Saturday, July 23, 2016

Travel: Cleveland, Ohio Amish Country and more

A few days into the trip, when my leg was just not healing right I ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic to their Express Care. I got a tetanus shot and round of antibiotics and began the process of healing. After that we met up with Adam's brother and sister-in-law (who drove in from St. Louis) at Gandalf's Pub in Valley City.

Where I had my first pierogi. YUM! This one was regular potato and cheese.

These bad boys were reuben pierogis. Double yum.  

The girls and I hit up the local antique mall while Adam golfed with his uncle the next day.  I ended up getting a few vintage bottles of 4711 cologne. Though it was tough to pass up the old school nautical figurines.

After antiquing we went to downtown Medina and saw an art show.

Handblown glass pumpkins. I was *this close* to buying one but I was afraid of it breaking so I used my money to buy my mom a magnet.

Downtown Medina. 

We spent all of Monday in Amish country. Specifically we traveled to Berlin and Charm, Ohio.

I went nuts at this bulk foods store and bought tons of spices and jellies. These large containers of spice ran from $0.48 to $2.50 depending on the type. Amazing deal. And my spice cupboard needed refreshing. I bought: cardamom, french herb blend, mesquite BBQ seasoning, Greek seasoning, cinnamon, rosemary, sage, vanilla beans, curry, pickling spices and more.

An Amish school.

We ate lunch here. It was buffet style and very good. I picked up peanut butter spread here to mail back home with my spices and jellies and maple syrup. 

Guggisburg Cheese Factory was great fun. Aunt Sue swears by their baby swiss. The German architecture reminded me of my beloved Helen, Georgia. And Deb.

We crossed the street to greet this big guy. Then headed to Hershberger's Farm. 

Where we fed goats on a roof.

And I drooled over these sunflowers.

Next we visited Heini's Cheese Chalet.

It was about here that I was done with the crowds. I only sampled a few smoked swiss cheeses then went outside to get a closer look at the haystacks. Which I have never seen. In Florida, we bale hay in big old rolls, like a cinnamon roll balancing on its side. 

Aunt Sue wanted to go into the huge Smucker's store. There were candles and even wax tarts but they smelled so funky I couldn't bring myself to spend $4 each on them. I know. Bad wax blogger, but you know I ain't got time for skunky wax.

It was interesting I guess, but not somewhere I would have stopped on my own. I was eyeing a couple other stores but it is hard to really do what you want when there is a flock of people you go with. One was a cool store called Moon's Harvest. It looked primitive and cute. I did get a fall decoration at Sol's but I will feature that later. 

Do you have an Amish area near by? We have one in Sarasota that I have never been to but I vow to go now. I will need more peanut butter spread. 


  1. Julie I didn't know you had injured your leg!!! I hope you weren't in pain on our shopping day! And I hope you are feeling better now!! That Reuben pierogi picture has me needing them right now at 8 AM. And those glass pumpkins! Where did you find those? I never get out to Medina, I have to change that. Did you visit Root Candle? And your photos of Amish Country are beautiful! Brings back such good memories of an anniversary trip Remy and I took there a few years back, we stayed in a treehouse and gorged on cheese all weekend long. Sounds like you stocked up on some good stuff while you were there. I love seeing CLE through someone else's eyes, makes me fall in love with my city all over again! I can't wait for more of your gorgeous photos!!

    1. Yeah, The Saturday before we left my foot went through a brittle plastic pool ladder and the edges cut deep into my shin and thigh and it kept hurting, turning red and then my whole ankle and foot began to swell when we got to Cleveland. I was taking Motrin and Tylenol all week. But it did not stop me from enjoying our shopping and lunch excursion! My nose and taste buds worked just fine.

      The glass pumpkins were at an art show in downtown Medina. They had set up tents on the lawn in the square. The small ones were only $25. So cute right? Having regret over not getting one. We did not visit Root that day because between my leg and cramps I was needing to get a heating pad and lay down. We had gone to the antique store, lunch and walked all around the fair. I was pooped. I did want to go though and look for my favorite scent: Paradise. I burned that on our wedding night. <3

      What a cool anniversary!! A treehouse?! The cheese is killer. So good. Adam and I could live on cheese boards. I did stock up. Aunt Jenny is mailing it all to us (she has a job out of her home mailing parts to vintage sewing machines so mails out a lot). Scarlette picked out a cast iron wood burning stove at Lehman's and Savanna picked a pocket knife.

      Cleveland was great! Next time we go up again I will look up even more things to do and places to eat. But Indigo will be a must for sure. And seeing your handsome little boy.

  2. What a lovely blog! Though I am sorry about your leg, hope it is continuing to get better! I love your pics. It captures your ability to find enchantment. It was great to see the Amish country which reminds there are still simpler slower paced times... The life one craves in the summer. xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you Doreen! It has almost healed completely! I was indeed enchanted with Amish country and the nostalgic antique mall treasures. I am so happy it comes through the camera lens.

      A slow pace outdoors is just what I needed this summer. I could see how an escape from technology could be very rewarding. Though the sweet friends I have met online (like you!) would be missed indeed. Only three weeks of summer break left. I hope I can soak it up. Cheers! Have a beautiful evening!

  3. The pub and the downtown Medina shots look like places local to me. I live between two small, rural villages.

    Love the Swiss/German place, and your visit to the Amish place makes me want to revisit the Amish community in my area. I've only been there once and that was a rushed trip.


    1. I thought it looked so quaint! Are there fun little stores and places to eat there? Do you go into town for dinner now and again?

      I hope you get to go, it might be fun for fall. The Amish have really tasty foods. And if you see peanut butter spread... Get it! Lol!!! I am definitely going to make a point to go to Sarasota's Amish country.

  4. More gorgeous photos! Love them all, thanks for sharing with us! You are really talented my friend! Hope your leg is healing, but it looks & sounds like you still had fun. I'm like you, I don't like to go where the crowds are either!

    1. The leg is finally on the mend. It did make for a more difficult vacation but did not stop me all the way. Ugh. Crowds. I really do not care to be around that many people. Thankfully I could always walk outside and escape to admire the views.

  5. Oooh, that's a great deal on herbs and spices! You got quite an assortment, too!
    The Amish schoolhouse speaks me me on a level I can't explain. As engrossed as I am in technology, I love to escape it all and enjoy a little bit of life without all the craziness.

    I'm glad your leg healed up okay! I was wondering if you were going to blog about it :)
    I'd say skunky wax always gets a pass, waxy blogger or not!

    1. Such a great deal. A quarter of these amounts are $5-$8 a pop in the grocery stores. I had never been to a bulk foods store like that before.

      How quaint was that schoolhouse? It reminds me of the school my girls attend. Their schoolhouse is an old home converted into the school. They learn much like the one room schoolhouse method too, the classrooms are broken into multi-age level groupings: 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 where the youngest learn from the oldest. In fact, they whole Amish lifestyle very much appeals to me on a basic level. Living off the grid is something Adam and I enjoy thinking about. Living off the land. Getting back to basics.

      It is doing much better. I think there will be scarring and it is still tender but I don't have sepsis.