Monday, June 30, 2014

Traditional Afternoon Tea @ The Oxford Exchange

A proper afternoon tea was experienced this past weekend, and it was brilliant. One of my sisters works in downtown Tampa and kept passing by this gem of a place called The Oxford Exchange. It intrigued her enough that she set about to discover more. The Oxford Exchange is a restaurant, tea room, coffee house, bookstore and gift store all in one beautiful multifaceted historic building. She invited me to have a Traditional Afternoon Tea with her and I quickly agreed and made reservations (please do make reservations if you can).

The tea room is located in a beautiful atrium with a water fountain and potted trees overflowing with orchids and succulents.

The Traditional Afternoon Tea is $22 per person and was nicely done. It included an excellent selection of teas, a small dessert plate, scone plate with clotted cream and blackberry preserves, and a small tea sandwich plate.

The tea sandwich selection included: cucumber and basil, blackberry preserve and cream cheese, grilled peanut butter and white cheddar, and grilled smoked ham and swiss. They were tasty, even if a bit stale on the top slice of bread on the ungrilled ones. The peanut butter and cheese one tasted like a super fancy Toastee Chee cracker (you know the peanut butter and cheese crackers?).

Darby wanted to try a French macaron so bad, she asked me if she should request some before we arrived. It turned out that there were four on the dessert platter and I think that made her day!

Darby chose an Aged Earl Grey with lavender, bergamot and jasmine, it was lovely and fragrant. If it no one was looking I would have dipped my fingers in and sprinkled my decolletage with it. I selected a rich Lapsang Souchong that smelled and tasted of smokey pine. I was so enamored I could not stop inhaling and sipping until I was down to the dregs... fortunately I did NOT see a Grim in the bottom of my cup. Our check was brought out in an old worn book. I enjoy details like this.

We strolled about the gift store and discovered many beautiful perfumes and candles. I finally got to spray on two Olfactive Studio scents I had been reading about, Chambre Noire and Lumiere Blanche. We got to smell a $90 candle, a limited edition Cire Trudon... gulp. I can't even imagine lighting *that* wick. Darby purchased something that turned out to be a gift for me. I am so touched and grateful.

Cote' Bastide perfume oil in Fleurs D'Oranger. It is a sharp, bright white and tangy green orange blossom. Adam said it smells like pepper. I can see that. But it does settle nicely into a beautiful white bloom and fades at about 2-3 hours. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Do you enjoy tea? Have any favorites? I am 99% sure I am heading back just to get some lapsang souchong to bring back home.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lush Life: Big Blue Bath Bomb

The Big Blue bath bomb (or ballistic) finally got used the other night. I lit my candles, grabbed my book and started the water. 'Ol Big Blue was plopped in and started right to work; bright aqua waters swirling with real seaweed, the lightest white capped foam, and a relaxing soft lavender with some sweet aquatic notes lingered in the air. As I slipped in, I could feel that the seaweed was slick and smooth, no pokey bits. The serene scent dissipated a bit as the candles burned down and pages were turned. When "me" time ran out (and as a Mom, this simple bath time is pure luxury) and the waters drained, I had to push along stray bits of seaweed but there was no staining or residue left in the tub. My skin was a bit thirsty for lotion but the experience was pleasant.

The Big Blue created a lovely aquatic experience and will be bought again one day. How do you feel about seaweed or bits of flora floating in your bath?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Melting Basket 5

That last basket (#4) was a doozy! I would repurchase almost every tart in there... yikes. Here they are: RG- Snowflake and Frosted Streuselkuchen, SMT- Sweet Lavender Mallow Cake/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge and Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake this one I am excited to have coming in my March 31st order, it is really strong and the scent is the sweetest vanilla cake with orange zest accents and vanilla musk, TTT- Hot Pink Serendipity this was in her new scent shot, the throw was great and the scent was a lime rich serendipity, tropical, UTC- American Cream this one threw super strong all day long and into the night, 12 hours easy, beautiful sweet floral and musk scent, TBG- Beach Bum even after being a year old it was still pretty strong and nice, Coppertone feel, Beezy- Strip 'N Go Naked bright, strong lime and fruit punch scent, happy fruity margarita time.

