Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sugar Spider Scrubs

Ready for some delicious sugar scrub haulage? We all know that The Bathing Garden is one of my favorite scrub makers but Brooke Perry (former owner and founder of Villainess Soaps) is known to craft a mean sugar scrub too. Earlier this year Brooke opened up Sugar Spider, an artisan bespoke sugar scrub shop where you could blend up the scrub of your dreams. I had been meaning to sample the wares for a while but my distracted brain managed to forget (I really regret missing out on her seasonal lavender noir scent- but hopefully it will come back). Brooke's shop carries some house staples but she also specializes in seasonal scents that rotate throughout the year. Which brings me to why I jumped now, Peppermint Schtick. 

You can either buy pre-made blends or you can blend your own sugar scrub with up to four layers. Either option is $15. I love that the labels have the boxes ticked that hold the specific blend inside. Even better, the sugar scrubs can be layered with Brooke's creamy ganache whipped soap. 

I mean, look at those juicy layers!

The first scrub I made was a custom layered blend of Blue Marshmello Ganache (sticky, sweet marshmallow fluff) and Peppermint Schtick (traditional red and white stripes, that sweet, tired gimmick). I love this blend to pieces. The marshmallow is concentrated and holds up wonderfully well against the icy peppermint candy canes. The ganache is dense and creamy. When they blend together they exfoliate gently but effectively. It rinses well, leaving skin smooth and satiny. 

This next custom blend is a layering of Chantilly Creme Ganache (smooth, sweet vanilla bean and other delights) with Peppermint Schtick. This blending is more subtle and the mint pulls through stronger in this one. The Chantilly Creme rounds out the icy edges nicely with its gauzy vanilla scent. I will be blending with this again for sure. Again, same blissful texture and scrubbing properties. 

Look at that creamy whip. Mmmm.

This is the only layered scrub I made without ganache in it. It is a custom layering of Burnt Sugar (rich custard and caramelized creme brûlée crunch) and Ghost Chocolate (stark white chocolate haunted with a breath of cardamom). I wanted to see if the scrub would lather up on its own and it does. The scrub creates a creamy light lather that cleans and smoothes. The burnt sugar really does smell just like my favorite dessert, creme brûlée. I even get that sharp sugar crunch from it. The ghost chocolate is a wonderfully airy rendition of white chocolate. The cardamom adds a silky depth. This is a warming scent.

My last scrub purchase was a ready-made blend that is still on the website called Sugar Snow. It is Peppermint Schtick, Suikerspin (cotton candy), and Butter Cream Ganache. I am so happy I grabbed it! On my skin it smells just like creamy, rich eggnog with a fat peppermint stick swirling about. I love it to pieces and will be using this one up first while things are still chilly and semi-festive around here. 

Overall, I am thrilled with my first Sugar Spider purchases and will be back in spring to make some blends with that Lavande Noir and Dead Liliacs. Winter offerings end on February 21st and spring ones launch the same day. I am wondering if there will be any overlap? I would love to blend the peppermint with the lavender. Do you enjoy sugar scrubs? You should try out Sugar Spider!


  1. Wow!!
    I think I'm gonna have to order some scrubs here. :O
    I haven't been the best about checking out new to me vendors this year and I have yet to try any loveliness from Brooke Perry. :D
    Those lavender and lilac blends sound perfect. Spring scents may be more up my alley than the bakery, but I'm gonna go check out the site now anyways. ;) ;D

    1. They are really wonderful feeling and strongly scented. I am looking forward to the lavender and lilac scents too. I am feeling a bit over the bakery and gourmand scents myself after a plethora of pumpkins and such over the holidays. What I cannot get enough of is incense. I am ready to go through the stash and pull out the pretty florals and light woods and such. <3