Monday, October 31, 2022

Ebb & Flow October

The highs and the lows of the month.


MoonaLisa Alexandria and Solstice Scents Vanilla Pipe Tobacco

Perfume Oil:

Arcana Wildcraft Cake Lust and MoonaLisa Strega


Cosmic Cleanse Magnesium Body Creme Unscented (I put lavender and peppermint oils in it)


Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew and Luminous Glow facial oil combined morning and night. Britton is having a shop update November 11th-12th.

Lip Balm:

Evergreen by Firebird


Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside


Candles From the Keeping Room Potpourri Spice


Moss Garden by Shoyeido (smells like vanilla ice cream to my students)

Work Bag:

Tote #2 by Siren Co. (still absolutely obsessing over it)


Whiskey Dog Wares bralette, freaking comfy as all get out.


Boar's Head Sweet Chili Garlic hummus


Dram sparkling water with or without CBD


Twenty One Pilots Scaled and Icy album


Breaking Bad for the first time through, new episodes of British Baking Show and Unsolved Mysteries


Completed reading challenge and pretty much reading school work right now. Everything Maria Montessori.


The holidays, small celebrations, Thanksgiving dinner, fires in the fireplace, winter gardening, bonfires, that sort of thing.


Making my eye doctor appointment for the 1,000th time. Kept getting pushed back due to unexpected meetings at work, the hurricane, and now... not sure when I will get to it. And I need glasses for the first time I think. Blurry vision life.


Old lady time.... Plackers Grind No More Night Guard. I crack my teeth and fillings from night time teeth grinding if I don't wear a mouth guard. These aren't awkward in my mouth and don't hurt me. And are cheap.


Tieks ballet flats. I fell for the hype and bought some but they are not comfortable and I regret it.


Feeling stretched. I added a leadership position at work to my plate but then other things happened and now I need take my training sooner than I anticipated. So I am taking my ESOL class, Montessori classes, and juggling the daily job and the extra position all at once. I know it will pass. My ESOL class will be done by Christmas. My Montessori training is 18 months. My leadership position is a 3 year tenure. I can do this. The girls promised to help me cook. Adam will give me grace. I just need to get the hang of it and be ok giving up my relaxing time. My reading. My gardening. Just for a bit. Just a little. 


I got to see my sister and my brother-in-law and my niece over the summer and I am still riding that high. Adam, the girls and I talk about it all the time. Thankful we were able to make it happen. I am also happy that I have been able to see some birds, the foxes, and an owl in our backyard.

How have you been doing? And hits or misses? What are you wearing? Smelling? Watching on TV? How is your life going?


  1. Ah, good luck with your new roles Julie! Wow. I also enjoyed your book recommendations! High for me this fall was definitely trick or treating with my little nephew. I've been discovering New England candlemakers- Soy Much Brighter and Vessel are some brands I am smitten with lately. My sister and I watched the Haunting of Bly Manor which started out creepy but is becoming a tender meditation on grief and love. Oh, and I have been enjoying "The Dancing Goddesses," a book about folk dances and the ancient stories of women changing into swans and frogs. Just needed some extra magic this month . I also can't wait to wear my new "Come to Me" by Arcana but I have to let her rest. Oh the agony!

    1. Hi Brooke!!! Thank you so much. I need it! It will be a challenging, stretching time, but I know it will pay off big time in the long run. Trick or Treating with the kiddos is magical. I love that you got to do that. Thank you for sharing the candles makers! I will try and see if they have websites. I really enjoyed watching Bly Manor. It was incredible. I liked the other ones by the same director as well: Midnight Mass, Haunting of Hill House and I think there is one more that is newer. I will have to check out that book! I am a sucker for folktales. I have not purchased form Julia in ages. I need to. She had some that looked very tempting recently. I have been wearing lots of Solstice Scents and MoonaLisa lately. Just slathering on those roller balls. Happy fall! I love seeing all your beautiful images on IG!!!

    2. Ooh, I finally got some MoonaLisa perfumes last spring and they were exquisite, just lovely. I got a lot of Solstice Scents samples recently too, I hadn't tried enough of her fall blends. They are hauntingly beautiful.

  2. Hi Julie!! I hope this finds you, and your family, well ❤️.
    I see you started "Breaking Bad" It's easily in my top three television series of all times. But I'd love to know what you think of it!
    Have a great Thanksgiving❤️

    1. Hi Paula! Sorry so late! Finally putting my feet up on winter break from work and school and checking in around here. Breaking Bad was amazing. I wasn't sure I would like it and at times it made me mad but it was a wild ride for sure. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

  3. Awesome list! The Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside is also a favorite of mine!

    1. I can never get enough of it! LOL! I picked up another candle of it and some wall flowers in it too.