Friday, June 30, 2017

Ebb and Flow: June

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Lavender Vanilla

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Hoochie's Palace (lavender pink peppermint)

The Bathing Garden Starlight Soda Pop

Nail Polish:
Rescue Beauty Lounge 360

Lip Balm:
Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime (if you ever see a box of this tea with a sticker that says "lip balm inside" do yourself a favor, get it!!! Thank you Ellisa!)

Scinic All Day Fine Pore Toner

Lasting Scent Candles Bliss

Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside

Sweet Kiss cantaloupe

Humm Coconut Lime kombucha

My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service

All the Kate Daniels novels ever created... obsessed... in love... addicted.

Vacation! We are staying in Tennessee for this first time, near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, and we are excited. Some events planned: white water rafting, horseback riding in the mountains, eating, shopping, hiking, Asheville, caves, underground lakes, Alpine coaster and more. And being the old lady I am, most looking forward to mornings on the cabin deck facing the mountains and drinking some coffee, listening to the birds and reading.

Having to start incorporating new foods to my Whole30. I am a little afraid of bombing this transition to lifestyle eating and ending up back where I started. I know if I stay on plan it works. I also know I am meant to include more foods so I can learn how to manage them and find "food freedom." Also hoping I don't go glutton during vacation.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty... I have a tiny tin in my purse and play with it anytime I get bored somewhere. It is so satisfying. 

Milky Dress S.O.S. Blemish Cream

None. It has been a nice month.

Reconnecting with my (ex) step-father, getting to spend time with my sisters, hanging out with my husband and girls, sunshine, better health and good friends.

How was your June? Lows or highs? Hits or misses? What are you reading or watching or listening to? Please share!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Solstice Scents: June Restock

Solstice Scents had a mini spring restock back on June 3rd and once I saw Lavender Vanilla Creamy Whipped Soap was going to be there I set my cap on her. I picked up three of these tubs at $10 each. Having used Angela's stellar Creamy Whipped Soap in Manor, I am familiar with the ultra light creamy goodness and knew I wanted to stock up. 

This soap bubbles and froths and cleans with gentle nourishment. The scent in Lavender Vanilla is calming and sweet and full of French lavender goodness. I even used this as a shampoo with nice results. 

I also picked up four perfume oils in some scents I have sampled or owned in glace format and one that was a winter sale item. These generally ran around $15.

Conjure: Notes: Vanilla, amber, cedar, spices and cauldron smoke.

This conjuring proceeds in the sweet and soft places of a witch's bosom. Her hands smelling of the cedar box that houses treasures and cedar shavings that burn in a shell on the wooden countertop. Her neck fragrant with the vanilla oil she anoints herself with; her home fragrant with the jar of powdered vanilla and sugar that warms in the sunlight of the window shelf to attract happiness and affection. This vanilla cedar perfume that surrounds her sparkles with the spice of nutmeg for luck and cloves for friendship that cling to her shift, those errant ingredients that flew from the mortar and pestle. Finally, the soft halo of ambered smoke clings to her long curls and the one lock that falls into her field of vision as she works near the hissing and popping fire. 

I am finding the oil to be more sweet and fluid than the crackling sparks of the EDP for this scent. I think I may need to resample the EDP soon.

Lavender Vanilla- Notes: Lavender essential oil and sweet creamy vanilla.
Heady, rich lavender, concentrated yet smooth and sugar sweet with silvery strains of crystal clear vanilla. Still one of my favorite renditions of lavender and vanilla to date. If this ever comes out in an EDP I will buy it and spray with absolute reckless abandon. Reckless abandon. 

Snowmint Mallow- Notes: Peppermint, vanilla cake, flaked coconut, sugar cookies and marshmallow creme.
The chill of sweet creamy peppermint blooms on the wrist and then melts off softly to reveal coconut milk and then later, coconut flesh. Airy pillows of marshmallow and light crisp sugar cookies fold into the coconut milk and then bloom into a vanilla delight. 

