Tuesday, January 5, 2016

PSA: A couple of openings....

Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that Sniff My Tarts will be opening January 15th at noon EST for custom ordering.

Also, JLCCW will be opening and stocking her eBay store on January 28th. She said she will be growing larger and adding more inventory as she can. 

I also believe Carol might have been hinting at opening CFTKR in a week or so.

Any opening news that you know of? How is your New Year starting off?


  1. I want to order from JLCCW but I feel like I don't have a right to since I still have so many of her products from that fateful final sale. I'm hoping once I finally do, her blends and wax performance will be just as grand as I remember.
    I think you've covered all of the openings that I know anything concrete about. I know VCS is getting geared up for an opening, but Kirby hasn't given any timeline yet.

    1. I want to order too but am trying to only place three wax orders this month. We shall see! Oh! VCS. It has been ages since I made one of her openings. Candy Panda opens Friday. Thinking of ordering from her too.