Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lazy Sunday

Self portrait of a blogger. 

When I take photos I tend to be wearing pajamas or yoga pants. A sports bra is a must when working with fairy lights (I tuck the battery pack into my bra to free up a hand). I end up sweating like a wildebeest and usually my back hurts by the time I am done with a session from hovering over products. Some things that determine when I take photos: the weather (overcast = not enough natural light), mood, how many "to be blogged" products are stacking up and driving me crazy, inspiration, if my camera is charged. 

I haven't taken pics in about a week or so, but I plan on it tomorrow.

School is out and Thanksgiving break has begun. Adam's parents and aunt drove up to visit so we have been spending time with them. Adam and I also helped my sister move quickly yesterday morning. Darby's birthday is coming up and mine is in a couple weeks so we are celebrating by getting our ears pierced today in Ybor City. I hope to come home and blog a little bit tonight. I have been reading voraciously. I am also contemplating decorating for Christmas before Thursday which is something I never do. 

How is your Sunday?


  1. Same, friend, same. And my back sucks to begin with, my tailbone and upper back scream at me after a day of awkward perching and hovering, but I try to only spend one day a week on photos because it's so time consuming. If there's little light, it's very frustrating. I guess what I'm saying is, I feel your pain and raise my camera (phone) in solidarity. At least many of your photos are like works of art, that is pretty satisfying in the end.

    1. It really is time consuming. I tried to get some shots done after work today and the sun sets so early that I really didn't get as many done as I wanted. That is why I like to try and do them on the weekend but weekends in December are CRAZY! Hoping you are doing well. <3