Outpost- Notes: Sugar crystals, spruce, fir, patchouli, soft woods, bayberry, mistletoe and amber. ($12 on sale)
Muck boots crunching in the snow, headed to the lean-to shack in the mountains that offers succor to those with frostbitten mitts and noses. A primitive garland of bayberry boughs, pungent and green, swath the wood shingles above the weather beaten door. The surrounding evergreens cast blue shadows and camphorous perfume into the frigid air. Stomping the snow off the boots and stepping inside the outpost shack, ducking to avoid the tongue-in-cheek mistletoe hanging in plain view, the warmth of amber glow and resin greets the chilled soul from the fireside hearth and scattering of oil lamps. Woods, resin and earth, comforting strength, almost virile. 

Vanilla Pipe Tobacco- Notes: Chewy unlit vanilla pipe tobacco and light fragrant pipe smoke. (EDP sample $8.00)
A softly boozy chocolate liqueur top note rolls off the skin in hazy tendrils, soon to join that deep rich tobacco note. The cured tobacco emerges in a cloud of homespun vanilla and warm tonka beans. The pipe smoke pulls so sweet and delicious that it very well must smell just like the pipe smoke that wreathed Santa's head the night before Christmas. I cannot stop smelling myself. This is my kryptonite. A full bottle will be had.

Free sample:

Guardian- Notes: Natural forest amber chypre blend with amber, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss, white sage, desert sage, pinyon, spikenard, oud and more.
A crystalline chypre that starts with an aged bergamot and golden aldehyde nuance that reflects tawny motes swimming in liquid late afternoon sunlight pouring into an old growth forest. The dancing orbs float down to rest in the carefully formed nest of a forest creature. Quietly animalic, plush with oakmoss and grassy vetiver, crisp pine needles and sage, soft as a lamb's ear. The base of the scent cradles that classic chypre finale of smooth creamy sandalwood and sepia toned musk. The sun has set and the gloaming rolls in. The motes settle and rest for the night in the warmth of the wood.
Stunning scent. Beautifully executed.

My tumble down the Solstice Scents hole continues to throw more and more beautifully fragrant experiences my way. Have you sampled any of these? Are there any current Solstice Scents aromas you are wanting to give a whirl? 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Melting Basket 99

99th Melting Basket and 999th post! 

Wax tarts from the last melting basket that I would enjoy having in my home again: Rosegirls Lavender/Violet/Swizzle Sticks and Rosegirls Garden/Raspberry/VBN, SMT Blueberry Noel/Marshmallow Noel/VBN, CFTKR Amish Quilt, Glitterati County Fair, TBG Sea of Tears, Super Tarts Groot, TDC Rosewood and Amber.

CFTKR- Sun Kissed Sugarcane
CFTRK- Strawberry Cotton Candy
CFTKR- 2543
CFTKR- Snickers Coffee Type
CFTKR- Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Rosegirls- Peppermint Coconut Mallow
Rosegirls- Cool Beans (peppermint, lavender, VBN)
Lasting Scent Candles- Snowy Pines
Handmade in Florida- Southern Rose
TBG- Tea with the Queen
TBG- Pirate Punch
TBG- Cheshire Cat
TBG- The Fortune Teller

If you would like any of these reviewed in depth, let me know in the comments and I will be more than happy to oblige.

Summer break milestone: one month down and one month left to go. The girls and I have been soaking up the sunshine and water both at Lithia Springs (pictured here in this post) and Aquatica water park. 

Days spent in equal parts working (the girls on their math and reading and me on some writing and exercise) and playing (girls outside and experiments at the kitchen table, me in pj's reading all the Kate Daniels novels in the universe and us together exploring new adventures out and about).

Some of the summer bucket items hang on the fridge crossed off while others wait patiently and may not even feel the scratch of the pen. I am ok with that. We are contentedly having fun and taking it easy in turns. 

My journey to improved health has another week under the belt. Jillian Michaels is still kicking my butt and I am halfway done with the first step in the Whole30 process. I find my cravings have lessened and my energy level is up. I have shed a few pounds as well, which is a nice bonus. 

This summer is flowing by peacefully. 

How is yours going? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nui Cobalt Designs: Arcana Mars Exalted- Courage

Nui Cobalt Designs is the purveyor of an exclusive line of Arcana Wildcraft perfumes that feature various astrological persuasions to reach a desired trait or feeling. I purchased mine based more on the scent notes rather than the magic behind the oil but if any influences are encountered I certainly wouldn't mind. It is not like a bought some that promised insatiable appetite for Oreos or paranoia that my neighbor is watching me workout, my eyes bulging, face red and mouth puffing out air like a bison running from a mountain lion, while said evil neighbor is pointing and laughing, clutching their own bellies. Wow that got really specific.

