Friday, June 12, 2015

Photo Journal of Wednesday, June 10th

7:26- Coffee. 

8:04- Potty Break, Mermaid and Lizard Battle of '15 on the bath mat and my toes desperately need painting.

9:10- Decide to clean up and organize office/craft/computer room. My fabric stash never looked so tiny.

10:29- Hungry. Make sandwich. Use pickled onions I made the day before. 

11:17- Check on girls who are outside making water balloons.

12:08- Head back outside to give girls' their lunch. 

12:57 Wrap up the cleaning and organizing. The ancient sewing box from Norway is now tidy.

1:37- Everything is clean and now I feel a compulsion to sew. Thus creating mess again. Jamming to Tony Elman Swinging on a Gate album. Cool music credit: Jacqui.

2:11- Toddles napping under my sewing cabinet while I sew. Still. 

3:45- A little late for a coffee break, but darn it, I want coffee.

3:48- And cheese. 

4:41- A storm is brewing. Take a break from sewing to storm gaze. Holler for the kids to come inside.

4:51- Checking on girls. Some are dancing, some are still in their swimsuits from the water balloons. All are listening to Disney songs. Not Frozen. Whew.

5:03- Done sewing for the day. Sewing legs. If you aren't covered in thread, you couldn't possibly have been sewing. 

6:12- Hungry again. Oranges, guacamole and chips. And a Ding Dong. No, no that kind. The Hostess kind. No judging please.

7:59- Picking out wax for the Melting Basket. 
White Drawer: very top- LSC, top drawer- floral/earthy, middle- bakery, bottom- fruity.
Purple Drawer: very top- pumpkin scents in the wicker pumpkin, top drawer- mints, middle- vanilla/marshmallow/pink sugar, bottom- CFTKR only. 

8:31- Bedtime for the girls. With new whales that Mimi and Papa brought over for Scarlette's birthday. The evening wrapped up with Adam and I watching TV (the new American Pickers) then discussing Alzheimer's when a commercial for medication came on to treat it. I may have gotten weepy. 

It was a slow paced summer day and I needed it. It felt good to be sewing again, to have a cleaner work area and to let the girls just be, to stay in yoga pants without doing yoga and in bare unpainted feet. It felt good to drink coffee and listen to the rain. It felt good to have a lazy day.


  1. Awesome. You should do this type of post more often. Join the Natters club. =)

    Love that Norwegian sewing box! I'd like to see the whole thing. Where did you get it? How old is it? I really embrace hubby's Scandinavian heritage, probably because it's more unique than my common German roots.


    1. It was a joy to do!

      The sewing box was my mom's biological Dad's mother's. So basically my great grandma but growing up we were all much closer to my mom's stepdad, Pop Pop. The sewing box is from the 40's I think. Not ancient by any means, but old to me. It is not in the best condition but I cherish it.

  2. I loved this post! I imagined you walking around all day with a camera around your neck. Haha. You truly have a blessed life and am so glad that you could enjoy this lazy day and many more to come!

    1. Thanks sister! Believe it or not I took all these with my handy dandy iPhone. :-) I hope there are more to come too. These lazy days fill my happy tank up.

  3. Looks like a beautiful day, and I love the photo journalism. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Gil! I hope you have a great weekend too! Any fun plans?

  4. Thank you for the little peek into your life, and it's never too late for coffee! :)

    1. You are absolutely right! Never too late for coffee! <3 not a flashy life, but it is mine.

  5. Beardie has a cool pad.

    Jarlsberg was the snack cheese of choice in my house growing up. (Better known as Dad's cheese because we got wedges and I never paid attention to the label.) I didn't know they made them in that size, will look out for em.

    What a fabulous day. And flash is overrated when compared to <3, imho!

    1. Beardie lives the high life for sure!

      I am loving the Jarlsberg mini cheese wheels but the girls aren't fans. Too used to their bland string cheese :-/

      I totally agree. Simple with love is the best. <3

  6. THIS IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. Do these more!!!! A few thoughts:

    - And a Ding Dong. No, no that kind. LOL! I snorted!

    -Jarlsberg, YUM. Love cheese.

    -Sewing legs! S'cute!


    -Love your wax containers. Very cool that you keep your cards! <3

    -Coffee at almost 4? NO PROBLEMO!! i love late coffee breaks. That mug though, adorbz.

    -The design on the girls' wall!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!! Where did you get it? Or did you make it?!

    1. Lol! Well, I just wanted to clarify. Cheese is my weakness. I could eat and fruits and olives all day. The cards y'all give me are the sweetest ones I get (next to Adam and the girls) so I like to reread them sometimes. The bed and breakfast we stayed in had these for us to drink out of in the mornings. Best marketing ever. I HAD to have one! Cute, handmade and aqua. It had my name all over it. The starfish and shells I made by cutting a stencil out of a file folder and painting them along the wall. The I went back and added detail and GLITTER! Then filled in the spaces by painting bubbles. I love it but she could care less. She wants a Pokemon room but I keep waiting. We need to compromise somehow. ;-) I will probably let her pick out her next room color.