Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hay Rides, Corn Mazes and Ghosts

Sorry about being behind on the October word prompts. Things got a little busy the past few days. 

Hay Rides

The last hay ride I can remember was a couple years ago at the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimmee. Actually no, I take that back. We went on a hay ride just last year at the Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival. It was was a nice day for it and the girls enjoyed it. We have not gone on one this year and so far no plans to, but that may change.

Corn Maze

About four years ago at Fox Squirrel Corn Maze we wandered through the tall stalks. But oh lordy it felt like we were walking through the tall crackling and licking flames of Satan's labyrinth. The corn was dried and dead, it was easily 100 degrees outside and the flaming ball above scorched our faces with tongues of fire. It was so unbearable about halfway through, with the salt of sweat stinging my eyes and the girls moaning of their thirst that we burst through the stalks pell-mell in order to get the heck outta Dodge. No plans on going back. 


I do have a happy trio of ghosties with yellow-orange glowing eyes in the house. They might just be one of my favorite decorations. 

I did tell you guys about the laughing children Adam encountered in Savannah, Georgia right? That would be the only ghost encounter I ever was associated with other than the Holy Ghost. 

My favorite ghosts were probably in Harry Potter. The Death Day Party was an interesting scene in the books and I did feel really bad for Nearly Headless Nick. 

My sisters and I had our Five Sisters Crafternoon last night. Unfortunately, Lindsey had the stomach bug and could not come so we were one sister down. This is two years in a row where it was a Four Sister Crafternoon, so hopefully next year we can all make it. I am not quite done with my craft but I will show y'all soon. 

How is your fall going? Any fun plans or festivals or outings? 

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