Nope. I purchased Mars Exalted: Courage for $21.00.

Mars Exalted: Courage- Notes: Crimson Dragon's Blood resin, smoked brown sugar accord, cinnamon, burning hemlock wood, black pepper and fiery red musk. 

In the bottle, Courage smells like a black shade of Dragon's Blood, deep, viscous and a touch sweet. Smeared on the skin, the Dragon's Blood opens up and releases a murmur of snug cinnamon that warms under the smoky influence of the burning hemlock. Earthy, spicy and smoky. As it dries, the earthy spice and smoke continue to enchant and an under current of red musk springs forth and adds a layer of strength to the Dragon's Blood but that smoked brown sugar accord keep the Dragon's claws from unsheathing and enfolds the scent in sweetness. I love this scent. It is Mother Earth with rumbling volcanoes surrounding her and a sweet kiss on her lips.

Forest, the owner and proprietor of Nui Cobalt Designs is very kind and generous. She sent not only a sample of bath salts but also a hand written card. The bath salts smelled beautiful and made for a lovely bath.

Nui Cobalt Designs also offers a Crone's Crate subscription box for those that may be interested. I already went back and picked up one more Arcana from Nui Cobalt Designs and can see myself popping back in for bath salts and other sundry items.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Witch Baby Soap: Bath Bombs and Potions

Witch Baby Soap bath bombs have been on my "to buy" list for quite some time now but the recent release of some new Bath Potions based on Earth, Wind, Fire and Water nudged me in the pants and the timing also coincided with my lack of bath bombs. Restock time! After all these vigorous workouts I need some sweet bathing rituals to lull my aching muscles and spirit me off to dreamland at the end of the day.

Oracle Bath Bomb- Carnations and lilies. $10.00

This baby is one hulking bath bomb at over 10 ounces. It smells lovely. The carnations offer up their milky pepper bouquet while the lilies gift a purple aquatic musk. This is not a sharp or artificial floral blend but an encounter with a mourning token of carnations and lilies tied with twine and left at a country cross-roads. This bath bomb let loose a torrent of color, fizz and a nice layer of bubbles to sink down into. The waters were a soothing rose shade and smelled incredible.

Love Bath Bomb- Apple and rose scent. $4.00

Fulvous Honeycrisp apples nesting on a bed of dried rose petals as an offering to your true love. This is a fresh scent, not overly sweet and beautifully melodious.

Psychic Bath Bomb- Lavender and amber, topped with an amethyst. $7.50

Dense and rich French lavender oils honed to a golden edge with a touch of amber. This is one intoxicating blend and I already know I will be buying more. 

Look at that lovely stone embedded in there. Savanna, my crystal and stone collector will be whisking this off before too long. Plus it is her birthstone so she has an affinity for amethyst. 

Rune Stone Bath Bomb- Citrus, lily, rose, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, tonka and embedded with a rune stone. $5.00

So happy I picked up two of these. Wildflowers, grassy smoky vetiver and a pinch of the dark herbal patchouli swirls together to conjure the image of a cottage garden. It is softly sweetened by the tonka to brew a lovely perfume. The bath bomb turned the water a calming shade of aqua and bubbled and fizzed for quite a few minutes and revealed a rune stone symbol for "joy." This Rune Stone bath bomb gifted me an aromatic bath and soft skin and a lightened mind. Quite relaxing.

The Graveyard bath bomb arrived in it's own special box.

Graveyard- Carefully arranged funeral flowers and freshly dug graves. $8.00

Soil, bulb flowers and a pinch of carnation petals. This takes "earthy" to a precise level. A brilliantly fun scent that will make for an atmospheric bath while reading some dark novel that is currently languishing on my bookshelf, perhaps The Dead of Summer by Camilla Way or Fevre Dream by George RR Martin? Saving this one.

The Elements Bath Potion Set for $46, includes four 9 ounce glass jars to be used on their own or blended together at the users discretion. 

