Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Annual Fall Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my home!

I try to keep things rather simple. I wouldn't say I have a theme. I tend to pick up items I like willy nilly. I scored this tray from Hobby Lobby on 80% off clearance for $8. The crocheted pumpkin coasters are from my mother-in-law.

The white lantern is a new addition from Belk's on clearance.

This pumpkin decoration is rather bittersweet now as it was a Five Sisters Crafternoon item I made. This year one sister is in Houston and another is moving next weekend to the next county over. I might still see if we can get something together...

The girls keep their hairbrushes and hairbows in a Mason jar year 'round. I switched it out for this pumpkin version we made at a playdate several years ago. 

IKEA lanterns, Dollar Tree floral arrangement and the Ohio Amish country pumpkin candle all live in the refurbished door-into-shelving unit my sister bought me for Christmas one year. 

New fella! His eyes light up, he flaps his wings and makes spooky noises when loud noises occur. 

I love the cute Target Dollar Spot garlands this year. 

Savanna decorated the fish for fall and the Mason Jar pumpkins are handmade from a crafternoon.

And I am having a blast decorating the top shelf of my bookcase. I don't have a mantle above a fireplace but I imagine this is my substitute. The ravens are really killing me right now. I cannot get enough. 

Thank you for joining me in my home and hearth, celebrating a bit of fall. What are some of your favorite fall decoration pieces you put out each year? Do you have a particular animal or thing you like to collect as decor? 


  1. That door-into-shelves is something I need to show hubby because that's the kind of stuff he'd like to putter with in his eventual shop.

    The Target garlands really are cute! I'm not usually into pompom things but wow, I like those. I like all your ravens too but that bat, gah, he can just stay far away. We get the occasional real bat in our house and it freaks. me. out.

    My favorite fall pieces, and what I collect way too many of, are small pumpkins. I freakin' love them! Orange ones, white ones, ceramic ones, fabric them all.


    1. You should! Repurposing old items is a hugely popular thing right now. And I bet it is pretty easy to put together.

      Thanks! I am loving them too. A nice change from my usual leaf garland. LOL! What!!! You don't like my cute furry bat?! I had a friend whose daughter was bitten by a bat in a cabin on vacation and she had to get all these rabies shots in her face. So awful.

      I like the pumpkins too. I will have to remember about your pumpkin love for next year. At least there is a pumpkin on your hanging decoration.

  2. I like the smattering of pumpkins everywhere. Honestly I think my favorite fall decor theme is colored leaves, but I don't have any of the silk ones. I have been collecting some I've seen on the trail or hiking and pressing them in a big book. I always love the ravens, perfect for Halloween too, the only set-up I've done yet is my Poe side table. But I treat my piano top the same way as your bookcase, substitute mantle. Thinking my copper tray will be skulls...
    I too HATE bats, since having one visit two years ago this August, I swear that sucker was a bad omen. Can't even look at em in zoos.
    I adore that tray every time you use it as a backdrop, also the sweet garlands (cool sepia portrait too). The niece has chosen a mason jar craft for October, so we'll see how that goes, it is very memorable to craft with family:)

    1. Thanks! They are all different but special to me. I like leaves too. I have some hanging on my starfish garland in the kitchen window. I like that yours are real though. I have to squint and pretend with mine. Poe side table you say? I hope you feature it!! And skulls in the tray?! Lady you are speaking my language. I have a few skully jewelry pieces that I love wearing.

      Oh no! more bat angst. My poor poor bats. I think they are so cute. <3 But I love rodents.

      I hope you and your niece have a fun time crafting up a storm. I would love to see the results!

  3. Beautiful, your home looks so lovely. :) I've said this before, but I think Fall/Halloween decorations look so striking against lighter, more pastel colours. So nice; enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

  4. I don't decorate for seasons. I might get a tree up at Christmas, but that's the extent of it. Not sure if it's laziness or lack of skill. We've been in our current house 5 1/2 years...there's ONE framed wall art above the bed. All other walls in the bedroom are bare. Sigh.

    I'm needing the ravens though. Perhaps I'll find one and put it somewhere. I'll call that decorating. Haha :)

    1. One raven totally counts as decorating! Not decorating could be nice from time to time. Save money and no stress. But I think I enjoy it too much to stop.