Streetman- Summer Lovin'
Streetman- Watermelon Cooler
Butterfly Lane Scents- Key Lime Pie/Sarah's Sugar Cookies
Butterfly Lane Scents- Mango Lime Smoothie
Better Homes & Gardens- Tahitian Black Orchid (<3 gift)
Two Timing Tart- Seduction
Rosegirls- Pink Sandalwood
Rosegirls- Vanilla Oak/Vanilla Musk/Wild Honey Bee muffin
Super Tarts- Lucky Lemons
Sniff My Tarts- Zucchini Bread/Peaches 'n Cream/Strawberry Jam
Sniff My Tarts- Marshmallow Cake/Cotton Candy Bliss/Fruity Pebbles
Sniff My Tarts- Frost Bite/Vanilla Bean Noel/Spearmint
iheartwax- Raspberry Cream/Vanilla Wafer Cookies/Marshmallow (<3 gift)
Glitterati- Orange Lace Cake (<3 gift)
Glitterati- White Sugar Plumeria (<3 gift)
Glitterati- Lemon Meringue/Toasted Coconut (<3 gift)

This basket is smaller since we will be leaving for vacation soon and many of these have multiple uses. I will still be posting as regular. If you are curious about any of these scents or previously melted scents in prior baskets please ask! Today marks The Mermaid's one month on the interwebz! 


Friday, June 27, 2014

Front Porch Candle Co.

Front Porch is like the gateway wax in the wax vendor world. My path went something like this... Scentsy, Front Porch, then wax mania. Front Porch has many merits: ordering available around the clock, extensive scent list, free shipping, discount codes, and fast turn around time. Lately there has been discussion regarding scent throw and packaging. I did notice that two out of the five bags were new ziptop bags rather than their usual decorated cello. It has been many months since I ordered from Front Porch but last week I gave it a go.

These are triple scented macarons. Left: Gardenia Coconut Cream/Rose Milk/Mountain Honey, the mountain honey is the strongest (of course) but I also smell a lemon note which is weird being there is not lemon in this. I warmed this and the scent throws really well. Nice and strong. Still remains a rather strange honey/floral blend that leaves me uncertain if I like it or not.

Right: Patchouli Nag Champa/Patchouli Teakwood/Lavender Patchouli, come on... how could I resist that?! There is nothing funny or off about this one... very relaxing patchouli blend with the added sophistication of lavender and teakwood. Not head shoppy at all. It actually smells like my favorite gift store The Sand Dollar.

Loopy Cream Cupcakes, these are splendid. Orange lemon cupcakes with thick vanilla buttercream frosting.

Left: Vanilla Sugar Cookie Cupcakes & Marshmallow Buttercream Ice Cream, on cold this is very  much an intense vanilla scent. Not much cookie but plenty of marshmallow. This is so good! I melted this in my bedroom (about a third of it) and it has filled my whole room and into the living room with the most heavy duty vanilla cupcake with marshmallow fluff frosting. I feel like having to do the breast stroke into my room it is so thick. I think I will. Off to lay in my bed, read and sniff.

Right: Home for the Holidays & Sweet Pine Noel, a Douglas Fir Christmas tree sitting right here beside me.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

'Fumes: Summer Favorites

Florida summer heat and humidity can really make a perfume bloom. Unfortunately, I do not want to be strangled by ropes of sillage from an Audrey-esque type of bloom screaming "Feed me Seymore!" Here are some of my favorite 'fumes for summer:

Lush: Karma- The funny thing about this scent... I only like it in solid form. The spray is just too harsh and chemical smelling. In solid form it is a calming patchouli with beautiful sweet orange highlights. It keeps quiet until someone hugs me. That is when I hear how good it smells.

Acqua di Parma: Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri- Citrus and summer heat, like peas and carrots, baby. This lovely perfume is full of bergamot, oranges and lemons with a touch of cardamom and sweetness. It is refreshing and light. It compliments the salty tang of sweat, gross I know, but hey. Let's be real. We sweat in the summer and sour perfume is nasty. This is beautiful.

Atelier Cologne: Orange Sanguine- Another orange scent I am smitten with. This is more of the slightly bitter orange pith that is smoothed by some jasmine and tonka bean, underscored by sandalwood.

CB I Hate Perfume: At the Beach 1966- Want to wear the beach right on your skin? Smell the sunscreen, salt water, and bits of shell clinging to your arms? Try this. It is purely evocative of its name. Actually, it reminds me a great deal of The Bathing Garden's Beach Bum. This is my first water based perfume. Christopher Brosius, the man behind CB I Hate Perfume, prefers water based perfume as he feels alcohol alters the scent. It feels so good when sprayed on directly to the skin. It takes a few seconds to dry. His scents are quite unique; from libraries (book bindings and wooden shelves) to dandelions (bitter green with soil still clung to the roots) you can smell like the most interesting moments.

