Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Preparing to Shift

I think it finally hit me just how impactful 2019 is going to be on my family and me. I told my boss and co-workers that I would not be returning next school year. We did not fill out an intent to return form for the girls' school. Adam had the house pressure washed and repainted. I am trolling the Help Wanted ads and trying to update my resume. Rubbermaids stack up 3 and 4 deep like so many time capsules of the last 15 years of our lives. 

The ball is rolling. Only a couple more months before we list the house. Very soon we will sit in those awkward square chairs with the scratchy fabric and defiant wooden armrest to be told how much money our souls are worth.

The shift is here!

Work is busy. The girls are busy. Adam is busy. All while in the midst of the preparing.

I am keeping sane by:
- Reading way too much (escapism, yes).
- Planning trips (summer family vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountain and fall trip to Salem to "talk" bodies and boundaries with the girls).
- Planting an insane amount of wildflower seeds in the garden plot. 
- Feeding the birds and squirrels to bursting.
-Watering said wildflower plot.
- Taking extra long bubble baths.
- Weeding the wildflower plot. 

Any moving tips? New move advice? Moving with a budding teen advice? Did you move as a middle schooler? Did you survive? Did your parents survive? What helped the transition?


  1. Are you looking to keep them in Montessori in Orlando? I moved between 2nd and 3rd grade and left the Montessori program and switched to public school. That was a difficult adjustment for me as Montessori school was a much kinder environment. My 3rd teacher was less warm than average so that didn't help. Anyway I assume you're not interested in switching the girls to public school which should make things easier. But either way it seems like they are more resilient than I was and will do fine!

    1. We will try. There is a public Montessori school right where we will be moving to so we will put in an application. You are totally right, the Montessori environment is much more community based and gives the child autonomy. It would be a tough switch but at the end of the day we will have to do whatever pans out. A lot of it depends on where I can get a job teaching. How are things going with you?? Did the place sell?

    2. I am still waiting, the lender spent a month or so working on getting a lower rate, lower downpayment VA mortgage for the buyer, before looking into if my building is approved for VA mortgages. On Friday he had me making calls to find out and it is not. I am will call back on Monday to find out if he will go through with the original type of mortgage (FHA) or not. If I ever sell without a realtor again, I will be more involved from the beginning to avoid losing time, this doesn't seem urgent to anyone else. 😖

    3. Oh no, Jean. That is awful. I am so sorry. It seems like doing it without a relator would be savvy but then again there is a lot that goes into the homes buying/selling process. I cannot imagine how frustrated you must feel right now. I hope that all the dinking around is stopped so that you can actually sell your place and move on to warmer climes.

  2. Wow, you really do have so much on the go. But it's the waiting that's the pain, isn't it? Because it sounds like you're as prepared as you can be, but everything in its proper time and all that other trite crap. I'm wishing you and your family a clear path to your next steps.

    I grew up in the country, on a hobby farm, and we moved into the city, about 45 minutes away, when I was 11, 12. I think it was a great move for us, and for me - I fit in pretty easily and found my place without too much trouble. But I was a pretty gregarious kid, and I was willing to roll with it. If your girls are the amiable types that (hopefully!) trust their sensible parents, they'll be okay. :)

    1. The waiting is by far the most difficult aspect right now. Hurry up and get a loan. Then wait. Hurry up and pack but then wait. Hurry up and apply for jobs and wait to hear back. Schools and wait to hear back. Ugh.

      Thank you for your kind words!!! Your transition sounds very similar to theirs... a rural community to a more urban community. Scarlette will transition the easiest. It is my Savanna that I am worried about.