Monday, November 30, 2015

Ebb & Flow: November

The highs and lows of the month.

Nail polish:
Petting all my newly ordered Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Still bummed Ji closed up shop. Will taunt you with them at a later date.

Benefit's Coralista blush. Glowy goodness.

Solstice Scents Hidden Lodge

Handmade in Florida's Moroccan Tea Mint, stocking up on December 6th.

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Coconut candle

Leftover homemade pumpkin pie with Whiskey Maple Sauce for breakfast.

In Hovering Flight by Joyce Hinnefeld

EPCOT Candlelight Processional, dinner at Chefs de France, and Christmas around the world, our big holiday event this year.

My second dentist appointment... obviously the one I had recently did not go well. 

Embroidering. Embroider all the things! Jewel toned strands of floss for days.

The Red Hot Chili Pipers concert. What they say about what's under the kilt is true....

Serge Lutens Water Lip Color. I almost don't want to talk about it. But good friends talk about bad products.

Getting rear-ended while the kids were in the Jeep. Geico (the person who hit me's insurance carrier) SUCKS and won't pay out. 97% customer satisfaction my foot. Unless those 97% are Geico stakeholders and they get to keep all their money from lack of claim issuance. Grr. Rant over.


What were some of your highs and lows? Hits or misses? Are you anticipating anything?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pocket Full of Peonies

My sweet friend Sunnee blogged about Pocket Full of Peonies a little while back, landing them in my eyesights, then my sweet friend Lynda messaged me about Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow being stocked.... oh man. Here we go.

A free sample in Sweet Nothings was given. Honeydew, marshmallow, birthday cake, Vanilla Bean Noel, and cotton candy comprise this blend. It is fantastically sweet with candied vanilla bean dotted melons featuring strongly. Scent shots are $1.85 for 1.5 ounces.

Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow, the main attraction in this waxy act. The coconut oil in this blend smells transparent rather than milky and tropical rather than creamy. Half a medallion threw in my bedroom at about a medium to medium-strong level. The mint lifted clear and high then mellowed, letting the tropical vanilla coconut swirl about. Medallions are $4.00 for just over 3 ounces.

So a few days after my tiny first order arrived, Jennifer, the owner, posted 5 slots to order a custom rose loaf for $21, $28 shipped, that is just over 1 pound of wax.

A jumbo 2.5 ounce scent shot in White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was the free sample. The raspberry perks up the heaviness of the fudge. It is a nicely crafted chocolate fragrance. Half a scent shot threw strong. Very strong. Adam was not a fan of the chocolate so I had to turn it off, but if you love chocolate you need to try this scent. These say 3.25 ounce cups but the actual wax weight I got was 2.5 ounces. They run $3.75 each. These easily cut in half.

For my loaf I blended: Frosty, Peppermint Cream and Pink Sugar. It smells like heaven. It is a top 3 best Pink Peppermint blend indeed. (Cutting a rose off for you Lauren). ;-)

Jennifer recently posted another 5 slots for these loaves. TAT was insanely fast for a custom and, in fact, so is her TAT for RTS on her website. It only took a few days to get these after placing my orders. Her deer embeds, cute mini loaves and nice scent selection are impressive. I am very happy with my Pocket Full of Peonies experience and will be back. 

Get 25% off all RTS today from noon until 8pm EST. Use code: STUFFED25 at check out. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Deals and Codes and Beyond

I thought it might be fun for us all to post whatever Black Friday steals and deals we have come across the past few days. So feel free to comment below with any additional deals you have seen running for wax, soap, perfume, makeup, candles, anything! There are so many that I am not including links, but most can be found on my Wax Tart Reference page.

Wax Vendors:

The Candle Lab- 20% off through November 30th with code: mermaid20. Call in an order to custom blend.

Ninety Ninety One- On Etsy (the tart I got in my Book(ish) Box) has $1 scent shots (2 oz) from now until midnight November 30th.

Waxmosphere- 20% off on Black Friday.

Southbound Soap Co.- $1.00 scent shot sale at 4pm CST on Black Friday.

Rosegirls- 8 slice pie sampler for $50 shipped.

Ava's Country Cupboard- 20% off plus free shipping Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Super Tarts- RTS retock on Cyber Monday.

Dessa's Homespun Scents- 15% off orders over $30, 3pm MST 11/26 through 12pm MST 11/27 with the code: GIVETHANKS. Only on her own website, not Etsy.

Candles From the Keeping Room- Projected opening sometime Saturday, possibly Sunday?

Pocket Full of Peonies- Saturday from noon until 8pm EST, all RTS will be 25% off with code: STUFFED25.

