Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Velvet Noir Mascara via Influester

This mascara was sent free of charge from Influenster for product testing purposes. 

I have used Marc Jacob Beauty cosmetics previously this year when I chose the 500 point Marc Jacobs Reward at Sephora. I absolutely loved all the items and have since used them frequently. In fact, one of my sisters used the eyeliner pencil and commented on how nice it glided on. 

Influenster sent me this box before Christmas but with all the chaos and things I needed to take care of I really did not get a chance to wear it often enough to feel like I could do a proper review. But now a week later, I have had the chance to wear it several times.

Marc Jacobs undoubtedly established itself as a high end beauty brand without compromise to integrity. The pigments are concentrated, wear time is marvelous and the packaging elegant. 

This full sized mascara runs $26 at Sephora. The ebony hexagonal tube displays Marc Jacobs in silver lettering. The wand's shape is slightly hourglass with spiraling spiky bristles. I enjoy that the wand is not overly exaggerated in the hourglass shape, as that makes it hard for me to use without painting my whole face in black goo. 

The wear was excellent. It created long feathery lashes with thick volume. It did have a tendency to clump if I layered it on crazy thick but nothing I could not tame with an eyelash/eyebrow comb. It stayed put very well with no smudging, flaking or migrating. 

Now you get to look at my mug. My lashes are pretty puny on their own so this is pretty good length and volume on me. 

I would absolutely repurchase this mascara again. I enjoy Marc Jacobs original mascara as well. Have you tried any Marc Jacobs Beauty yet? What do you think?


  1. I have NOT tried Marc Jacobs Beauty yet, though that's probably not much of a surprise with my lack of personal makeup experience. I do however like using the occasional eyeliner, mascara, and something for my lips. I'm currently at 0 makeup items because of the move but I wouldn't mind picking up some higher end items to start off my stash again.

    1. You are in the Mecca of beauty products! A few high end staples is really all that is needed. Mascara is such a finicky thing for me. I tend to be uber picky about it. I can use cheaply lip balm or lipstick all day but never mascara.