Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent Calendar

The wreaths of harvest abundance, garlands of glittering leaves and trappings of autumn have gone back into the attic to live another year in darkness, while the red and green Rubbermaids bulging with Christmas decor have joyously returned like Persephone awaking from her long tenure with Hades. The large felt Christmas tree advent calendar I stitched several years ago is ready to have its ornament pockets filled.

This calendar is a mixture of thoroughly planned and spontaneous haphazard moments and trinkets. Days I know we are going to a party or event I stick in the appropriate day's pocket. Things I know can be shuffled around like "watching a Christmas movie" I tend to hold onto until that day. Some days will get candy tucked in or a small gift under the felt tree. But each day contains something for the girls to look forward to experiencing. They take turns upon waking for the morning checking the day's pocket and reading it aloud. I don't do the Elf on the Shelf (Savanna is dead scared of the creepy dude) so I have time to do this one thing all month. 

So here are some of the advent calendar activities:
- glow stick bubble baths (turn off all the lights, it is so cool!)
- Multi-Cultural Festival (at their school- any program or play or recital will do)
- Christmas parade
- drive around and see lights
- visit grandparents
- Charlie Brown Christmas
- read the candy cane story (+ eat candy canes)
- act out the Christmas story with a nativity scene
- family Christmas party
- make reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter, scatter in the yard on Christmas Eve night)
- bake and decorate Christmas cookies, give to teachers/neighbors
- hot cocoa, popcorn and movie night
-treasure hunt
- pick out the Christmas tree
- decorate the Christmas tree
- make a gingerbread house
- pinecone bird feeders
- sleep by the Christmas tree
- new Christmas pajamas
- read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
- hot dog and marshmallow bonfire dinner (love that night- no cooking)
- shop for Angel Tree kids
- donate a new toy for toy drive
- surprise a neighbor friend with a gift
- random small trinket, like holiday socks to wear to school from the Dollar Tree

What are some other ideas of things we could do? Do you have any traditions that you loved at the holidays when you were small? Any you plan to do/currently do/or used to do with your children?


  1. Cute calendar. We didn't really have any traditions that I recall from when we were kids. I think the church Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve was always a big thing for us. Making and decorating cut-out cookies was always exciting too. We don't really have any traditions now either, except that I have to watch Christmas Vacation while putting the tree up. lol


    1. Christmas Vacation! That movie is a classic. I need to watch it again soon. The cut out cookies are a must. My girls love to do those. Did your guys help you decorate the tree this year?

    2. Hubby helped string the lights and the garland but that was it.