Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Farm House Fresh: Skincare & Bath Bomb

Remember when I went to the Premier Beauty Show in Orlando? I mentioned picking up some goodies at the Farm House Fresh booth and that I would save it for a later review. Well that time has come!

Whoopie! Cream Soothing Bath Soak is a tiny little confection shaped like a macaron and smells like a generic raspberry scent. Really what I smell the most is the almond oil and vitamin E carrier. Like those huge  vitamin E gel capsules people used to open and slather on scars? When I placed it in the tub the two pink halves fizzed and dissolved while the center "cream" stayed a disk on the bottom of the tub until I ground it in with my heel. The bath bomb created a nice moisturizing bath but there was zero scent. Zero. I am hoping it was just an old bath bomb and not a dud. Either way, I probably won't be looking to Farm House Fresh for my bath bomb needs. Yes. I have bath bomb NEEDS.

Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer with Firming Peptides smells and feels invigorating and is composed of three milks: coconut milk, milk vetch, and thistle. It will erase the look of deep wrinkles by 45%! Well that is what it claims. I have been using this for about two weeks. It does feel very nice on the skin. No too emollient, my skin felt a tad thirsty after it soaked in. It is really very pleasant both in scent and texture.

Sand Your Ground Clarifying Mud Exfoliation Mask is 99% natural and made with Red Arizona clay to make a poreless (bad claim) and radiant result. Hooo. This scrub is very... scrubby. It feel like sand particles, just as it is named and reminds me of my St. Ives peach and walnut hull days in high school. I had to keep remembering to lay off the pressure when using this. A little too harsh for me. Would be great on the feet though.

Green Tea Milk Wash Cream Cleanser Ultra Gentle Formula created with green tea, coconut milk and aloe juice removed make up, hydrates and soothes sensitive skin. This cleanser is good. It does a great job of removing most make up but I still needed eye makeup remover to get the mascara and eyeliner off. It feels thick and sticky for a "milk" wash but is effective. As well as hydrating. It does leave a moisturizing film when rinsing.

Wine Down Overnight Antioxidant Recovery Serum utilizes Resveratol, green tea, and chamomile flower to lighten the look of under eye circle and wrinkles.I am not sure if it achieved that for me but it was a really nice eye serum. I feel like it helped to hydrate that area and reduce some fine lines temporarily. I would use it again. 

So those are my thoughts on the Farm House Fresh products I have tried. Oprah gave them her seal of approval but I can't. My skin was looking totally incredible while using my Innisfree but once I started using this line, acne came forth like they had an exclusive invite to the Johnson face. I used these products for about two weeks then stopped as my face got worse. I am back on the Innisfree regimen. Although I did enjoy the Wine Down serum. Have you been trying any new skincare? Have you tried Farm House Fresh?


  1. How disappointing! I guess not all bath bombs are created equally, huh? The Red Arizona clay mask sounds interesting, but you're right about not using it on your face. Tearing the skin doesn't improve anything!

    1. It was but thankfully I didn't pay too much. I am finding skincare to be a tricksy thing. Thankfully the Innisfree is doing a nice job.