Serge Lutens: Fleurs d'oranger- I had to wear this a few times before I fell in love. But fall I did. Heady orange blossoms, jasmine and a touch of cumin make this a sexy date night scent. I pair it with Lush's Midnight massage bar and Flying Fox shower gel to create a cloud of jasmine that puts me in rapturous ecstasy. Jasmine is my weakness.

L'Artisan Parfumeur: Vanille Absolument- This is not a bakery sweet vanilla. Ozone and vanilla rum create a deserted beach scene with waves of heat coming off the sand, while you sit with Captain Jack Sparrow as he asks you again where all the bloody rum went.

Prada: Infusion D'Iris- I reviewed this previously and continue to enjoy it.

Sonoma Scent Studio: Sienna Musk- Sweet, sexy skin scent. A musk for musk lovers with a heavy dose of sandalwood.

Tocca: Colette- My best friend gifted me this scent for Christmas in a rollerball and I quickly drained it. Sephora has a great value deal of this scent and Cleopatra in 15 mL each for $18 at their "Impluse Buy NOW" section at check out with all the mini sample sized goodies. I succumbed quickly. I needed more Colette!My husband loves this on me. If I ask him to pick a scent, it is usually this one he selects. It is bright, spicy and warm. Bergamot, juniper, pink peppercorn with vanilla and cedar. There is enough sweetness to make it feminine and snuggly for him. There is enough woods and spice for me to enjoy.

Have you tried any of these? What types of scents do you like to wear in the summer? Are you a "signature scent" kind of person or do you like having a perfume wardrobe?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mermaid Moment

Mermaid Moment... with real mermaids!

Weeki Wachee is a Florida State Park built in 1947 and is home to "The Only City with Live Mermaids." It is quaint and glows with Old Florida charm. No theme park rides, just a river cruise, animal show, mermaids and a fresh spring to swim about in. My girls and I, along with my friend and her children spent a beautiful summer day there yesterday.

The mermaids perform right in the natural spring where an underground ampitheater was built. There are two different shows on the play list. This year we chose to watch their rendition of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. If you ever find yourself in the Tampa Bay Area with a few hours and $13 in your pocket, swing on over to Weeki Wachee (Seminole Indian for "little spring") and meet a real live mermaid. We did! And her name is Amanda, and when asked, Scarlette said she smelled good.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Streetman Company Store

Window shopping at Streetman happens quite a bit. Previously, I had only had a scent shot in Honeysuckle Jasmine that I won in a giveaway hosted by Lauren back in November (awesome box of wax that was!), then a couple of scent shots in the Simply Sensational Sampler. I stepped it up to a Streeman Sampler in May. Finally, I placed my first real order. Everything arrived packaged well. I love scent shots placed nicely in bags.

Streetman has the feel of a family run general store on the web. Tony, the husband, makes seasonings and sauces and foody items; Heather, the wife, creates wax and body products. Streetman's Spicy Onion Dip garnishes rave reviews, and at only $0.99 I had to add it to my wax order.

I try to order small if a vendor is open regularly. A bundt cake, a set of snap sticks, 5 scent shots and the onion dip made up my order, with three free samples thrown in. The snap sticks are nice and long, but are only 1.7 ounces each, the same as the large scent shot in the photo. The bundt cake is a beast at 7 ounces, larger than the palm of my hand. The smallest scent shot is one of the samples and weighs one ounce.

In the May sampler, I fell in love with Summer Lovin' and  knew I needed more of it for my bedroom. It is a mellow sandalwood with vanilla, musk, and patchouli perhaps. I do not have a scent description but this is what my nose picks up. Beautiful and soft. I chose that scent for the snap sticks ($8.99). The Honeysuckle Jasmine scent shot gifted all those months ago never left my brain. The bundt cake is in that scent ($7.10). Together, these florals have almost a gardenia scent. Strong, heady, visions of humid southern summer nights spent swaying on a wooden bench swing surrounded by jasmine vines, gardenias in bloom and honeysuckle creeping along the railing, crickets chirping at the moon.

