Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Fun Friday: Autumn Outdoors

Today is the last Fall Fun Friday. I had a nice time collaborating with Jay and Sandra. This fall has been a busy one for sure. We went to the pumpkin patch earlier in the month but we plan on going again, probably tonight or Sunday or Monday. We didn't make it to any festivals or corn mazes but we did have a Harry Potter day at Universal and my friend Ashley and I are doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night. 

The weather has finally been cooling off. The mosquitoes are beat down by the breezes and the full Hunter's moon has been beautiful. Autumn out of doors has been spent taking evening walks with Adam and the girls. We will take them Trick-or-Treating somewhere with their friends probably. 

Check out what Jay at The Scented Library and Sandra at Finger Candy are up to this time of year.

How is your weather? Whatcha doing outside? Guess who I have been seeing more and more outside my own window?

Birbs! They have been coming back. I see more and more each day in our oak tree. The Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers, the Tufted Titmice, these wrens and even some new finches. I need to buy more birdseed and keep the feeders full now. I noticed our next door neighbors hung up a bird feeder and some traffic is headed their way. This makes me happy as I know the birbs will be taken care of once we're gone. 

My oldest friend and one of my best friends, NaLonda, came to visit me for the weekend last weekend. We went to an organ concert and the farmer's market. We stopped in a few stores downtown and I ended up bringing two tea towels home. This overly excited Jack with this gold buckle shoes immediately flew into my hand. The other one is a Santa for Christmas.

Savanna and I have also been cooing over these birds in costumes that Target carried this year. I bought the Cat Bird (as I do really love Cat Birds) and Savanna picked up a masquerade bird. Oh. And she picked up a big stuffed vulture. She is a funny kid. 

Any new decorations in your home? Are you gonna hit up Target the day after Halloween? I am hoping a few goodies are left over for me to pick through. 


  1. Eee, Rocky Horror! Are you allowed to throw the toast? That theater I was telling you about with the couches, they do a Rocky Horror showing every Halloween, and you are not allowed to throw the toast (or anything else.) I've never been to one; I hope you have a great time. I have put up no decorations, save a little wooden sign thing hanging at our front door. And that's somewhat because of our trip, but also because it's just a little too chaotic around here with the ongoing renovations, and I don't want things to get damaged and dirty. It feels sort of sad, though, all my nice Halloween stuff shut up in storage. :(

    1. No toast throwing but we did throw rice and have water guns for the rain scene. We did have a fun time but I am so dang old. It was a midnight showing and about 3/4 of the way through I must have been nodding off (I am sick) so my friend elbowed me awake and we left. Thankfully she was not too bummed at me. I see you are now officially in the Happiest Place on Earth so enjoy!!! xoxo