Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Portable North Pole: Video Messages from Santa

This product was provided free for review and below is a link for a discount. I do not get any revenue for you using the link, it only provides you the discount.

Last year and the year before that I featured one of my favorite traditions to share with my girls in the beginning of December... the girls' annual video message from Santa. The Portable North Pole offers personalized videos and phone calls from Santa to loved ones of your choice. Take a peek at the videos the girls received this year... (note the video quality is much better when received directly, here is a link to what it looks like in real time)

The girls loved their videos this year and smiled, waved, laughed and bounced around waiting to see if they were Naughty or Nice. 

The Portable North Pole offers free customized video messages for birthdays and Christmas. You can buy packages that offer further options and can include phone calls as well. To get 20% off the Video Pass or Magic Pass first register for an account HERE and then click this link HERE for the discount to be automatically deducted. 

We love the Portable North Pole! I think I should make one for Adam this year...

Have you tried the PNP yet? 

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