Left to Right: Bomb Pop, Lavender Sheets, Bonfire on the Beach, Cotton Candy Spruce, and Fruit Spritzer.
Of these, on cold, my favorites are Cotton Candy Spruce (sweet candy!) and Bonfire on the Beach (strong pine and cedar, a bit of salty tang, and a touch of smokey char).

Free samples! I love free samples! Watermelon Cooler bright sweet candy like watermelon, funny I just made this drink!, Orange Bubble Gum reminds me of an orange Starburst candy and Sweet Pea pretty, delicate floral, similiar to BBW version.

Happy as a clam with my Streetman order. Have you tried Streetman? What are your favorite scents from them? I will probably try more of their spices and cooking products. One can never have too many spices in the kitchen.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cooking Cove: Fruit & Cheese Appetizer

It is not lost on me that I have yet to "cook" anything here in the cove... but I will! Don't begrudge me a sweet tagline that has alliteration. Food Fjord just doesn't have the same ring.
Fruit, cheese and crackers make a deliciously cohesive trio. Don't let this simple appetizer fool you. It is good! I have served it while having friends over, before holiday feasts and even at a batchelorette party.
All you need:
A great aged white cheddar (or any artisan cheese of your liking)- I use Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar. It has a lovely sharp flavor, a bit nutty and this great texture with a slight cruch. Sounds bizarre but it is dreamy, give it a go!
Fruit paste- Rutherford & Meyer has several wonderful flavors. I prefer plum with the white cheddar, but feel free to experiment wth different fruit and cheese combinations.
Crackers- 34 Savory Crisps were used today, but Sociables crackers or any preferred type is fine. The Savory Crisps are light and crunchy, they highlight rather than smother the cheese and fruit flavor.

Slice the cheese, slice the fruit paste (it is very hard and gelatin like in texture, easy to slice and hold), assemble and enjoy. For a more robust treat, I draped a thin slice of Boar's Head Londonport Roast Beef on the cracker then topped with the cheese and fruit. Angels fell from the sky in rapturous chorus. Then I ate it all.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Melting Basket 4

Tarts I would repurchase from the previous basket include: TTT- Pride & Prejudice this one melted beautifully, nice throw and long lasting, clean and sweet amber and sandalwood scent, RG- Earth Angel, SMT- Brown Sugar Pecan/Sugar Cookie Brulee/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie long name but these 3 blended to make a strong, rich, creamy bakery scent, Sugar & Spice- Pink Noel thank you for this gift Lauren! A wonderfully strong Pink Sugar dupe with extra vanilla that knocked my socks off.

Rosegirls- Snowflake melted previoulsy and would absolutely repurchase, knockout peppermint and creamy marshmallow smoothie
Rosegirls- Frosted Streuselkuchen melted previously and repurchased in a pie
Rosegirls- Manic Mario Madness
Rosegirls- Gilligan's Brew/Vanilla Ice Cream/Florida Key Lime Pie muffin
Sniff My Tarts- Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge I had a whole sheet cake of this from last opening and I have already melted through it, this is my lone, last chunk... very sweet and buttery with a touch of lavender, definite repurchase
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake
Sniff My Tarts- Sugar Milk/Strawberry Jam/Georgia Peach
iheartwax- Watermelon Patch/Cotton Candy Guava last chunk!
TTT- Hot Pink Serendipity
TTT- Pink Sugar
TTT- Sea Cotton melted previously, strong clean dupe of BBW Sea Island Cotton
Up The Creek- American Cream
The Bathing Garden- Beach Bum
Sugar & Spice- Fruit Loop Fluff Cake (gift <3)
Super Tarts- Peppermint Cookie
Super Tarts- Ice Cream & Cookies
Beezy- Strip & Go Naked (gift <3)

If you have any questions about these tarts or previously melted tarts, holler! It looks to be good melting. Hope everyone who wanted to get in a Rosegirls order was able to do so, I am excited and thankful for what I was able to squeeze in.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nest Fragrances- Moroccan Amber

My friend and I were lamenting the lack of candle burning in our lives. Before tarts, I was a candle loving fool. My mom passed the waxy genes down to me. I remember her hosting a few Partylite parties and buying Yankee candles. We always had a fragrant home. I decided there and then to start a smelly fire. There are always a few candles lurking in my closet.

