Friday, September 14, 2018

Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens

"Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."

- refrain from "The Stolen Child" by William Butler Yeats

We got to see some faeries. 

Some were rulers with quite the regal homes.

While others preferred the quiet and scented beds of tiny violets.

The bookish magpie sprite caught our fancy. The wee hammock and stockpile of tomes and paintings led me to believe we would have much in common.

Scarlette even got to personally meet this colorful impish being.

Tucked between proper English rose gardens and rustic herb filled plots would emerge a faerie home or two.

Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando is beautiful. There is much to explore and I have a feeling we will make our way back there again. 

They offer movies on the lawn and fun exhibits from time to time, like this fairy door one.

It's nice to know that sometimes there are things I will just never out grow, even with all the weeping the world is full of.

Do you have a botanical garden nearby? I am anxious to visit an observatory next too. Have you been to one of those lately?


  1. How flipping magical! This looks like such fun. I would love to take my grandma to something like this, she would just have a ball.

    1. It really was! It got us traveling somewhere new, walking about out of doors and enjoying the sights and scents of the flowers. I bet there might be a botanical garden near you somewhere. <3

  2. Beautiful! I love Leu Gardens! Our last place in Orlando was very close to there, and I would go a lot. In Feb-ish they have their Camelias all in bloom, and it's wonderful. I highly recommend visiting then because the flowers are incredible and the weather is perfect.

    1. I feel in love, Nancy. You lived near there? All the homes were so cute in that area. I love those older homes with all the character. I will make sure to go in February. The azaleas might be blooming around then too. Or just starting to. And you are right February weather is divine. <3

  3. What a lovely treat! My mom wanted to take my nephew to Leu Gardens last time he visited but there wasn't time. I'll have to make it a must-see next time I'm in town.

    1. Oh poo! Hopefully you guys can swing it. How old is he? He might enjoy a trip to the Orlando Science Center too. We are taking our students there in March for an overnight trip... perhaps sleep next to a T-Rex.