Monday, December 4, 2017

Photojournal: 12/2/17

6:57am- Toddles is easily my alarm clock. If I so much as rustle in the bed anytime from 4am on to daybreak she is standing right in the doorway to our room meowing. Good morning to you too, kitty.

7:32am- Window gazing.

 9:45am- Starbucks time at the mall with two sisters and two daughters. Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa.

10:01am-  Bath and Body Works Candle Day haul... but honestly, I think my $3.47 felt mushroom ornaments are my catch of the day. 

11:10am- Driving away from the mall and towards sustenance. Stein & Vine to be exact.

Some time after lunch. My littlest had my phone and I never know what photos or videos will be on it when I get it back.

2:44pm- Darby surprised me by taking me to the Old Tampa Book Company. What treasures!

3:28pm- Almost home from a day out galavanting.

3:33pm- I still love that she falls asleep in the car after a day bee bopping about.

5:59pm- Super Moon gazing.

6:57pm- Snow gazing. 

7:14pm- Live nativity.

8:30pm- Christmas tree time at Booger Mountain (North Carolina Fraser Fir, named Pine Frost by Savanna). Candy canes and Jeep talk.

Do you do a live tree or an artificial tree? Do you name your houseplants?


  1. We have a fake tree. I'd like to get a new one though. Our current one is about 20 years old and has definitely seen better days. I want a pre-lit one next!

    I do not name my houseplants. I barely water them. LOL

    I spy a walking-boot-less foot for Savanna. Yay!


    1. You definitely need a new one. Maybe after Christmas this year on sale? Maybe it will even bolster your holiday spirits next year to have a pretty new tree.

      LOL! I figure if I have to name them then they must be members of the family and must therefore be taken care of and nurtured.

      Yes!!! This past week she took it off and walked for an hour and then the next day two hours and so on until she is finally bootless!! We are all so excited. She still has some pain and fatigue but she will work up her strength.

  2. Aww, Todd is so considerate with her wake up call. My guy is the same way but declares it is time to get up at dawn with less patience. If there is enough food out sometimes I get to sleep later, sometimes not.

    Great tree and outside decorations, and the book cover is beautiful.

    1. Your guy has that head strong stubbornness huh?? I bet it gets him what he wants! <3

      Thank you! Adam did a great job putting up the lights. I know it isn't easy and takes all day but he does it without complaint! (Usually, sometimes the light strands go out and it drives him a bit batty.) I wanted to buy that book something fierce but I resisted. I am almost afraid to read old books, the pages are so brittle and easily crumbly.

  3. Toddles is so pretty! Linus used to be more consistent but he's off his game lately. I keep telling him he's gonna need to learn to make coffee to earn his keep.

    I'm usually away for Christmas so I don't often get a tree, but I <3 the smell of real ones.

    1. Thank you! She is a fun old gal. LOL! Poor Linus! Is he getting old? Todd is almost 15 and she has slown down a lot but as she ages she seems to be wanting to eat more and more but not gaining weight as much. Coffee making cats... ah.... you must be referring to heaven. Or my heaven at any rate. <3

      They have the cutest little real trees that are about 2 foot tall around here. Would you ever get one of those? I love the smell too. It was so strong and lovely the first few days. I think we are nose blind to it by now though.

    2. I got a cute tiny tree year before last when I stayed in CA for the holiday and am strongly tempted to get one this year since I haven't decorated much at all yet.

      Linus is only about 5 but it has been so cold in the morning lately, I think he's staying curled up in his blankey on the chair til he hears me get up and has a reason to move :D

  4. Looks like a wonderful, festive day. Hope you had fun (looks like you had fun!)

    (Giant sigh) Cats, man. Ours keeps backing up the THEY MADE A NOISE, IT'S FOOD GO TIME, NOW, NOW, NOW! time - I've been up to see 3 am come and go three days in a row now and I can't say I'm really enjoying it. :(

    1. Thanks! It was! I am happy I thought to document it for posterity.

      I totally should not be laughing (3AM!!!!) but they are rather funny little creatures! I wonder what gets into them?

  5. Artificial all the way. Pre-lit is the best! Too much sap and worry of bugs with the fear of allergies brewing up in anger over a real tree.
    Oh, I just love this idea of getting to see snaps of your day through the eyes of Julie and letting us ride along on your adventures. How fun!
    We also have a Bethlehem revisited coming up later this week that the family and I are stoked about. Of course it will be bloody cold but still enjoyable non the less.

    P.S. Love your little Lego figure! Would that happen to be Sam from LOTR?

    1. :-) I bet a pre-lit artificial is easy and lovely! I would do one as an extra tree somewhere in the house if we ever had the room for it but our home is so tiny, only one tree will ever fit.

      Sunnee brought up this photo journal thing several years ago that she saw on another blog somewhere and we all loved the idea of it. We should all do one in tandem one day. It might be fun to see how everyone spends a Saturday or work day or something.

      Have fun at your outing! Bundle up and kiss baby Jesus. We have a work Christmas party on a rooftop restaurant tomorrow night and it is supposed to be very cold (for us anyway... like 50 degrees) so we will be bundled up too. Out low this weekend is 35! Brrrrrrr!!

      Thanks! Savanna bought him at a comic book store for me! It is Bilbo and his wee sword Sting ready to capture the dwarfish kingdom back from Smaug! He keeps me company. <3