Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Portable North Pole 2018

A Magic Pass was gifted gratis from the Portable North Pole. All opinions are my own.

Here we are. This is the 6th or so year I have created a video from Santa for my girls to view. Many years ago I discovered the Portable North Pole via some mom friends in a playgroup I was in. The PNP offers free customizable videos or phone calls for your kids to enjoy. Scarlette (who very much believes) was just asking me if she thought Santa would be sending her a video with her naughty or nice results from the year. It wasn't but a few days later that the PNP sent me my link and code for my Magic Pass. I quickly got to work making the girls' their videos and sent them their yearly email from Santa. 

Here is Savanna's video. She got a few laughs out of hers and it tickles me that she still likes getting them. Knowing me I will probably continue to send them their videos from Santa long after they stop checking the skies for Santa's sleigh.

If you would like to get a free video or even purchase a package for a child or grandbaby or niece and nephew, here is a link that will get you 20% off : Portable North Pole

They have videos for adults.... I think I am going to send Adam one. What are you asking Santa for this Christmas? 


  1. Wow, that's so cute! Very clever editing.

    1. They really do a great job with these! Thanks for watching it. Are you getting into the season?