Olde Primitive Treasures- Use code: GobbleGobble for 15% off orders over $10. 

Sniff My Tarts- Up to two custom loaves for sale on their website, $15 each. 

Butterfly Lane Scents- My Favorite Blends Sampler pre-order through Friday evening.

Soap Vendors:

Haus of Gloi- New limited edition Cyber Monday restock.

Solstice Scents- December 5th Winter Collection release and new General Catalog scents.

Handmade in Florida- December 6th release.

The Soap Box Company- BLACK2 for 25% off on orders over $40.


Aftelier- Limited Edition Bergamoss EDP, 9ml for $60. (Insanely beautiful fragrance).

Scent Trunk- 50% off your first month with code: SAVINGS. Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Link HERE. (Referral link).

Olfactif- Sign up for one month and get the second month free. Sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months and get a free 4ml refillable atomizer. Get 15% off any full bottle with code: 15FORALL. Black Friday through Sunday the 29th.


MAC- 25% off MAC Holiday Kits and Eye Palettes.


Target- Text "merry" to 827438 and get $50 off $100 to spend in Target's Holiday Shop Saturday the 28th.

Portable North Pole- 20% off any product using code: BLG20PNP. December 3rd at 1:30pm EST Twitter Party. Lots of prizes to win! Set the photo below at your avatar and use #PortableNorthPole with +PNPSanta to attend! 

Do you have any codes or sales to share? Feel free to post below and let's get this shopping started!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cellar Door Bath Supply

My friend Jean sent me a sweet early birthday package and these two soaps from Cellar Door were included. I follow Cellar Door on Facebook and often oogle their many lovely bars, but just have not made the leap into a purchase yet.  I find the texture to be a most pleasing rubbery smooth finish. 

Lavender Pumpkin offers up a sweet bouquet of lavender buds and caramelized pumpkin treats. It smells deep and rich yet still clean and not buttery. I love it. The soap lathers beautifully and quickly with creamy soft white bubbles and no residue.

Zombie Repellent is definitely a complex yet thrilling scent. Upturned earth, cedar notes, and the trailing sillage of white musk from the girl running for her life in front of you. Her heels kicking up dirt and the breaking branches of tree limbs bursting forth sap and spice and green chlorophyll in her haste to out run the zombie menace pursuing us. Great scent.

Cellar Door is firmly on my radar now. I need Frostbite. Like yesterday. Have you tried this company? Do you use bar soap? Where do you purchase your bar soap?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Melting Basket 52: Thanksgiving Scents

Wax tarts from the last basket I would buy again include: RG Frosted Spearmint Snow Taffy, SMT Peggy's Blueberry Noel/Pumpkin Ice Cream/Ice Cream Cake Batter, CFTKR Serendipity Noel.

The Candle Lab- Pumpkin Spice & Coconut
The Candle Lab- Clove & Chai Tea
Scoopable Tart Wax (RG)- Streuselkuchen Noel
Scoopable Tart Wax (RG)- Cinnamon Broom
Lasting Scent Candles- Pumpkin Tea Bread
Lasting Scent Candles- Pumpkin Mallow Grahams
Lasting Scent Candles- Fall Fest
CFTKR- Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Type
Long Cane Primitives- Fall Leaves & Warm Cider
Rosegirls- Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Fluff Puffs
Olde Primitive Treasures- Marshmallow Fireside/Leaves blend
House of Usher Wax Museum- Warm Vanilla Nutmeg

If you would like any of these reviewed please let me know in the comments. This is my cornucopia of waxy Thanksgiving scents. An abundance of bakery as well as spice. I will keep my Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Coconut candle lit as well this week. 

The turkey is out thawing, the chopping, mincing, and prepping has begun. I am one of the strange who loves spending two to three days cooking and baking and pouring all my effort into cooking for Thanksgiving. I enjoy the homemade goodness. The loved ones gathering in fellowship and laughter. And yes, even the burnt fingers, the midnight jaunt to Sephora with bleary eyes and slap-happy goofiness, and the delirious crash into bed next to my husband with the turkey still warming my full belly in the wee hours of the morning. 

Will you be cooking? Shopping? Decorating? I think my Christmas stuff will come out of the attic Friday morning. What scents will you melt at Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sniff My Tarts: Part 2

Part Deux of the August 15th Sniff My Tart's opening arrived in excellent condition. I must say Donna and Amy have really upped the packaging game and I am over the moon. The piped heart were bagged then cradled in bubble wrap. The tarts were packed tightly in to prohibit excess movement and thus, ruination of their photogenic selves. Part two of the order held the remainder of my piped hearts and the chunks. Part three is only two small pies. And it shall arrive later.

