Wednesday, January 23, 2019

An Unexpected Cruise

Adam texted me in early December asking if I wanted to go on a cruise to Mexico. I asked him if it was a joke. He assured me it was not and that his company was sponsoring it. Well, yes sir! Sign me up. It was a Norwegian cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. 

The ship, Pearl, was nice. There she is out in the harbor. 

Grand Cayman was beautiful. We dipped our toes in the Caribbean and then headed off to look for books.

And we ran into some handsome fellas.

We didn't stay long on Cozumel. We took a ferry to the mainland and then a 2 hour bus ride into the Yucatan.

The ferry ride proved to be pretty brutal. For 45 minutes the tiny boat see-sawed in the water causing a ruckus to everyone's gut. Luckily Adam and I had the patches so we were spared.

We met our tour guide in a market place. Walking through the streets to reach the bus offered views of children playing soccer in their school yards and people laughing and chatting on their lunch breaks. It was beautiful. 

After traveling 3 hours we finally reached Chichen Itza, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The Mayan ruins were amazing to see.

I hope I can go back to Mexico one day. Spend more time walking around and eating good food and shopping.

The cruise was a wonderful unexpected break from the hum drum of typical life. 


  1. Oh my gosh, what an amazing, unexpected treat! Those are the very best kind of vacations, aren't they, the ones that just kind of come out of nowhere? And sponsored by one's employer? Even better!

    I'm sorry to hear your ferry ride was so choppy, but did you find the patches really helped? I've wanted to try patches for a while now to see if they might calm my queasies on planes and rides, and if they can handle a boat ride from hell, maybe they can handle Space Mountain.

    Such beautiful photos, as always. Glad you and Adam got to take a much-deserved break in tropical paradise for a while, you deserve it!

    1. YES! It took me a good two hours of just looking at Adam's text and trying to process the fact that he was asking if I wanted to go on a cruise to Mexico for free with him. Is it a joke? What's the catch? Am I on Candid Camera?

      The patches were a God-send. Honestly. Never a moment of upheaval. We wore them on our honeymoon cruise and they were a charm so I went ahead and called in a script for them for this one to be safe. It was a good call. They do give me cotton mouth and blurred vision (mostly when trying to read novels). And it feels kinda gross coming down from them once you take them off (a little nausea). But during the trip it was all good!! Would use them again for sure.

      Thank you!! I am hoping my path takes me back to Mexico one day. Such a beautiful place with lovely people.

  2. I'd love to tour the ruins and be surrounded by that history. The three hour tour and sickly ferry ride seems worth it. Cozumel looks interesting too, not to mention those crystal blue waters had to do a mind and body good:)

    1. I felt the same way! Most of the group (Adam's clients) went either bar hopping in Cozumel or 4-wheel riding. I think we made a sound choice being I am a total nerd and he could have cared less. LOL! The Caribbean waters are simply amazing. They almost don't even look possible in their saturation and clarity.