Thursday, August 3, 2017

Band of Bloggers: Volume 20, August 2017

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Pop quiz, hotshot: How well do you know your favourite Band of Bloggerette? Sure, we're all reasonably up to date on each other's interests, hobbies and the pretty, glittery things that make our hearts go pitter pat, but when it comes to the vitally important markers of a person's character - favourite band, desert island scent, fight stance in the zombie apocalypse - how well do we truly know our virtual neighbours? :) Let's delve into 10 deeply random questions and find out, shall we?

1. No really, zombie apocalypse survival strategy: Fight or flight?
Fighting, with firearms more than likely since we have them on hand but also not adverse to using sharp pointy things. Mama Bear ain't lettin' no zombies near her cubs.

2. You've been a bad, bad kitty and you have just one final meal coming your way. What's on your plate?
Dang. First question... what did I do?! Probably let that zombie apocalypse rage get out of hand. Now to the important part, what would I want to eat... I would love a medium-rare steak from either Berns or Texas Cattle Company, a nice cheese and/or charcuterie board, mushrooms in red wine sauce, Stone crab claw with melted butter, collard greens with vinegar hot sauce, chocolate whiskey ice cream, creme brulee and a hot cup of lapsang souchong with sugar and cream to finish.

3. Aside from wax (or nail polish, or crafting supplies, or beauty products) what item do you have major multiples of?
Of course I do have multiples of wax, nail polish, perfume and makeup but I also collect sea shells while beach combing, hand crafted silver jewelry, succulents, coffee mugs, recipes and books. I used to collect coins and baseball cards. My oldest collects Pokemon and stones. My youngest collects mystery bag toys and squishies.

4. You've just won the lottery. Before best friends you didn't even know you had begin to show up on your doorstep, what's the first thing you buy without even thinking twice?
Tithe. Pay off the mortgage and cars. Girls' college. Retirement. THEN I would buy a cabin in the Smoky Mountains for our friends and family to use. And two tickets to London for my best friend and I.

5. Biggest celebrity crush? This can be anybody - an actress, a musician, a fictional character from a favourite movie, book or television show, or maybe even an historical figure.
When I was young it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Such a cutie pie! Then it was Javier Lopez, the catcher for the Atlanta Braves. Those thighs. Now it is Martin Freeman. Hands down. For fictional character it would be Jamie Fraser (the book, not the show) from Outlander. Actress, Drew Barrymore. Musician, Jimmy Buffet.

6. Flats or heels? Or are you running barefoot through life like some sort of hippie?
Barefoot most of the time for sure. But for work and life, flats. I swear by Lucky Brand's leather ballet flats. I wear heels about a dozen times a year for hot date nights.

7. Whether it was created through a customs order or simple pick-and-mix blending at home, what's the greatest scent blend you've ever stumbled upon?
Maybe either Rosegirls' Garden/Raspberry Sauce/VBN or Gilligan's Brew/Peppermint/Shaving Cream (Winter Mermaid). 

8. It's snack time! Are you reaching for the sweet or the salty?
Both. At the same time.

9. What's a personal style moment you'd never care to re-live?
My curly hair cut to right at my ear lobes in the worst bob ever.

10. You are going to live in a biodome beneath the sea for the next three years and have been allotted space for just ONE book (tiny dome!) What cherished book will keep you entertained for the next 1095 days?
I would grab Outlander and Pillars of the Earth then flip a coin to see which one makes it. 

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  1. I'd probably need three years to finish either of those books, though Gabaldon only gets wordier, so maybe Voyager or A Breath of Snow and Ashes are better choices. Little JTT! Did you have his Tiger Beat poster hanging in your locker? I'm with you on the athlete crushes, so many in my day, but now I can't remember any of them, except Christian Laettner of Duke Basketball, like everyone in the early 90s, I thought he was dreamy. Of course, we share the Freeman love, I can watch that changing face all day. And that last meal, it would certainly buy you more time! No beef for me, but the Chocolate Whiskey ice cream and creme brulee sound heavenly.

    1. Diana DOES get exponentially more verbose the farther she gets into her series. That Written In My Own Heart's Blood was a mammoth!! Those Breath of Snow and Ashes is the longest I think about over 1,100 pages. Whew. No Tiger Beats but I did watch Home Improvement faithfully and got to fangirl over seeing him present his star and handprints at Walt Disney World in person when I was at the height of my crush. I had so many Atlanta Braves crushes! Javy Lopez first and foremost but I also loved Steve Avery, Tom Glavin, Ryan Klesko and Chipper Jones. Adam golfs with Chipper Jones once a year now and it is strange to see him age.

