Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ebb and Flow: October 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

Solstice Scents Gibbon's Boarding School

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Mabon (used it all up!)

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Tulsi and Pinon (KRA is closing up shop by year's end, so I am trying to stock up while I can)

B. Perry Studios Facial Oil

Wick and Fable Hog's Head Inn

Vintage Chic Scents Pink Twinkling Lights (in the bedroom)

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Tons of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Halloween, Friday the 13th and new Monarch butterflies hatching from their crysalis

Tony Elman

Lots of planting of seeds, plants. Lots of weeding. Lots of landscape tinkering. Dirty fingernails. Achy back. Feeling good in the yard.

Getting to the dentist but I know it needs to happen soon. Got a sore tooth.

Seeing my friend Ashely. Thanksgiving break and the cooking and family that comes along with that.

Super soft 100% cotton sheets from Tuesday Morning. Still crazy expensive but very much worth it.

Trying to transplant some old hedges to make a privacy screen in the backyard... they all died. Boo.

Work stress.

Salem, time with my girls and sister, time with my other sister, Halloween at Hogwarts with the husband and girls, movie with a friend, butterflies, old books, great co-workers, decorating the bedroom, thrifting with Adam on a day date, finding out we get to go to Vail, Colorado in the spring and Las Vegas for my sister's wedding in April.

Happy Halloween!! How was your October? What are you looking forward to next month?


  1. Happy Halloween! We are actually in the middle of a winter weather advisory here. Maybe 4in. possible today. Gonna be a cold and sloppy trick-or-treat for kids this evening!

    October was more of my usual blah. The most exciting thing was my brief Rae Dunn obsession. LOL I went from 'I don't get it,' to 'I want all of it! very quickly. However, due to my lack of space, lack of money, and lack of select stores shopping options that obsession has just as quickly been brought down to a low simmer.

    I don't know what I'm most looking forward to next month. The obvious answer would be Thanksgiving but I just don't know how I feel about it this year. There is already awkward family stress because one sister-in-law pretty much declared Thanksgiving will be held at my mom's because everyone will show up then. Wow.

    Oh, randomly off Sweet Fixations fall haul is proving to be a fail. She's off her game this year or something. I'm strongly considering just ordering a bunch of votives from Yankee for the holiday season.


    1. Poor kiddos! I hope they were still able to have a decent time on Halloween. Meanwhile, my kids and I are melting in 90 degree weather. Crazy. Thankfully it has been raining the past few days so that means a cold front is pushing through and this weekend it will be highs of 70 and lows in the 50's which is PERFECT. Gosh, I love that kinda weather.

      I am still giggling over your Rae Dunn moment. Do you plan on trying to get at least one piece? It might be for the best that the simmer dies down. I cannot imagine having that much of the same thing in my house unless it was candles or perfume. LOL! I do have a ton of coffee mugs but they are pretty unique.

      I am sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving drama. Does your mom mind hosting? That is a lot to take on. I am sure people will help out but it still comes with its own stress. Thanksgiving this year will be different for us too. Adam's family normally doesn't spend Thanksgiving with us but my mom and one sister will probably come over. I am trying to get my Dad and stepmom and other sister and brother-in-law to come too. But it will remain a pretty mild affair.

      What happened to Sweet Fixations??? Is the throw sucking? The oils off? I am so sorry. I was hoping that would be something fun to fall back on for old time's sake. Yankee maybe won't be a bad idea though. Is there anything in particular you are looking to melt? You know I have plenty to go around. :-)

    2. They actually canceled trick or treating in the little town I live by, because of the snow and cold. A lot of people were pissed and did it anyway. lol

      I'm undecided if I want to still get one Rae Dunn piece just to have one, or not bother. The videos I've watched, the stories I've heard, it's nearly impossible to find the 'good' things because the crazy StalkerHoarders get to it all first. Even to buy it online is a crazy event.

      I don't know what's up with my Sweet Fixations order. Some of them are so soft and slick, like they're over-saturated or something, but then the insides are white and powdery. They seem like they're melting overly hot and the scents have a sort of sharp edge to them. I find myself reaching for my Scentsationals and BHG more than my SF.


  2. Glad you mentioned Kings Road, I saw they removed their instagram page a while ago but didn't know they were closing. I am starting a temp job this week, I can get back to making some small orders here and there again.

    1. JEAN I AM SO SAAAAAAAD. I ordered her Thinning of the Veil box and it just arrived yesterday (love it!). I was bummed I missed out on her "last two boxes ever" pre-order but then she listed more and I popped over and bought them as a birthday gift to myself. That is not being selfish is it?? Rebecca is coming to Orlando to do an herbal workshop and I am trying to find a way to go.

      Congrats!!! An income is always welcome. I hope you come to enjoy it and are able to get yourself some goodies. How is the apartment situation going? THinking about you.

    2. I haven't been back to my apartment much since my last job ended, yes that is crazy. My phone gets too much of my time, last night I left it in my bag and felt better today. So anyway I stopped back there at the end of October, I had new damage to part of my living room ceiling that has had water damage multiple times in the last 12 months. It was fixed but the wooden tiles are starting to look warped from being wet multiple times, and I am having trouble getting someone from the management company to look at it. If I could go back to last summer I would have accepted the offer I got, I need to reach out and see if he's still interested. I heard he purchased another unit to flip but maybe he would go for a second one.