Thursday, June 9, 2022

Arcana Wildcraft: Moonstone & Black Tourmaline

 These perfumes were sent as a gift.

Julia at Arcana Wildcraft created some scents for Troxel's at Rockaway Beach in Oregon that revolve around minerals and gemstones. Celestite is one that I have had in the past when she paired with Brooke Perry at B. Studio with some amazing scrubs to go with previous gemstone perfumes. In order to obtain these scents, contact Troxel's via Facebook.

Black Tourmaline- Notes: Used for protecting and grounding oneself in the midst of negativity, black tourmaline is a stone of confidence and power. Cafe au lait with black spruce, toasted hazelnuts, sugared amber resin, fir balsam absolute, and a drop of blackberry nectar.

Camping among primitive evergreens with a plaid tin thermos steaming with black chicory coffee cupped between chilled hands, this is the vision that emerges from the amber bottle when uncapped. Black Tourmaline is robust and intense. On the wrists, the evergreens ignite into a camphorous blaze that quickly merges with the warm and limpid black coffee. The soft touch of hazelnut, cream and sugar lend a gentleness to the brew that balances out the fizz of the firs. This is a lovely scent that would be perfect for those who love the coffee and woods aroma of Leaves Falling Like Rain, but would enjoy a twist of evergreens in place of the ginger and herbs. It truly feels like protection and comfort. 

Moonstone- Notes: In ancient times moonstone was believed to contain the shining rays of the moon itself. Wear it for luck, love, and a more beautiful life. Tuberose petals are infused in a cold pitcher of sweet milk with creamy coconut and white sandalwood.

From the bottle a milky white flower pours forth a froth of cream perfumed with coconut milk. It is a tropical moon, sweet, full and overflowing with abundance. It is the Milky Way of richness, a galaxy of starry blossoms floating in the pearlescent nebula of space. On the skin the heady tuberose, coconut, and milk all swirl and mingle in harmony, each a subtle reflection of the other. Blue flashes of airy sandalwood gleam through the pale lush fragrance. This will wear beautifully in the Florida heat, blooming in its fragrant largesse. I love the parallel that the Florida state stone is the moonstone as well. This perfume does it justice.

Now that summer is here I am looking forward to doing some deep cleaning, organizing, resting, swimming, and all the things that fill up my love tank. I know the two months will zoom past, but ain't that just the way.


  1. Ahhh, those sound absolutely glorious!!
    Enjoy your Summer!!!

    1. They are pretty cool! Very unique in my collection. Thank you! I am very much soaking it all in. I hope you have a great summer too!

  2. Hi Julie. I hope you have a wonderful summer! I plan to work on the home herbalism course I never work on, and mess around with textile botanical dyes, and be outside as much as I can. I always enjoy your blog so much.

    1. Thank you, Brooke!! I love that you are doing an herbalism course! I have always wanted to do that. I cannot wait to see what incredible things you create with those dyes. I love how serene those dyes end up turning out. Enjoy your outdoor time! I will be right there in spirit on my side of the country doing the same. <3 Soak up that vitamin D and beauty. Wishing you all the best, friend!