Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ferguson, North Carolina: Blue Ridge Mountains

Summer vacation this year was a road trip to the Leatherwood Mountains Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Ferguson, North Carolina. Ferguson is about 40-45 minutes away from Boone and Blowing Rock and about an hour and a half from Asheville. It is a quaint area with remote quietness. 

Adam, the girls and I spent most of our eating time at the Buffalo Mercantile and Cafe off Buffalo Cove Road. The pizza there was amazing. It was also the closest place to eat other than the restaurant on premises at the resort but that one was just "meh." The resort itself is nice. There are stables for horseback riding, a small river to tube down, two stocked fishing ponds and a little swimming pool.

The view from the cabin was nice. The cabin itself had a ton of amenities but unfortunately all the beds felt like we were sleeping on stone tablets. Neck and back pain were our constant companions the whole trip. But we tried our best to not let that get us down.

We went white water rapid rafting via a Banner Elk company called Edge of the World. It was great fun.

We kept most of our days lazy though. Creek wading, catching crawfish, fishing, tubing, swimming. Outdoor fun.

Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns were pit stops on the trip that we enjoyed.

Gem mining is always a must.

Foggy Pine books in Boone got my business and their cat got some pats and attention.

Adam caught some tiny bass.

Scarlette had a fashion show in a vintage shop in Asheville.

Savanna enjoyed hiking to see the Cascade Falls.

It was a nice time spent with family. I was ready to be back and working on the house and starting a new school year was kind of hanging over my head, those things kept me from enjoying the trip as much as I normally would have. Plus the mattresses. They really were that bad. And the fat rat that lived in the downstairs bathroom shower. But hey. He needed a home too I guess.


  1. Did you find any gems??

    Many years ago, one of our trips to Minnesota was for family gathering. My in-laws paid for where we stayed, which was generous of them. Sadly that place was like something out of a horror movie. I am NOT a roughing it kind of girl and this motel was the cheapest of cheap, last updated in probably the mid '70s, and in area the was equally discouraging. While it did seem clean, it had so much going against it that I never could relax. I slept with my clothes on, on top of the bedspread. Gah, even the memories make be shudder. LOL


    1. We did! Between all of our we found: garnets, moonstone, jasper, citrine, amethyst, aventurine and ruby among others. They are all rough stones. They offerer to cut and polish them but we are waiting.

      Oh my gosh!!! Sleeping on top of the bed with clothes on is certainly a sign of an uncomfortable place to stay. YIKES!!! Ours wasn't that cringy, just not cozy. I hope we never end up at the Bate's Motel-like place you had to endure!!!

  2. I'm so sorry that the place you stayed stole some of your enjoyment. That's the worst! I am glad that you found delicious food and some beautiful views <3

    1. Yeah. I forgot how much difference a mattress makes to overall well-being. If I am good at anything it is trying to see the positive and when on vacation I definitely try to see the positive. <3

  3. Hi, great vacation you had there.
    Btw, Scarlet looks soooo gorgeous in her short hair, such a beauty


    1. Yes! It was a beautiful place! I just love the mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains were really lovely. I think driving along the parkway was my favorite thing to do.

      Awwww thanks! I will send your kind words on to her. She loves her new hair style. She wants to get it trimmed before school starts back up.