Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Fun Friday: Fall Fashion and Cooler Weather

Today's Fall Fun Friday prompt was Fall Fashion and the October Word/Phrase for the Day was Cooler Weather. 

From the looks of it, the coolest weather I will be having for the next several days will be 89 degrees. The rain will help tremendously in helping the fall mood but the weather itself is still pretty dang hot. We do usually get a "cold" snap or two in October where it will be a high of 70 or 60 but so far there is no cold front in sight. 

I am by no means a fashionable person. I go for comfort but try to look presentable as possible without heading to high end stores. I tend to shop Target, Kohl's, Loft and such. Jeans, cardigans and Vans are life. Especially Vans with cats on them. I enjoy wearing black, gray, olive, maroon and dark blues but I am not afraid of color. I live for cardigans. Seriously. I have them with cats and stars, in solids and knitted patterns, fair isle cardigans and even bejeweled cardigans. It might the teacher in me.

I also like to wear jewelry. In fall I do wear bats and broomsticks, mandrakes and moons. Even wolves howling at moons. I have owls and crystals too. 

While I wait for cooler weather, I sweat in my jeans and cardigans and wear my spooky jewelry. 

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What do you like to wear in fall? Any fashion recs where I can get my cat/owl/moon/bat kicks in, in the cardigan department?


  1. I would be one of the worst people to ask about fashion advice, though I would let you dress me any day as we do have similar style preferences and you rock pretty much everything you wear. Except lets trade the cats for dogs if you were styling me.Yesss, perrrrfect. :P
    I can totally agree that Cardigans are a must. I freeze almost all year though we do get some cold temps here in the south.
    I'm not much of a seasonal dresser though I've always wanted to be a scarf wearer. Feel as if I always look/feel silly in them. They are just darling though.
    Can't believe its already October! Sure doesn't feel that way. I need to be soaking up the fall while it is here

    1. Aw thank you!!!!I will totally be cats while you are doggos.

      Same. I have always wanted to be a scarf wearer too but I just don't look all that great in them. And in Florida there is only like two days where one would be nifty to have on hand.

      I agree. This year went by so fast. Only a few months left. But they are the best months <3

  2. Ha, I remember thinking that you had done very well for yourself dressing for your trip with your sisters. Like, I come to Florida and I'm a mess - all black, unbreathable cotton tees, full pants. My husband was wearing long-sleeved LAYERS during our Labour Day trip, for pity's sake! But you looked like a local. :) Three cheers for Vans; I used to be a Converse girl, but then the entire world started wearing them and yes, I am totally that person. She's a tool sometimes, I'll admit it. ;)

    1. Thanks!!! My sister told the story last night of how she wore flip flops to Maine in winter. No mistaking that she is a Florida girl on that trip. She is going back up there this Christmas to visit her new husband's family and will be bringing boots. Florida is hard to dress for, but you know that. It is either like hell in a humid fish bowl or windy and cold at the drop of a hat in winter. So you guys either have to wait and pack last minute or bring every type of clothing and wish upon a star you have something that will work.

      I love Converse too but you are right. They are quite popular these days. I have a couple pair but they aren't the most comfy shoes on my wide feet.

  3. Yeah, my Chucks are what I reach for, but they aren't super comfy, nor do they keep my feet warm in a NE Ohio winter. I remember when everyone was wearing Chucks, then everyone was into Vans, has the tide turned back to Converse now?

    We live in different climes but dress similarly, swapping cats with dogs (a sweater, slippers and some pjs, a t-shirt, etc) and you have much cooler jewelry.

    1. But they look amazing with anything!!! I have no idea what everyone is wearing now LOL! I am still wearing TOMS too. Now THOSE are my comfy teacher shoes. I need to pick up another pair to paint.

      Fun!! I am all about being easy and comfy. I do wear yoga pants and tennis shoes an embarrassing amount of time while out and about but I do try to stick with jeans and cardigans. Yep. Even in summer. Call me crazy. Slippers and pjs though? You speak my language. Once home, that is my uniform.

      Hey. You have cool jewelry too. I spied that owl ring and you always have cute lapel pins. <3