I blog about many products, experiences, foods and hobbies. These are my own personal experiences and may or may not work for you. All products used, food consumed or hazardous sewing experiences you discover or encounter due to this blog are at your own risk (just ask Savanna, she thinks the lasagna is nasty). 

Many of the products I review are purchased by me, using my own hard earned peanuts. I am open to accepting products for consideration, but that does not mean I will review them and if I do, my opinions will still be 100% honest and true, as well as fully disclosed that it was given to me. 

The links I include in posts are never affiliate links. I do not receive any compensation for you using the links or purchasing any product I discuss. If I ever decide to use affiliate links I will openly disclose that fact in the post. 

At times I have used images found on the web, believed to be public domain. Origin of images was credited but if you own them and wish them removed, please email me and I will do so. All other images are mine, please ask permission before use. 

This blog is for entertainment purposes only (hopefully you have been entertained) and the information contained is generated from my own experiences. Your mileage may vary. I am not in any way affiliated with any company that I review. I am a 9-12 year old Montessori assistant teacher and crafting/product junkie. My only affiliation is to the Johnson household.

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