I pulled out the big guns. This Nest candle was a real splurge. Back in December with a 20% off code and a birthday gift card in hand, I hit order on this $34.00 candle at Sephora's website. Moroccan Amber was the scent of choice. Amber makes me weak in the knees. The notes on the box include: Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot, and eucalyptus.

Once lit, the candle let off the most lovely scent. Now, take this as you will, but I did not get many of the individual notes listed above. To me, this candle was redolent of resins and spices, pine trees, cloves, and nutmeg. The amber is thick and golden sweet. The throw was wonderful, spreading throughout the living area. It took 45 minutes to melt to the edges of the glass. The flame remained short but strong. After reading a bit with this burning, I realized it was time to pick up the girls. I blew it out and placed it back in the closet for a cooler day... you know... around 60 degrees come November.

I am happy with the Nest candle and have eyeballed Orange Blossom and Moss & Mint pretty hard. Must wait until this December for my birthday. Or ask Santa.

Reading Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Lady by Robert Massie, so far this princess had lead quite the interesting life. The story is non-fiction, which is rare for me. As non-fiction it is written a little clinically but her life events and letters are keeping me turning the pages to see how her story unfolds. Sad that I do know already know? Probably. I am not much up on the Russian nobility of yore... but I am currently working on it!

Friday, June 20, 2014

FuturePrimitive Bar Soap and Bath Bomb Review

The Warrior (on the right) was the first to hit the cutting block and be put to use. The scent description is: "A salty, wooden war ship misted with seaspray. The scent of tarred rope, crates of Isreali figs, citrus fruits, and rich spices, and the rarest Frankincense & Amber resins wrapped in sail cloth." The soap is firm and beautiful; look at those waves cresting in a gradient from indigo to aqua to the creamy white peaks. Water and friction created a creamy soft lather that rinsed cleanly. No tightness or residue. The scent really exploded with lathering. The notes combined to create an extrodinarily beautiful ancient treasure chest of spices and resins. The amber and frankincense come through the best, not earthy and dry but sweetened from the figs and citrus. I do hope this makes her General Catalog.

Festival is the catalyst that ignited my order with FuturePrimitive. Here is the scent description on the wrapper: "A heady waft of Nag Champa incense dipped in thick, black Indonesian Patchouli with a passing puff of smoke from a travellers' house on wheels." This is tucked away for late summer bathing.

Tilting deck, hit the crest of a wave... hold on to the railings!

 The Summer Sampler was the second thing to hit the cart... I love trying everything! Left to Right: Cold Pillow, Rolling Hills, The Warrior, Black Sands, and Trade Winds. After The Warrior, my favorite is Trade Winds; it is tropical in a sophisticated cocoa butter and coconut way.

Lavenders Black (on the right) was used last night. Floating lavender buds, ghostly lilac colored water, and the relaxing aroma of fresh, real lavender was the result. It fizzed strongly and for a decent amount of time. I was surprised to find it was emollient as well. There was a slight slickness left on my skin upon emerging from the waters. After towel drying, my skin did not feel dry or "thirsty" like it usually does post bathing.

Rook and Raven (on the left) is being saved for vacation.

I would happily repurchase soap and bath bombs from FuturePrimitive with no reservation. High quality, fantastic scents, beautiful presentation.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FuturePrimitive Soap Haul and Review

As a bit of a Britophile, the receiving of Royal Mail is an adventure in and of itself. Here is the extent of my love of all things British: BBC America is the default TV station in our home, I order scones at every opportunity, saving for a trip to London in 2015 (next year already?!), and bedtime stories are often accompanied by a British accent (DORK alert!!!: Spanish for Ferdinand the Bull, Italian for Strega Nona- who ends up sounding like Dracula half the time but the kids endure, French for Madeline, Scottish brouge is a work in progress). I have to tell this story so you can get a peek into the nerdiness of thyself. I like speaking in a British accent and so does one of my sisters, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. Apparently we do this often and do not even realize it. Downtown Disney has a great bath product store called Basin. Sister and I walk in, I look at her and say "Oooo sistah, let's troi sum of this 'and scroob ova 'ere!" Sister pipes up "Ooooh yes! Let's! It lukes fah-bu-lous!" Or some such nonsense. The lady who works there comes grinning over to us and asks us "Hi Ladies! Are you from the UK?" We immediately laugh through our shame and admit, no... we live only 30 minutes away. So... yeah. Onto the great British stuff!!! FuturePrimitive!