Water Bath Potion (empathy, intuition and love)- An aquatic moody jungle floral, hand blended with sea clay, mineral rich kelp, soothing aloe, jasmine flowers, rose petals and chamomile. Pour 3-4 capfuls under warm running bath water and become one with your inner mermaid. 

Inner mermaid? Yes, please. In the jar the mushroom hued powder smells of chamomile and seaweed, poured into the tub it blooms into a an ocean side jasmine bush. Ethereal jasmine buds, yellow chamomile puffs and single rose petals drift past in the current of the water while mounds of bubbles froth forth. This smells amazing. Don't the dankess in the jar fool you. Pour that magic potion in unabashedly. 

Air Bath Potion (intellect, freedom and communication)- A cool woodsy blend of anise, redwood, pine, patchouli and vanilla, using a blend of tree bark powders, soothing lavender, vanilla and dandelion root.

This one is said to turn your bathtub into a spellbinding forest. In the jar it smells of root vegetables, churned into warm bath water it cultivates a rainforest of trees with soft vanilla underlying it all. Triangles and arrowheads of bark float in the valleys between mountains of bubbles. Dreamy. Want to know what is even dreamier? Combing the Air and Water potions. Be still my naiad loving heart.  

Earth Bath Potion (stability, growth and prosperity)- A sweet blend that smells like a dew covered valley of wildflowers. This magical potion is hand blended with mineral rich French green clay, colloidal oatmeal, crushed honeysuckle, blue vervain and cornflower petals.

It truly does smell like a valley of wildflowers. The honeysuckle stars in this drama from the jar to the tub. The oatmeal does add a bit of creamy comfort to both the scent and the bath water. Tiny blue winking stars swirl about the tub and adorn the skin in the form of flower petals. 

Fire Bath Potion (passion, motivation and creativity)- This warm blend of tobacco, amber and dragon's blood embodies the warmth of the fire element. Hand blended with frankincense, angelica root, raw dragon's blood and calendula flowers.

In the jar it smells like sweet potatoes and dragon's blood, but once poured into the tub, creamy tobacco rises up from the steamy vapor. I love the large flower heads and stems that come out of this potion. I combined Fire with Earth and it imparted a dreamy bath ritual that made me feel like I was bathing in a wild west boarding house above a saloon in a clawfoot tub. Sun is setting and the whole town glows golden and orange. Sweet tobacco and men's laughter drift up through the clapboard floors and the simple wildflowers in a vase set before the open window send their fragrance along with the sheer lace curtains billowing towards me while I lie bonelessly in the warm water. Dreamy.

These bath potions all bubble up wonderfully and feel amazing on the skin. The aroma lingers as long and the bubbles as well. I take 20-30 minute baths sometimes and these held up beautifully.

I am already plotting another order to pick up a few more bath bombs and possibly a second potion set. Witch Baby Soap also offers lotions, scrubs, perfumes and of course, soap. I think I may need to branch out and sample a few of the other wares. Have you tried Witch Baby? What are some of your favorite offerings?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Book Scents: Outlander Clamshells

It has been a few years since I have placed a Book Scents order. A recent sale had me trundling over to the website to pick up two clamshells. Book Scents features fragrances based off of popular books and offers candles and tarts. I am a fan of the Outlander offerings. 

Snow and Embers-  Notes: Fresh mint, cool pine needles with a smoky undertone.

Smoky pine and cool ozone waft about this giant clamshell, smelling like chilled evergreen filled mountain air. Half of a cube threw medium-strong in the kitchen. 

The Gathering- Notes: Woods, leather, rich amber and smoky musk. 

This is one of my very favorite Book Scents fragrances. It is freaking incredible if you are a smoked woods fan. This is a true ember scent, not acrid, sour or harsh. It smells like a campfire in a forest clearing with leather horse saddles and Jamie Fraser lounging in his woolen kilt beside you. Strong throwing and fantasy inducing.

Now as I alluded, these clamshells are hulk sized. They hold 6 ounces of wax, so each cube is one ounce and they run $8.50 each.

If blind buying that much wax worries you, there is also a 4 scent shot sampler you can buy for $6.00 and try out additional scents. 

Book Scent candles are nice too. I had a Jamie Fraser one before and quite enjoyed it. Here is the post and it also highlights many other Outlander scents. Some names have changed due to copyright but they are still there. 

