Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hey. How Ya Doin'?

Hi guys! We officially moved in as of last Friday!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!! I am thankful to be in our home and unpacking. We are still living in a state of semi-chaos (hey hun... have you seen the hand pruners/batteries/key to the china cabinet/insert not unpacked or maybe it has been item here). My sister Darby helped me unpack a few things the second day we were here and then my mom came and spent a few days helping me really get into the meat of unpacking and even helped me do some front door landscaping. These boxes are what we have unpacked so far. That's a whole 'lotta bins.

We had a few snafus moving in, but isn't that how it goes? Some things I heard the first few days living here: 
-"Hey hun, the new well water pump is going to be $1,800."
- "DAVID IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!!! WATER IS GUSHING OUT!!" (That was the second morning here and the laundry valve busted shooting jets of water all into the garage where our boxes were stored. Thankfully we used plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes so nothing was damaged other than the valves.)
- "The filter for the iron removal basin is $500."
- "I found an A/C guy who will charge $4,100 for a new unit."
- "I think we need a home warranty."
-"Our car insurance rate just doubled."
- "Where have you been keeping all these books?"

I think we are finally in a good spot though. Only a few more service or repair guys have to visit today and tomorrow. The girls have adjusted to their new rooms. Adam and I are enjoying settling in. Even Toddles has scouted some new hiding spots and napping places. I still have about a dozen boxes to unpack. But the pool and the yard have been distracting me.

And the pool has been the hit of the house for sure. Scarlette has swam every day for hours on end. I have a handful of times already too.

But only after I empty out a few boxes first. The swimming is a reward. 

But we are here. This is home. 

I love the neighborhood. It is older (our home was built in 1981) with loads of mature trees and larger lot sizes. 

And this is the butterfly garden my mom helped me to put in when she was here earlier in the week. I still have some more pentas and such to put in but it is getting there. 

I also planted a hydrangea, a cat whisker plant and a crape myrtle in the yard too. 

I hope I can take some time out of do some more reviews. I have some amazing candles, wax tarts and perfumes to showcase. I placed a pretty stout order from Carol at CFTKR. 

How are you doing? Was June good for you?


  1. So glad you've finally gotten to move and start settling in! I can't wait to see how do you fall/holiday decorations now. (You will share pics, riiight?)

    June has been a beast for me but hopefully things take a turn for the better now. *winkwink*

    Looking forward to some wax tart posts!!!


    1. Thank you so much!!! I am very very very happy to be here.

      We were putting our fall and Christmas stuff in the shed out back and I got a little excited thinking about decorating. I will absolutely share! I want to share more once I get things painted and placed where I want as well. <3

      JULY WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS!!! I am so excited for you Deb. You deserve this.

      ME TOO! I have so many candles and tarts to show. It will feel like old times I think. <3

  2. Congratulations! I love the big old trees and that pool is beautiful! You're in Orlando now, right?

    1. Thank you, Kate!! The big old trees take my breath away. I have such an appreciation for people who leave the big trees and build homes around them. I am in Orlando! Woot! Lots of new places to eat and such. Very excited about that.

  3. YAY!!! <3 <3
    Gosh, look at that gorgeous pool!! <3

    I think June went pretty well for the fam and me. We're finally getting some warm weather, produce and flowers are growing. We've been sick for about week or so now with allergies/colds/I don't know what, but just about in the clear. ;)
    Happy weekend! <3

    1. Helllllooooo, friend!!!
      We just figured out how to turn on the waterfalls from the rocks and now I feel utterly spoiled. I love the sound of water. <3

      Good!! Glad your garden is productive and you have some pretty flowers to make you smile. I love flowers so much. Summer colds are the worst. Right when you want to be outside and enjoying the break they come for an unwelcome visit. Happy it is passing though.

      Have a great weekend too!!

  4. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 You're home is charming and the old oaks are gorgeous, now will you have fall leaves to bask in? Or is it too warm for color-changing everywhere in Fla (so sorry I don't know this about southern climates)?
    Wowza to that pool, you are prepared that your girls will be the most popular among their friends, right? It's going to be such fun for all of you:)
    I have followed along your housing/uprooting saga here and on IG and I know how stressful it must have been-but lady, it looks totally worth it. (even the not-so-fun extra costs which crop up). I can forsee all the heart and soul your home and garden will be filled with and it makes me so happy for you! Cheers to yours and Adam's hard work and I wish you so much happiness with your replanting.

    1. Thank you!! I love oak trees. Funny enough they do lose their leaves but not totally and not in a pretty or colorful way, and then the pollen comes in spring and most everyone laments that but I don't mind since I don't have allergies. We only have a tiny handful of trees that change color. And certainly not enough to feel like a traditional fall.

      Scarlette and I have definitely logged some pool hours. Especially yesterday and today after I was landscaping.

      Thank you for the kind words. Your well wishes and encouragement have meant a lot to me. <3 Wishing you love and happiness too.