My craving of all things minty is well documented. Enter: Peppermint/Spearmint/Rosemary Mint. Overload of mint? Never. The spearmint is not Wrigley's chewing gum sweet the mints are arctic. The rosemary adds just a touch of clean transparency. I adore this blend. 

Sticky Pink Serendipity/Sugar Berries/Pink Sugar came from my extreme love of all three of these scents. I had just never had then live all together. The berries figure prominently with pink serendipity taking the unusual backseat role. It is a sweet candy-like scent.

Mmmmmm... my babies. Jacqui totally is responsible for turning me on to the glorious melding of Honeyed Gingerbread to Ice Cream Scoop Bread. I decided to add my ever favorite Marshmallow Noel to the mix. It brings to mind cakes and donuts and spices with an almost caramel richness. 

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Marshmallow Noel/Pink Coconut, another creation of some of my most favored Sniff My Tarts scents. Sweet, calming, creamy and lush. These three scents are amazing in just about anything or even on their own.

Obviously, you can tell I know what scents I love from Sniff My Tarts. But they do have such an extensive scent list that I did want to try some single scent options in the hearts. 

Orange Clove, a charming holiday aroma of blood oranges, cinnamon bark and clove nubs. 

Sleigh Ride does not really ring my chimes. It smells like artificial perfumey taffy. There is some spice lurking back there but I am just not sure on cold sniff. I will melt it to see if it morphs.

Lavender Berry smells of grapes and sweet lavender. Mostly grapes. I do like it.

Pink Sugar Baby mixes pink sugar, cotton candy and vanilla sugar. Very sweet and full love, musk, pink hearts, fuzzy sweaters and first kisses. I love it. 

Marshmallow Noel & Candy is amazing. I will be blending with this bad boy again. Marshmallow, vanilla bean noel, and candy canes. Why have I not bought this blend before?!?!? Pink peppermint marshmallow noel & candy in a sheet cake. Right meow.

Free Samples:

Peppermint/Eucalyptus/Spearmint cubes and I love 'em! Great for a headache day. 

Cranberry/Mandarin Peel/Cornbread, man alive. This takes me back to the Heavenleigh Apothecary days when wildberry sugar cookie cornbread ruled the waxy planet. Cranberry and mandarin shout their tart sweet flavor right up against the smothering bakery dough of the cornbread. I love the idea of melting this while I smell it on cold but I *just* know I will highly regret it when I put it in the warmer. So it will go to a heavy bakery loving home. 

I am head over heels for my Sniff My Tarts order, part two. I am happy with my blends and I look forward to a few new ones in the future. Did you order on the 15th? Do you plan on catching the next opening? Any of these blends or scents grab your nose?  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Warmed Wax: Sniff My Tarts & CFTKR

Sniff My Tarts Peggy's Blueberry Noel/Pumpkin Ice Cream/Ice Cream Cake Batter melted with a medium-strong throw, using only a quarter of the frosted cookie shape. The blueberries floated in on a wave of vanilla laden ice cream and cakes. The pumpkin was not evident but I did not mind. It was still a great combo of scents. I would absolutely blend with these scents again. I highly recommend Peggy's Blueberry Noel and Ice Cream Cake Batter scents. 

CFTKR Serendipity Noel is one of my favorite serendipity blends next to CFTKR's Serendipity Marshmallow Delight. The cherry and coconut blend of serendipity gets a hefty dose of vanilla. The throw is medium-strong and it is always a repurchase. 

Don't forget about some codes you can take advantage of this holiday season. The Candle Lab: mermaid20 for 20% off any order. Portable North Pole: BLG20PNP for 20% off video messages or phone calls from Santa. 

My second order from SMT came in, that will be posted soon. Pending orders include: Lasting Scent Candles, Pocket Full of Peonies, The Bathing Garden and House of Usher. I do have a new vendor to spotlight soon (along with a giveaway), so stay tuned for that. I recently finished The Poisonwood Bible and boy did those girls grab a hold of me with iron talons. I am now cracking open Landline to read. Have you read or watched anything good lately? Any pending or plotted orders?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Book(ish) Box: November

My November Book(ish) Box arrived recently, themed: Fantasy. 

The box runs about $30 plus shipping (mine is around $34 since I buy a 2XL in the shirt). I have one more coming for December then I am done for a wee bit. Saving for some couches from IKEA in the new year. Woot!

The box is packaged wonderfully, with a card detailing items, stores and theme.

These Game of Thrones inspired cookies came from Songbird Sweets. They had a nice shortbread crunch with a strong vanilla note. The frosted top gave a nice sweet addition. There was a teeny tiny bit of an aftertaste but I think it may have been from the food color spray.

