillac of the sea! Party boat! I love to kayak too but I don't have many people I can go with and the ones I can are usually busy :-/