      FREEMAN!!! What a freaking cutie patootie. I am right there with you lady.

    2. LOL, I'm just getting around to reading your responses and I literally laughed out loud when I saw your crushes. As a self-respecting Indians fan I gotta hate the Braves, I'm pretty sure those players were on the team that ended Cleveland's playoff run in the 90s. Anyway, I first noticed Chipper Jones around that time, he had to have been a rookie, in 1996 maybe, and I saw him on television once when he had an unfortunate chapping of the lips or lip chewing problem. Now, as a fan, you are probably aware he has nice luscious-looking lips, but because of my dislike for the Braves, I forever referred to him as Chapper Jones from that day forward. What an ass I was! Please, tell Adam to tell Chipper I'm sorry!

    3. Yeah, as a fellow Cleveland fan, Adam gives me grief over the Braves too. Chapper works! He did usually have chapped lips pretty bad. Poor fella.

  2. Great answers! I think I'd want to be your friend in the zombie apocalypse, lol.
    I forgot about my crush on JTT; adorable! I loved the show Home Improvement.
    I totally thought of those two titles for the biodome question; but I think I would want something I hadn't read already.

    1. Heck yes. I am handy with a gun. I would like to practice archery too.

      Isn't he the cutest?! I liked Jonathan Brandis too, but JTT was the bigger crush.

      I get wanting to read something new. But what if it wasn't any good?!? I would be so mad.

  3. Love your answer to the zombie apocalypse lol. Nothing like a protective mothers rage to win a battle and get that adrenaline pumping.
    Ahh, that reminds me, I am so excited to try winter mermaid! I just know it's going to be amazing and that I should have got two bags. I need to go ahead and start kicking myself.
    It sounds like we've all had a bad hair cut we loathe in our day that we would just rather forget lol.

    1. LOL! Right?! I may not have the guts to fight for my own life but I certainly would for my girls.

      I hope you love it! The coconut tends to be the strongest but I adore Gilligan's Brew so it works for me. <3

      Ugh! Yes! Mine was in about 4th grade. Worst thing my mom ever did to me. LOL!

  4. Your last meal sounds so elegant. I'm all like 'Gimme pizza and Dew!' and you're dining on things I don't even understand. LOL


    1. Heck yes! You know me... I am your food snob friend. But pizza and the Dew would be just as filling. Though I would probably die with a caffeine buzz.

  5. Okay, first, an ear-length bob with the texture of your hair? Who allowed that highly preventable horror story from happening?! I think some of us need to have serious discussions with moms and sisters and aunts and grandmothers about the haircuts they inflicted on us as youngsters. I had The Rachel long before anyone knew that for The Rachel to be successful, you have to sort of razor the layers so they take a bit of shape. As opposed to the waterfall of hair that curled onto my face like some sort of brunette critter, highlighting every bit of pumpkininess in my already round mug. Horrifying. I also had a total bowl cut in grade 13 that I fancied made me look like the "Who's chopper is dis?" girl from Pulp Fiction, but was really just a bowl cut. That one's on me, though - I willingly went off to the salon and had that done.

    Your final meal sounds encroyable! Oh yum, steak and cheese and chocolate whisky ice cream? Can I recommend Guinness ice cream? It's similar in terms of "tone" and ever so boozily delicious.

    Another Martin Freeman fan! In case you haven't seen it, he was pretty great in At World's End - super dry, bit of an affable jerk (he's got good cause.) Great fight scenes, actually.

    I've been melting your RG Garden blend quite a bit lately - blew through a muffin in a couple of weeks (that's a lot for me, especially as that blend is so strong and long-lasting.) I love it - hope they offer it again sometime soon. Also more Peppermint Coconut Mallow, because somehow I'm nearly out. I thought that pie was going to last me for YEARS. Whoops?

    1. Huge, aggravating typo up there, I'm so sorry - "Whose chopper is this?" she said, not "who's." AARGH.

    2. I know, right? Pure torture inflicted upon my delicate 4th grade person by the very matriarch who professed to love me. I made a solemn vow to never let my girls have a bad haircut under my guidance. So far, so good.

      Since I quit drinking 7 years ago, a Guinness is really the only alcoholic beverage I miss. So dang good. I would swoon over it in ice cream. One day!

      I am a Martin Freeman fangirl and yes I have seen At World's End! It was hilarious! You make me want to watch it again. Except the part where his face gets clubbed in. Poor Martin.

      I think I have one weensy muffin left in that blend. Glad you liked it! I was shocked when it actually got voted in, but that was all due to Liz. She has some serious wax pull in the community. And PCM is another fave which I am sadly almost out of too. You are right.. you think I pie will last but if it is a fave... it goes fast.