My soap enabler, Deb, turned my attention towards FuturePrimitive.  Thank you Deb! FuturePrimitive Soap Co. is run by a lovely lady, Tiggy. Prices are in pounds (so it will be more expensive in US dollars ex: 10 pounds = $16.96 US). Shipping is a bit hair raising too but it is ROYAL MAIL! She hand makes all of her product.

 My maiden voyage consisted of the following (L to R): Rook & Raven Foaming Bath Bomb, Festival Body Whip, White Witch Aromatic Oil, Lavenders Black Foaming Bath Bomb, Indian Temple Attar Conditioning Hair Rinse, Tobacconist Body Whip, Shadow Show Olfactory Bathing Grains, Indian Temple Attar 3 in 1 Whipped Soap, Traditional Handmade Soap (Summer Sampler), The Warrior Traditional Handmade Soap, and Festival Traditional Handmade Soap.

The 3 in 1 Whipped Soap got a run the other night as shampoo and as a body wash. The jar feels nearly weightless and I despaired for a moment thinking it was mostly air and that it would collapse into nothingness once I used it. Not the case at all. It is surprisingly firm to the touch, I liken it to Crisco in texture, not greasiness. On the body it creates tons of soft fluffy bubbles and releases the most amazing sweet rose scent. My only regret, the label is not waterproof and quickly slipped off.

I followed the 3 in 1 with the conditioning rinse. This was a leap for me as I am majorly picky about conditioner. I have very fine, curly, damage prone hair. I use the Curly Girl method of washing my scalp every few days and conditioning like a mad woman. No brushing, no heat, lots of gel. I am happy to report that my hair loves these two products. I was able to finger comb my hair in the shower with the conditioner in and once my hair dried overnight with gel in place (I go to bed with wet hair and when I wake up it is dry and "styled" for the day, which just means I have crazy Hermione hair) it looked pretty good! The best part? It smells great too (huffing my hair at the computer, don't mind me). Indian Temple Attar is a lovely rose that is not at all matronly. I already have a perfume pairing in mind.

Tobacconist Body Whip was up next in the post shower/pre bedtime routine. This lotion feels more like a butter than a whip. The consistancy is thick and custardy. It slides on well with maybe the merest hint of waxiness that melts into the skin pleasantly. No greasiness, feels nourishing. This scent. I want to smell it all the rest of the days of my life. Soft vanillic sandalwood, dry oak, and a slight poke of vetiver to keep it from being too delicate and feminine. It really does smell like an old tobacco store, having strolled into Edward's Pipe and Tobacco a few times. 

The conditioning hair rinse, 3 in 1 whipped soap and body whips will be repurchased at some point.
Reviews of the other products will come as I use them.

I fell for FuturePrimitive... hook, line and sinker. Have you tried FuturePrimitive? Do any of these products look interesting to you?

*Links for convenience only, no benefit to myself if used.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sniff My Tarts: Mystery Box

MMMmmmmm... it's no mystery... these tarts need a' sniffin'.

This is my second Mystery Box from Sniff My Tarts and I am happy with it. If the list was open I would hop right back on. But alas, it is not. So I will wait patiently until my name on the Mystery Bag list scoots on up. Meanwhile, let us peruse the goods, shall we?

A half sheet in Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake. I honestly could not be anymore happier to have this! SMT created a lovely creamy bakery lavender with this blend. Not herbal or detergent. Those buds. They may end up in my bath.

These chunky scallops are in Fresh Strawberry/Pink Sweet Cream. The strawberry is jammy and sweet. The pink sweet cream has a milky component that I am not sure of on cold, luckily the pink is powerful. I don't really jive with milk scents, but I will try one melted. Adventure awaits!

L to R: Vanilla Waffle Cone/Iced Pineapple/Strawberry Jam- Mostly pineapple with a touch of vanilla cone floating behind.
Pina Colada/Serendipity/Blueberry- Wonderfully tropical fruit. Serendipity in this is forefront with pina colada and blueberry mixing nicely as harmony.
Cotton Candy Bliss/Honeydew Melon/Pina Colada (the last two)- Dominate pina colada that is nicely rounded out by the candied melons.

L to R: Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie/Caramel/Celtic Moonspice- large chunk, strong butterbrickle type scent full of cinnamon and spices.
Zucchini Bread/Pumpkin Pecan Waffle/Sticky Marshmallow- pumpkin pecan waffle is sweetened by the marshmallow but not creamier, it is also amplified in strength from the zucchini bread (no corn chip note).
French Toast- mild cinnamon dough scent.

