Monday, April 19, 2021

Spring Fever


I know things are awfully quiet around these parts. April tends to be a busy time in school. We are gearing up for state standardized testing, in the midst of large learning projects, and I am also taking some ESOL courses so I can better help English language learners. My free time is a sliver in the day and is spent sitting on my front door steps flower gazing, mincing about the yard plucking and pinching and pulling, or in bed reading a book. 

The monarchs in my yard are happy. I have watched at least seven or so morph from teeny cats to pupae to butterflies. A few didn't make it but the odds were generally in their favor. I have noticed that the fluttering things are waking up. 

Butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas and beetles. They are all waking up. Eating. Mating. Living.

My fingers crave the soil right now. I keep planting and digging, tending and scattering seed. I placed two fat orders at Baker's Creek and Renee's for more flowers and herbs and veggies. Right now I have potatoes, squash, black eyed peas, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers sprouting. 

My wildflowers have taken off. I created a new wildflower patch by the back porch where the grass is patchy. I am hoping that they will thrive there. 

My other latest obsession is journaling. I have managed to collect a few handmade leather-bound journals and have enjoyed filling them up with watercolors, thoughts and recipes. I also write my card pulls and magical meandering in there as well.

Spring fever is bubbling up in my blood and I am excited about it. April is one of my favorite months in Florida. It is breezy, buzzing with life, and dappled with sun. 

Are you planting anything? Do you journal? What flowers do you enjoy seeing out and about? I have a thing for zinnias, cosmos and phlox lately.