Do you like geekish, bookish themed scents? I must say, Book Scents did a great job of matching up the scent with the actual books and characters. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Candles From The Keeping Room: June Opening

Carol opened in June after taking her usual hiatus to travel and visit family. I was ready and eager to grab a few scents once she opened Candles From The Keeping Room up. Many of these are repurchases so I won't be going too much into depth, but the new-to-me scents I will review in detail. Tarts generally run $5.50 for a 6 ounce bag. Strawberry shapes are $5.75 each bag. Turn around time is always fast, usually only a few days as these are ready to ship.

I hit up the strawberry section like a crack of lightening and starting popping yummies in my cart willy nilly. 

Fresh Picked Strawberry, one of my favorites and a classic. A strong, sweet and true strawberry that I adore.

Strawberry Cotton Candy is one I fell hard for last order I placed and wanted to pick up a second bag. Strawberry flavored cotton candy, concise and delicious.

Strawberry Raspberry Guava is one my friend Lynda had told me about a while back but I am just getting around to trying it for myself. It smells like the classic strawberry raspberry guava oil that many enjoy. Fruity, vibrant and candied. I think this one will throw well.

Wild Mountain Strawberry blends FPS with Wild Mountain Honey. I threw one into the warmer and it let off a medium-strong throw of strawberries and honey. I like it but probably not a repurchase. 

Strawberry Milk is a blend of fresh strawberries and sweet cream milks. The idea of strawberries and cream/milk always sounds so dang good and I read everyones' raves about milk scents but I just can never get on board. This is my attempt to make doubly sure that I am not a fan. In the bag it smells like strawberry Crunch Berry cereal, a little bready and crunchy. Once the in warmer a bit of the bread melts off and it is a more mellow strawberry cereal and milk scent. It gave a medium throw in my bedroom. Probably not one I will buy again, though it was nice to try it.

Mulled Wine repurchase because I am OBSESSED. You can read my thoughts here. Ultimately, it is a cozy spiced Christmas wine scent.

Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookie is another repurchased scent. Crunchy sugar cookies with extra vanilla and a small glug of maple syrup. 

Sugared Strawberry Spruce is hitting the spot. Sweet strawberries and soft evergreen. I am craving strawberry woods scents really hard right now and I have none except for this bag now. This is a scent I have repurchased numerous times.

I have bought this scent once or twice in the past and occasionally I will get a yearning for it. Sugar Cookie Latte is one of the very few coffee scents I enjoy. The sugar cookie really amps up the vanilla and sweetness of the black coffee. The coffee portion smells softly of hazelnuts and is never bitter or puppy feet smelling. Such a snug and honey aroma.

Ultimate Sugar Cookie is one of my favorite sugar cookie blends. I think this is my 4th or 5th bag of it. I try to pick it up whenever I run out of the previous one. This is a huge warm and chewy vanilla sugar cookie with vanilla buttercream frosting thinly layered on top and sprinkled with sugar crystals. Yummmmmm.

Blueberry Cream Type- Notes: Vanilla cream, garden blueberries with sprinkles of sugar crystals.

This was a sample that I fell in love with in my last order. It throws nice and strong and smells incredibly lovely. This is a Bath and Body Words type but I don't recall having ever tried the candle. I feel like I missed out on a good one, though, if it was anything like this tart. On cold it has a strong yet almost sharp blueberry topped with white sugar and a touch of licorice. Once melted it turns into a lovely pool of vanilla musk and sugared blueberries.

2543- Notes: A strong citrus combination of lemongrass, lime and orange with sweet cotton candy and warm vanilla drying to a musk and tonka background. A Lush dupe.

 I have not tried 2543 as a Lush scent so this is my first time ever laying my nose on this fragrance, boy howdy is it nice. A vividly sunny and sweet scent that smells like crystallized lemon drops and a back note of tonka. Dreamy. I think this will be a fast favorite.

Winter Cabin- Notes: Charred woods of birch, pine and cedar and a musky, balsamic amber-vanilla and sandalwood drydown.

Another oldie but a goodie. I have bought this one many times in the past. It is a wonderful winter scent that is full of smoldering embers and fireside romance. This is not a sweet or smooth scent, but crackling and popping with heat. 