L to R: Peppermint/Spearmint/Pink Sugar- gorgeous, I am so biased, pink peppermint. Mm. Ok, strong and refreshing sweet spearmint gum scent with an extra dose of coolness. Pink is toned down for the moment but nicely in the background.
Sticky Marshmallow/Peppermint/Coconut Cream Pie (next two)- creamy coconut and marshmallow with minty accord. Almost the slightest buttery note.
Frost Bite/Vanilla Bean Noel/Spearmint- teeny tiny yumminess, I will use this blend next opening. White chocolate hot cocoa with peppermint swizzle sticks. Great Christmas time scent.

L to R: Cotton Candy/Watermelon/Orange Sherbet- Summer gelati mix of orange and watermelon Italian ice.
Vanilla Sugar/Pomegranate/Fresh Strawberry- these scents combine to create the best possible Strawberry Shortcake doll scent ever... I have huffed quite a few. Soft sweet strawberry.
Raspberry Guava/Mango Sorbet/Acai Berry- Wow. Bright concentrated mango accompanied with red, red berries bursting with juice. I am slightly picky with fruit scents and this one is a winner. So tiny! :-( Lament.
Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake- reminisceint of a Bath and Body Works scent; sweet cakes, citrus, vanilla, and musk.

L to R:  Marshmallow Cake/Fruity Pebbles/Cotton Candy Bliss- creamy sweet lemon lime, not much cake or cereal on cold.
Sugar Milk/Strawberry Jam/Georgia Peach- A peach cobbler milk shake. But again, not liking the milk aspect.
Zucchini Bread/Peaches 'N Cream/Strawberry Jam- Strong corn chippy zucchini bread. I am pretty sure it is the overpour. Maybe this will mellow a bit over time. 
Ice Cream Cake Batter/Wildberry Mousse/Pink Sugar- I love this. Mostly creamy vanilla pink sugar with a touch of sweet berry.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Melting Basket 3

Wax I would repurchase from the last basket include: RG Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs, iheartwax Watermelon Punch/Cotton Candy Guava, CFTKR Ultimate Serendipity, TTT Frankly, My Dear, TBG Sea of Tears, Streetman 3 of a Pear this reminded me of BBW pearberry scent I used to adore, Beezy Pink Loopy Loops, SuperTarts Magically Delicious a buttery sugar cookie with extra vanilla buttercream frosting, marshmallow fluff and a touch of brown sugar, way better than just Lucky Charms in a cardboard box.

RG- Earth Angel melted previously, sweet lavander with a slight almond pastry lurking
RG- Lemon Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake
RG- Starberry Lime Fluff
RG- Sweet Lavender/Sweet Lemon Confection muffin
BHG- Butterscotch Maple Cream
TTT- Innocence
TTT- Pride & Prejudice I love that book.
TBG- Ophelia in Gold melted previously, I enjoy this Lush dupe, it is beautiful golden honey drizzled white flowers
iheartwax- Key Lime/Serendipity
Sugar & Spice- Pink Noel
SMT- Brown Sugar Pecan/Sugar Cookie Brulee/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie
Daphne's- Pink Sugar Cookie
Streetman- The Professor and Mary Ann
Streetman- Buttered Rum Cupcakes
Super Tarts- Fake N Bake
Super Tarts- Pink Cookies

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cooking Cove: Watermelon Cooler

Summer time, birthdays, and ripe watermelon create the perfect storm for me to crave this drink. It is sweet, zippy, and bubbly.
Watermelon Cooler:
3 cups  chopped, seedless watermelon
3/4 cup  sugar
1/2 cup  mint leaves
2 cups  white grape juice
1 tsp  lime zest
3/4 cup  fresh lime juice
32 oz  club soda, chilled
Blend/process watermelon, strain and discard pulp.
In large bowl, add sugar and mint, lightly crushing mint into the sugar.

Add grape juice, lime juice, lime zest, to the same bowl. Stir until sugar dissolves.

Add grape juice mixture to watermelon juice in a pitcher. Stir in club soda and pour over ice. Garnish with watermelon slices or fresh mint or lime slices. 

My grandfather may or may not have spiked his at the last birthday party. Either way, it is yummy and refreshing. If it sits too long the watermelon will seperate, just stir. The taste will not be affected. Cheers!