This. Guy. I am head over heels for it. Two Trees Botanicals included a mini terrarium based on A Court of Thorns and Roses which is a book I need to read. I also want to buy one of their super cool metallic dinosaur planters. 

Rings from The Geeky Cauldron and Appraising Pages (who owns the Boo(ish) Box) were in the uber stylish aqua chevron paper envelope. The bronze crown is like a size 3 and won't even go on my pinky's first knuckle so I gave it to Scarlette, but the silvered antler ring fits the first joint of my pointer finger and I quite like it. 

An Alice in Wonderland print from Skahfree Studios. Very cool.

The shirt says "Pure and piercing certainty, Shorn of mystery and shadow, There is no end to our story" which I believe are three excerpt quotes from the books in the Grisha Trilogy (which I need to read): Shadow and BoneSiege and Storm, Ruin and Rising. I like the colors and such but won't wear it until I read the series. For December's box I did a lace 3/4 sleeve upgrade, so I hope it goes well with whatever the shirt has printed on it. My ultimate favorite in the box this month is the terrarium with the shirt in second. I think I need to catch up on my fantasy reading. For some reason I imagined more medieval type of books, but the antler thing rocks. What do you think about this box?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lush Life: Hanami Scrub

This was a gift from my friend Ashley, given to me when I visited her in Japan this summer. The Lush Hanami Scrub smells like floral seaweed. The half-sphere shape makes for easy gripping in the palm of my hand, while I rub the flat side onto my skin. The particulate feels fine and sandy, scrubbing nicely. There is a thin silky film left behind on the skin in the wake of the scrub. I enjoy using this, but would like to see it offered in different scents too. 

Have you tried a Lush solid scrub like this?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Better Homes & Gardens: Thankful Harvest

This tart was a gift from my sweet friend Deb. Thankful Harvest is one of her favorite scents this time of year and I admit, I have been yearning to try it. The scent falls heavily into the All Things Autumn and Cozy category. Cinnamon, fresh scooped pumpkins, and a touch of vanilla, a blending that manages to be unique but familiar. It had the throw of a Heisman winner and filled my home to the ceiling with Thanksgiving cheer. I would absolutely repurchase this. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bath and Body Works: Pumpkin Coconut Candle

Pumpkin Coconut from Bath & Body Works is a down right decadent candle. If you see this lurking in a 50% off bin (I spied one at my store with some yummy fall candles in it) or at the Semi-Annual Sale this winter, grab it if you enjoy coconut. The flames burned bright and pooled the wax quickly. Creamy coconut pie with a layer of rich pumpkin underneath. I want to make a pie that tastes just like this smells. The throw is medium-strong and fills the nooks and crannies of my kitchen. I should have bought a back up. 

It is almost time to break out my winter candles. Winter, Fresh Balsam, and a few older Marshmallow Firesides patiently await their turns on my closet shelf. Which winter Bath & Body Works candles are your must-haves?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Olde Primitive Treasures

Olde Primitive Treasures has come across my path a couple times in various Round Robins (man, it has been over a year since I have done one of those...). I enjoyed what I melted but never really looked them up. Until Mrs. Rie posted her amazing, awesome, super great order on Instagram. All the cool shapes, great scents and blending sure grabbed my attention real quick. I mean... LOOK AT THOSE SNOWMEN. 

So, one thing led to another. I joined the group. Then saw a code posted for 10% off... and saw some dirty snow humor and knew I had to order right away. I placed this order in the car while Adam was driving and we were dropping the girls off for a sleepover. I didn't research and agonize over the scent list like I usually do. This was a down and dirty, quick order. 

Autumn Day in Pumpkin Medallions, 8 to a pack, for $4.00. I thought Autumn Day was a dupe for the Bath & Body Works candle of that same name, but it was not. Similar but more of an herbal green and ozone sharpness than the golden amber smoothness of the BBW version. Still very much a nice scent, but not for me. It threw strong in the kitchen and living area.

Absinthe is lovely. Woody, exotic and a touch of anise. 

Queen of Misrule in Primitive Jack O' Lanterns, 5 for $4.50. This dupe of Lush's Lord of Misrule is stellar. Soft vanilla spices and patchouli work in a soothing symphony of scent. That punkin' face.

Marshmallow Fireside Sugar Skulls, 9 for $5.95. One skull threw medium-strong in my bedroom. A great dupe for Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside. And I am super picky about my Marshmallow Fireside dupes. I will absolutely reorder this one again.