Fresh Picked Strawberry and Watermelon is pretty self explanatory. This is my first time trying it and I am all heart eyes over it. The watermelon is buoyant and juicy sweet. It straddles that fine line between ripe and real and just shy of candied. The added strawberry takes it to the utterly delicious end of the taste gauge. It threw strong in my bedroom. Savanna popped in and said "it smells fruity and good in here." Looking to repurchase for sure.

Applewood and Fern- Notes: Crisp apple, fresh fern while lingering cedarwood and musk complete this earthy creation.

Sounded too good to pass up. The apple, green and tart, lightly sweetens the greenery and woods. There is a definite soil note hovering softly in the background. It thew medium-light in the larger kitchen and living area. Might be best suited for a smaller space.

Apple Grove- Notes: The perfect combination of Cameo, Macintosh, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith apples.

This is one my friend Lynda let me try years ago and I never quite forgot it. It is one of those rare non-spicy and very realistic apple scents. In the bag it is nice but not all that awe inspiring, but this is where the magic of paraffin comes in... once it melts it blooms into a bushel of jeweled apples perched jauntily at a farmer's market. Pure apple perfection at a medium-strong throw.

Vanilla Lace- Notes: Vanilla with a secret... base notes of vanilla and orchid flower, with a subtle drydown of ambered musk.

I have been seeing this scent all over the wax community and have been wanting to try it out. Stoked I did, because it smells like pure candy vanilla blessedness. I could see this being an amazing blending scent too. I have dreams of mixing it with Marshmallow Fireside or peppermint or pink sugar cookies.

Hot Apple Pie is just that. Apples, spice and crust. It manages to smell rustic and old fashioned and I love it to pieces. 

Free Samples!

Caramel Cinnamon Latte, sweet and softly spiced with a milky coffee and cream vibe. Yum. 

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, a York peppermint patty with less chocolate and more hazelnut. Interested to melt this one.

Snickers Coffee Type, a chocolate and nut coffee that I can't really get on with. I think it is the nuts. Will gift to a friend.

Pomegranate Orange Cider, the orange stands out the most with a touch of lemon and spice.

Cranberry Mandarin Carrot, fruity and tart with no spice to be seen. The carrot adds an element of freshness.

Pumpkin Peppercorn Type, spiced woods and magic Autumnal euphoria. Need this in large quantities.

Pumpkin Butter Chia, brims with pumpkiny goodness with cream, no spice and chia pudding nod.

Marshmallow Fireside, so yum. Smoky marshmallows. I need to pick up a bag of this.

Sugared Amber and Plum, I think I like this one even a touch more than my beloved Tokyo Nights. What is wrong with me?! This one has a touch more plummy juiciness and the amber is more sweet. Much love. 

Cinnamon and Amber Type, another one that has my name all over it. Piquant cinnamon and that base of sweet vanilla amber makes it paradise for my nose.

Boysenberry Santal Spice, a sweet and lovely sandalwood. The teeniest touch of woodland fruit makes it special. Would buy.

Snowflakes and Cashmere Type, a vanilla musk and perfumey amber fragrance tinted with blonde woods. Sophisticated and elegant.

Alpine Suede Type, soft musk and woods wrap around the senses. Gorgeous. More, please.

Apple Brown Sugar, sweet sweet apples with a touch of caramel. A nicely done non-spiced apple caramel.

Persimmon Apple Thyme, the thyme really jumps out! Herbal and green with a citrusy apple sweetness trying to round it out. Too sharp for my nose.

Chamomile Apple, spiced apple with an herbal twist. Sort of like a medicinal tea. Not for me.

Fresh Strawberry Cut Grass, strangely smells like a banana and fruit smoothie with kale. Not a fave.

Whew! This one was a doozy. Loving my order like usual! I even found quite a few more new favorites and ones to look out for the next time I can order. The next July opening is for people who could not get an order in this June opening. So my fingers will be crossed for the August opening. I need those decadent pumpkin and woods and spice scents to fragrant my fall home. 

Do any of these sound like something you would enjoy? If you would like the bags of Wild Mountain Strawberry, Strawberry Milk and Applewood Fern just be the first to leave me a comment below saying so and I will send them off to you along with a few other tarts on June 30th.