Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mermaid Heads to the Mountains... Again

Packing has commenced for our annual family vacation. Lists are made and checked off slowly over the span of a few days. Sunscreen, beef jerky, books, toiletries, heating pads, DVDs, stuffed animals and the accoutrements that comprise our day to day lives are listed and packed one by one. And as a fragrance freak, of course I am packing my smell goods. No musty, moldy, funky smellin' cabins suffered here. 

One Lasting Scent Candles Aroma Mist in Cabin Fever, a blend of woods, leaves, mahogany and apples covered in sweetness. Apt, no?

Bath and Body Works Cardamom & Suede candle from a few years ago, notes are simply cardamom and suede as listed, but it smells more spiced and rounded than that. Maybe some amber and woods in there as well. I have hoarded this candle for what seems like forever. Stoked to make memories with it. 

TimberWick Cedar Oakwood because crackling and manly musky oakwood are always welcome in a cabin. Mmmmmmm!

Wax Tarts:

Sniff My Tarts- Pink Peppermint and Lord of Misrule Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

Ten Digit Creations- Cabin in the Smokies (well DUH!!!), This Old House, Vanilla Tobacco and October Breeze

Rosegirls- Americana Wafers

Vintage Chic Scents- Edelweiss and Cookies in the Kitchen

Southbound Soap Co.- Cinnamon Waffle Cone

The Bathing Garden- Fried Candy Donut

Candy Panda- Black Pepper Birch

Candles From the Keeping Room- Mulled Wine, Pumpkin Peppercorn, Brown Sugar Pound Cake

Book Scents- Snow and Embers

I will pack my tea light warmer and my bedroom hotplate for use.

And just for fun, here is a bit of our itinerary:

- White water rafting and tubing via the Smoky Mountain River Rat
- Cade's Cove then maybe the Dancing Bear Bistro
- Gatlinburg to eat at Crockett's Breakfast Camp, shop at the Villages and a stop to the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen and a trip downtown
- Forbidden Caverns
- Pigeon Forge to ride the Alpine Coaster, ice cream at the Old Mill Creamery, lunch/dinner at The Pottery House and perhaps a trip to the Wheatlands Plantation
- Great Smoky Mountains Waterfall Adventures
- Clingman's Dome
- Horseback riding
- Asheville day trip
- Blue Ridge Parkway

My sister and I have researched a few places to eat and things to do and we will squeeze as much in without being overbooked. Mostly hiking and park visits and soaking in the views are the highest priority for myself, personally. Do you make plans or scope out places to eat and visit when you travel or do you keep it spontaneous and loosey-goosey? Do you pack candles or wax when you travel?


  1. I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip! <3

    1. Thank you Nancy! We got here safe and are about to head to Cade's Cove for some wildlife gazing and hiking. Hope you are well sweet friend!

    2. Cade's Cove!! <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE that place <3

      Hi Nancy! Hope you've been well...

  2. Sounds like such a wonderfully fun itinerary! I love the scent choices you packed; very mountain appropriate. I will admit to bringing a travel candle to hotel rooms and clandestinely lighting it up to have a little fragrance, but I never have been able to bring wax and a warmer with me on a trip. I wouldn't dare bring a warmer with me to the Philippines but I'm thinking at least a linen/room spray.
    Enjoy your trip!

    1. We poured over it and pinned for months. It is hard trying to squeeze everything in, but hopefully we can see and do most of these things. How is your planning going? I linen spray would be perfect!

  3. Such a fun, actually relaxing sounding itinerary! Busy without being draining. Nothing like just the simpler vacations without the roaring of large crowds and rush to get it all done but instead just kicking it back and taking everything in. Lovely! Have a nice trip

    1. I agree! I am all about escaping large crowds. And so far there have been very little crowds. Thank you for the well wishes!! Xoxo

  4. That is quite the itinerary! I think you've already headed out, at least based on that gorgeous photo I saw on FB this morning - wowzers, what. a. view. And I live around that sort of stuff all the time. :) Hope you're having wonderful adventures and tons of fun.

    1. Adam and I were talking about how the locals are probably immune to these views. And in the same breath that we wanted to retire here. Thank you for the well wishes! Off to see a bear. <3

  5. I hope you guys have a fantastic time! The description of your camping adventure in the midst of a wild boar massacre is one of the funniest things I've ever read (not that I'm wishing for a repeat experience, mind you)!

    1. Lol!!! Let me tell you Kevin... it was probably the most terrifying experience I have had to date. But now I can laugh about it and contemplate camping only under RV circumstances. I really want to see some bears but I am hoping I don't come back with any near death bear induced experiences. Have a beautiful week Kevin!!