Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Premier Beauty Show Orlando

My friend Giffe' and I have been plotting a trip to a big cosmetics/hair/nail/beauty show for quite some time. Earlier in the year she said the Premier Beauty Show was coming to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and did I want to go? Heck yes I want to go! 

The Essie booth was pretty awesome. The polishes were buy 6 for $21, including nail treatments. Giffe' picked out three and I chose Essie Good To Go and two other colors. (That is Giffe' on the left, she is as beautiful on the inside as she outside). 

OPI had quite an impressive selection too but I ended up buying my OPI's in the value bins on the outskirts of the show for only $2.50 each. 

The beautiful people are watching.

Seeing all the majorly talented hair stylists was pretty cool. These ladies ended up with major haute couture styles reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands, very asymmetrical.

Farm House Fresh had my favorite booth. I bought a bath bomb in the shape of a macaron and a skincare kit for a great price. I wanted to visit the Stila makeup booth too (40% off retail) but the lines were incredibly long and the DJ scratching at the wheels of steel kept them lining up and coming like it was club time at the old convention center. In fact, the show was incredibly huge and very well done. It felt like a show in New York or LA with all the talented artists and the sheer scale of it all. I swear we walked 80 miles and for 8 hours straight. 

Giffe' and I attended one class on essential oil/aromatherapy use with skincare given by a wonderful brilliant and sassy British lady from Eve Taylor. I learned quite a bit. I also took home quite a few samples and things to try.

These aren't all my samples, but they are most. Is it sad I picked up the Biolage just to smell it to compare to Biolage dupes in wax? 

Here are the polishes I purchased. The middle one I bought to replace the Pixie Polish hot pink that has dried up. It was Adam's favorite for me to wear. It is a Colombian brand of nail polish that I am excited to test drive. The Farm House Fresh skincare will be used and reviewed later. 

Have you ever been to a beauty show?


  1. Sister, I am so jelly! Can I tag along next show? I need to prepare myself for a New York atmosphere... haha ;)

    1. New York!!! Only 3 more years! Lol!! I think about NYC all the time. It was absolutely an amazing trip. It will be around your birthday too! Best time of year!