Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photo Journal: Monday June 27th 2016

7:51am- This was my first official lazy Monday of summer after busting my hump for two weeks straight painting and painting and painting. I am still not done but I needed a break. I slept in until 7:45 and vowed to watch as much TV as possible. So first up: coffee and blogging.

8:44am- Time to sew button holes for two playsuits I am making for two special little boys. I have a vintage button addiction.

9:13am- Girls needed tatting up.

10:01am- Library time. We bought lots of books and checked out about a dozen more books on rats, gerbils, lizards, frogs, and various other reptiles.

10:54am- The Juice Box for an Iron Man (kale, dandelion, orange and pineapple) and sundry drinks for the girls and I to imbibe.

11:26am- Spray painting a dumpster dive find, Scarlette's bookshelf. 

12:00pm- Lunch, leftover pizza while watching Mr. Selfridge on Netflix.

1:38pm- Decoupaged Harry Potter pages onto the shelves to finish the bookcase.

2:40pm- Climbed into bed to sew buttons on the playsuits while watching more Mr. Selfridge. I cannot decide if I like Jeremy Priven in this. But I am engrossed. Yes, I hang my bras on the armoire to dry. 

A shot of the finished playsuit for Ashley's new baby boy <3

3:36pm- Snack break, cherries and more Mr. Selfridge.

4:50pm- Finally updated the chalk fish in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook (Adam grilled pork steaks, I cut corn from the cob and creamed it and baked crescent rolls). 

5:52pm- Finally found a coffee table I liked and could swing so I bought it. Free shipping! Woot!

6:44pm- Played Qwirkle with my girls. 

7:41pm- Watched Ripper Street with Adam in bed. We are enjoying this show as well. The first episode is a bit much but the rest aren't as tawdry.

8:55pm- Bath time with our gecko neighbor eating the moths that the bathroom light attracts. She comes out every summer night. After the bath I read a few chapters of Lady Midnight then hit the hay.

I felt like I met my big goal of watching lots of TV and relaxing as well as getting a few things checked off my "to-do" list. Yesterday I took the girls to a free summer movie and today I will be sanding down Scarlette's dresser and nightstand to repaint it. How is your week going? Watching any good series? 


  1. I loved this reading this post. I should be seeing but I found some great finds on ebay. I just finished the 3rd season of Peaky Blinders.

    1. It had been far too long since I have sat and sewn with regularity. I forget how much I enjoy it. What did you score on eBay? Peaky Blinders keeps catching my eye!! Do you like it?

    2. I'll tag you on FB so you can see my finds. I love Peaky Blinders. It's my favorite but I sneak and watch it. My hubby would be complaining lol. It's my guilty pleasure.

  2. My week has been chaotic so far. I'm not complaining too much though since I'll be off for a couple weeks soon enough.

    Now that the season finale of Game of Thrones has come and gone, ALL of my shows on break right now. Suits returns July 13, and I've gotten a few laughs from that new Lost parody show called Wrecked, but other than that I haven't been watching much of anything lately.


    1. Nice! We will both be enjoying vacation together then.

      Maybe a TV break will be good. You can do more reading LOL! Goodness knows I need to. Your poor Lady Midnight only gets nips and nibbles. But now that Magnus has come back into the picture and Mark has arrived from the Wild Hunt things are heating up. I think I will make a point to read tonight and tomorrow.

    2. My reading has slowed way down again. I'll finish the Apollo book tonight...but I've been thinking that for the past two nights too. I've only had maybe 10 pages left for a while now, yet I just can't plow through them and get it done. I think I'm going to totally change gears and read a King Ludwig biography next.