Monday, August 1, 2016

Mermaid Treasure: Willow Metals

Willow Metals on Etsy is run by Heather Fawn, a lovely silversmith who fashions both jaw dropping statement pieces as well as simple classic jewelry such as these small moonstone studs that I purchased during her 4th of July sale. 

These tiny studs of moonstone have a subtle blue flash in an aqueous translucent orb of stone and are set in a serrated bezel of sterling silver. They wear comfortably even in sleep. And at less than $20 are a lovely deal.

I love moonstone. Do you have a favorite stone?


  1. Absolutely lovely! I just checked out the store and I am falling fast in love with the earring sets I see... I may or may not pick up a pair after I consult with Michael on it.

    My favorite stone would have to be fluorite. Such a gorgeous stone. <3

    I'm loving this series! Can't wait for your next post!

    1. They are very reasonably priced! And of course I love that they are handmade. <3

      Ooooo fluorite!!! I love it too. All the shades of color that can be in it. Lovely. I need to keep my eye out for a nice fluorite piece.

      Thank you! I am having fun digging around for some treasures to re-stock my jewelry drawer. I used to have tons of gold and silver jewelry but sold it off here and there as they were not pieces that really suited me anymore. I had like cowboy boot bracelets, a gaudy old lady gold watch, just crazy weird things. I guess our styles and tastes change over time too. It is nice to prefer silver now since it is so much more affordable.