Friday, February 26, 2016

Travel: Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Festival

100 Things Bucket List for 2016, I thought I would update as things get checked off. One of those things just happened to be attending a Ren Fair. It so happens that our local Renaissance Festival is in Tampa near the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI for the locals) and runs every weekend from February until April I believe. It cost about $20 for adults and $10 for kids. A big tip: don't wear flip flops. Old tennis shoes are best.

Magic and colors and shiny things abound. As soon as we walked in we were serenaded, bombarded with delicious scents from the food stands and strange sights everywhere.

The people really made this event as magical as it came to be. From fair maidens trying to find a cool spot of shade, to the bae faes sitting in the trees and knights who engaged us in conversation. 

The mermaid regaled us with squeaks and chirps, communicating that for a mere $1 she would dive and retrieve blue sea glass gemstones for a gift.

And then there is this guy who had a funny story about how he earned his tiara...

... maybe you'll run into him and he will tell it to you.

We passed by this place three or four times just so I could smell the nag champa burning away. 


We went during the Scottish and Irish themed weekend and saw some Highland Games. And maybe a bit more. #thosethighstho

And my personal favorite and spirit animal....

.... the Scottish elf. I just wanted to squeeze him. 

I count the Ren Fair a success and will certainly return (in costume) and buy some incense and take in the sights. And another curried vegetable pasty. 

Some other things I have checked off my 100 Things Bucket List: 
- watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and sobbed and laughed
- visited Diagon Alley, but you know that
- explored a National Park (Cherokee National Park in North Carolina)
- played in snow
- sent a care package
- tried Indian cuisine
- brought someone dinner
- Bungalow 360 bag (for Christmas from my girls)
- took a writing risk, which you can read here
- started the girls an ornament box
- got Savanna's hair layered
- ordered fish at a restaurant (got blackened red fish and actually liked it)

Twelve down, not bad. Have you been to a Ren Fair? Checked any goals or dreams off? 


  1. Amazing photos; sounds like you had a wonderful time! There's a Ren Faire about 50 miles from me every September. I love it but haven't been in several years. I really should go this year; maybe I'll make that a goal for 2016. :) I don't have a written out bucket list, but one of my goals is always travel, so I'm hopefully planning to go visit my cousin/bff in the Vegas area next month! :D Another to do I just crossed off was redesigning my blog. You have made amazing progress on your list and you inspire me so much! I wish we could hang out irl. If you ever plan a trip to CA, let me know! I can tell you all the best spots to visit. :)

    1. It was a blast! I hope you get a chance to swing by your Ren Fair in the fall. Vegas is fun! But the best part will be seeing your loved one <3 Are you driving out there?

      I need to check out your new blog layout! It is always exciting to re-vamp the bloggy layout.

      Visiting Cali is definitely in my wish list. And when I do I will certainly let you know!

  2. Hehe. MOSI is something Michael used a lot when he was in training. Military Occupational Specialty Initial - a specific level of training a soldier typically goes through.

    It sounds like you had a great day! The picture of that dumbbell toss has me rolling. Such finesse and grace!
    That Scottish elf speaks to me on a personal level after my week. Can I just sleep the rest of the month away?

    You've checked off so much from your bucket list! Yay Julie!!
    I went to a Ren Fair in Colorado waaaay back in the 90s with my Grandpa, where he bought me a circular ceramic instrument of sorts that I still have today. I don't remember too much about the fair anymore, so I'm not sure it counts. :P
    I think I've successfully been working on my goals of refusing that hermitlike side of me and exploring Korea. I'm not even done! I'm still making plans with people to go out! Somebody stop me XD

    1. Lol! I bet his MOSI was more work than this one. :-)

      The strongman competitions were intense. My kids had never heard so much cursing in their life. Savanna was scowling the whole time. Lol! The jolly old elf does look like Rip Van Winkle a bit! I just loved seeing him.

      You have done splendidly on your goals! I am excited to see you out and about and fending off the crazies. :-)

  3. I've been to one RenFair, many years ago, and would love to go back. There is one a couple hours away, near the Wisconsin-Illinois border, that runs all summer. It's the biggest one around here. The day we went was SOOOOO freakin' hot that it made it all kind of miserable. Plus we just kinda wandered around aimlessly, not sure what to do. We did see the joust tournament, and that was awesome.


    1. Heat would kill a day like that. Especially if you are in costume. I can see why they have ours in February. The jousting sounds cool! We missed most of the events because like you, we just wandered about looking at everything. Maybe next time I can catch the jousting. I hope you can go back.