Friday, October 29, 2021

Morning Musings


Today I have a day off of work. Of course, as a teacher, it almost feels like these sporadic days off cannot possibly come at more opportune moments. Right when I feel like I need a break most of all, well... here it is. 

As much as I have loved taking photos and writing and blogging about my fragrant adventures in wax and perfume, I do feel like a season of taking a break is upon me. I have realized this past year that the moments I am not teaching, working, cooking, cleaning, or otherwise doing duties, I want nothing more than to sit in a swing hammock reading or tree-gazing. I desire dirty hands plucking through weeds or planting things. Chicken chasing. Creating journals bursting with magic, herbal remedies, and artwork. I want to read all the books on my shelves. Build fires. Ramble on walks. 

My money still sometimes goes to wax or perfume. But more often than not it is some elixir to drink, witchy ring, or thrifted doo-dad. But I am not feeling the urge to blog it at the moment. As my life tends to cycle, I may one day return to this page and pick up where I left off. I certainly know I still have PLENTY to write about. Perfumes. Candles. Mugs. Home remedies. Jewelry. Artisan makers will always be my obsession. I will still share them on IG too. 

But I am hanging up my hat on posting here for a while. 

Wishing you all the best this fall. Burn loads of candles. Drink lots of warmth. Chase after floating leaves. <3