Sunday, June 21, 2015

Photo Journal of Thursday, June 18th

7:28- Coffee. In a pretty sweet mug.

8:52- Dropped girls off at Vacation Bible School.

9:34- Let Jillian Michaels assist me getting Ripped in 30. Day 4 of the program.

10:47- Nosh on some loaded oatmeal. Added milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and sliced peaches.

11:55- Wait in line to pick up my girls from VBS. Spent time reading a very quirky book.

12:51- Lunch. Sometimes life IS a bowl full of cherries.

3:30- Roller skating with the girls to "I'm So Fancy" and flashing lights at the local rink. 

4:29- A cookies and cream Fat Boy while watching "Courage the Cowardly Dog." Yes I have a sweet tooth. I have still managed to lose 9 pounds this week despite my Fat Boy love though. YAY!

5:06- Reading more Anonymous Rex.

6:19- Water my herb pot. Chives, sage, cilantro and a mass of dill. 

7:41- Scarlette came down with a little fever.

7:50- Creeper mode. Watching Adam write a letter to his friend.

8:21- Write a letter of my own to Adam for our anniversary the next day.

8:55- Bubble bath time, finish the last pages of my book (I would recommend it if you enjoy wild rides and have a wide imagination). Burning BBW Lavender Vanilla. 

It was a crazy busy day. Scarlette is better now after napping twice and drinking lots of fluids. I want to thank Sunnee for showing me this photo journal idea and would love to see photo journals from Deb, Lauren, Sunnee, Ashley, Michelle and Liz! 


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss, 9 pounds is a lot! You had such a busy day today! I am sorry to hear Scarlette isn't feeling well, I hope she's on the mend. Consider the challenge accepted, I will just have to find an interesting day to do a photo-journal, I am super boring, it's just wake up-go to work-come home-sleep!

    1. Thank you! The first ten come off fast, water weight and all that. Especially since I am bigger. But the rest will be a challenge and one I need to under take! Scarlette is much better thank you. It was a one day bug.

      Your photos are so beautiful I can't wait to see! I bet you come across so much beauty in your day to day work.

  2. Mine would be pretty boring. They'd all be pics of me wasting the day staring at my computer screen. lol Well, today might have been interesting since we were out and about and doing things.


    1. Then show us whatcha watching!!! I really would like to know what YouTubers you watch :-)

  3. I love this!!! I'll try to remember to document a day or two.. but I'm not as exciting as one might think.. :-P
    congrats on the weight loss!!

    1. It is not about the excitement :-) just what you see in everyday beauty. My first one was just me staying home ALL DAY! Lol!! Hermit crab Julie. Thank you. Congrats on yours too!! <3

  4. Congrats, that is great. I'm trying to do a workout DVD regularly also. Sometimes I take it to work to do at the gym there. I was self-conscious about looking weird at first but I don't know most of the other people so I just do my thing. After one tough workout this week I picked up Ben & Jerry's Greek froyo on the way home. It tastes really good when you've earned it. I love ice cream sandwiches too.

    1. I love workout DVDs. I know folks like the gym and I would too but I hate paying for something I know I can do for free. Like eat right and workout or walk or jog. Mmmmm Fro Yo! You remind me of Sunnee :-) She has a soft spot for it too. Icecream is my weakness.