Leaves/Marshmallow Fireside custom blend in 4 grubby cake tarts for $5.00. Up to three scents are allowed for blending. I was desperately trying to find the drool worthy blend Rie created but could not, so I opted for this. I love it. The Leaves flings out scent strong and festive with glimpses of fall, paired with the smokey marshmallows, I just want to throw on a scarf and strut outside until I realize it is 90 degrees. So I will. In. My. Mind. In my mind.

Rosewood & Musk YES! This is my beloved Amber and Rosewood from TDC!!! I lamented the fact that I probably would not be able to get my hands on this scent again. But forsooth! It is here! Four Mason jars are $4.50. OPT will be my new Rosewood supplier. Huzzah!

Frosted Marshmallows in Holiday Winter Mittens, 4 for $4.50. This minty crisp vanilla scent is wonderful. One mitten threw medium to medium-light in my bedroom. Next time I am using two mittens. 

Loganberry Wreath is one I am on the fence with. There is a fruity berry aroma, but it is muffled and there seems to be a play-dough note to it. I ended up gifting this to my sister since her stash was running dangerously low (i.e. you could see the bottom of the hat box she keeps her wax in).

Tobacco Caramel, this is another one TDC carries. Unfortunately, I did not care for it too much from there either. What I thought would be a vanilla suede, caramel gooey sweet tobacco, has more bite from the oak. It is a nice scent but not what I expected. This is what I get for not taking the time to read the scent description in my haste. It went to my sister as well, who greatly enjoys it!

Why do I torture myself with the cuteness of these fellas? I will need some pumping up and a pep talk to melt these snow guys.

Christmas in New England holds cinnamon and treasures and evergreen in a tidy package of holiday bliss. A truly festive scent that rings sleigh bells in my nose.

Peppermint pure and icy. True love.

Cozy Christmas Cabin is an incredible dupe of Bath and Body Work's Winter. One of my favorite scents for wintertime. 

Generous free samples were included:

Boo Bites is the fruity bubbly scent of Bite Me. Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, I always forget how much I LOVE this scent! It is basically vanilla frosting but with a tiny bit of freshness.

Amish Quilts- Great collection of bakery spices. Threw strong and cozy in my bedroom.

Crisp Morning Air- A surprise favorite! More sweet floral than ozone and aquatic. 

Sweater Weather- A surprise disappointment. Not on OPT's side, it is a good dupe, but I must have fallen out of love with Sweater Weather. For shame! Someone knock some sense into me.

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks- MMMM! Candy canes! Sadly I melted these two in my bedroom and the throw was pretty light. But it happens from time to time and no sweat. Just not one I would re-order.

Lara sent a note saying she was testing out some shampoo bars for her shop, how exciting! Fortuitously, I have been running low on shampoo, so I quickly put these to use. She did warn if one has hard water they may not lather much. I was able to get a nice foam going with these guys. They are very moisturizing. But in general I prefer liquid shampoo. These were still fun to try out. 

Blackberry Sugar Plum Shampoo Bar- I love the lemony zest of this fruity fragrance.

OMG! Olive! Low Suds Shampoo Bar- A dead on dupe for Lush's Olive Branch.

Have you ordered from Olde Primitive Treasures? What are your must-have scents? Shapes? Did you score any Snow Folk?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Life Brand: Detoxifying Face Mask

Gil from Nosegasm and I swapped boxes this summer and he included this face mask with a note that read: "Life masks are only sold at Shoppers Drug Mart and in its sister store SuperPharm in Isreal. They're pretty good! Let me know how you like it, there are tons to try out." 

The mask features Lotus Flower and Ginseng to nourish and protect the skin. Thick, creamy, cool mint green clay mask formula that smells of aloe and cucumbers. It applied thickly and hardened after about 15 minutes. It rinsed with some slight scrubbing and left my skin feeling tingling fresh and rejuvenated. I enjoy these cucumber clay type masks and was thankful to have it gifted to me. Check out Gil's blog for fragrance, beauty and beauty blogging advice.

Can you tell I am on a mask kick? What masks do you love? 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

719 Walnut Avenue: Caramel Cinnamon Roll Candle

Caramel Cinnamon Roll from 719 Walnut Avenue burned well. I am always surprised, as their wicks are spindly and the flame teeny as a wee babe. The throw on this one was a nice medium to medium-strong in the kitchen. It pooled like a champion. I am a tad disappointed with the lack of cinnamon in this (as it is in the name) but if it were called Caramel Buns it would be on point. I understand that maybe the company wishes to keep the spices tame, as some are sensitive to spice, but I LOVE spice. And if spice is in the name, gimme spice. I enjoyed this candle and look forward to trying more scents. This probably would not be a repurchase for me though. I need more spice.