Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Sorry for the sporadic radio silence. As you guys know we sold our house (so far!- I don't want to jinx anything) and we have been looking for our next home. There were some tiffs about what we were each looking for in a home but we finally came together to a compromise. It is tough when one prefers a new construction and the other wants an old home with character. Deciding on our next home has turned out to be a marriage test of monumental proportions. We think we found a house that can please us both but there is quite the bidding war over it. The area we are looking to move is a hot bed of quick sales and very little inventory in our price range and needs. 

The stress has been heavy on me.

If I am being honest with myself, I have been scared. I am leaving my family. My friends. The area I was born and raised. Our church. Our schools. Yes, people do it all the time. That doesn't make it any easier for me to swallow. But I do see hope.

I see where a new home can be carved out. Where new ideas will grow. New strolls will be had. 

I know this will be a great journey. I just need to lose the fear and the worry.

I need to trust. In the hope.


  1. Sending all of my best wishes and love to you through this stressful time <3 I know that wherever you land, you will make an incredible sanctuary for yourself and your family.

  2. Would be nice to know what's going on in your life so I could understand your blog. I think you share everything with fellow bloggers, but are cryptic with the rest of us. Whatever the case, best wishes.

    1. I actually have been sharing for a very long time that my family and I have been planning a move for about a year now and I have wrote about the process pretty much every step of the way. I have in reality been a little afraid I was oversharing my worry and boring my readers with the minutia of the day to day moving info. Granted most of the move talk is embedded into Melting Basket posts and Ebb & Flo end of the month recaps. I am sorry if it reads vague. Ironically, I share more on my blog about my personal life than I do on my private FB page or to my friends and family sometimes. Sadly, I do not share anything much anymore with my fellow bloggers since we have all drifted apart as the years have gone by. We are still friends via social media but no longer talk day to day like we used to.

      I don't want you to feel like I have been cryptic at all! Our family situation has been this: Adam works for a Worker's Comp insurance carrier based out of Orlando. He normally works from home but his boss as of the past few years has been putting it in his ear to move to Orlando as to be in the office daily and transition into management. The past three years I have been working at a new Montessori school and transitioned myself into a lead teacher and went back to school to earn my certification back after it lapsed. I was hesitant to move in the midst of all that hard work and trying to settle into a new job. So he graciously put it off a couple times. This past year the move was set into stone. We spent the school year trying to find the girls a new school, me a new job, ready our home for selling and then finding a new one to move to. It has been one heck of a roller-coaster of emotion for me. May 31st is the last day in our home. We just heard last night that the home we were in a bidding war over ended up swinging our way. I know crazy stuff can happen while houses are under contract so I keep praying the sale of our home goes through and the procuring of the new one goes unimpeded.

      So much going on! I hope to continue blogging through the transition and even show some before and after decoration and gardening and such.

      How have you been?

  3. Hey, you have so much to be hopeful for and isn't hope said to be the best of things?

    I'm completely taken aback by the above comment. Perhaps if someone jumped into reading this month and skipped around they'd be confused about your situation, but I believe this very post couldn't be more clear on the exact circumstances of your life-no justifications necessary.
    Also, although you are bewitching with words, you are certainly not cryptic. You write more personal stuff in one month than I have in an entire year, not to mention more often. You are honest and soul-bearing and I admire you for it, even I could never scale those personal walls.

    As for your reply about fellow bloggers...I hope you don't include me in those you've drifted away from. I'm sure you mostly mean your original crew of four, but even though I can't comment or communicate as much as I used to, I want you to know I've been popping in to read now and again & of course I've been thinking of you and your transition and wishing you the best for your family.

    I'll hush now, since it's not my place to address it, I just want you to know I'm around:)

    1. Thank you!!! I am trying to let the hope flow over me. I tend to push it away when I am afraid things are going to fall through.

      Thank you. I thought maybe I wrote more obliquely than I had realized. Sometimes I do try to keep the nitty gritty private stuff to myself but don't mind sharing the large parts of my life. I find my blog is more of a personal journal anyway and the writing often helps me to process things. I do find myself going back to read about certain moments or experiences. But I get the hesitation or dislike of writing about personal things. <3 I respect that.

      I definitely don't include you and Sandra and others from the drifting part. The first group I blogged with held a bond that was important to me. It was hard to see us break up and drift apart. I still love Deb to pieces and try to keep in contact with her as I can but I know she probably wants her space a little. I always look forward to the the fall series to bring a little of the community back. I love that you have merged into the book community too. That is cool. Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it! Thinking of you too as you go through some life changes.

      <3 I am here if you ever need anything!