Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sihaya and Company: Sisterhood of the Moon Box

This monthly curated box was given gratis in exchange for photographs from Sihaya & Company. All opinions are my own.

I am going to be showing the last two Sihaya and Company boxes I got out of order. Since Halloween creeps so near I wanted to showcase this most recent Sisterhood of the Moon box first. I will feature the Autumn Jewels box in November in a week or so. This is the third year I have received the Sisterhood of the Moon box and I fall further in love with it each year. The abundant spookiness, the fall flavors, the attention to detail and darkness. It all enchants me. 

Dryad Tea can be counted on to contribute a delightful tea called Black Cats and Pointy Hats that is redolent of spiced cider. Overripe apples, mulling spices, blackberry and lime leaves and jasmine all blend with black tea leaves to make a divine autumnal draught. $6.50

Little and Grim contributed a 4 ounce glycerin soap called The Augur in the scent Botanomancy which features fig, apple, lemon, ginger, sage, frankincense, caramel, cinnamon and smoke. It is a smoky fruity darkling. The fig and apple are tempered by herbs, yet the caramel and soft spice induce a temptation of their own. The smoke and incense lend a mysterious air to the fruits and herbs. I am putting this in my shower right now. $8.50

Sixteen92 is a perfume house that holds a special place in my collection. I appreciate the stony musks, chilly ozones, crisp leaves and foggy atmospherics that Claire creates. She also has a deft hand at woods, soil and smoky leathers. Not to mention metallics and other interesting bits. 

The Witching Hour- Notes: Dense fog, charcoal ash, a burned cedar chest, sacred willow, knotted roots, silver needle and a salt circle beneath a starless sky. 6ml $14
Sharp green sap, herbaceous and bitter, bite like the cracking whip of Devil's Snare. The stinging teeth are tempered by the dense metallic twang of midnight fog, mincing in on dewy padded feet. This slinks from the bottle and smells similar on the wrists when freshly anointed. The green crystalized sap dissolves into warm embers and lush woods. Claire's smoky woods scents are never heavy or cloying but rather sniffed through the filter of a crisp cool nighttime sky, where night winds cleanse the smoke and trees and mosses, dappling them in silvery moonlight and briskness. This is the witching hour. Where nocturnal hearts beat quietly and black eyes reflect the moon. 

A Black Phillip enamel pin from The Pickety Witch came in the box. $10. I love the cascade of fall leaves cresting his bust. 

I have been watching Christina of Sihaya and Company tinker with the idea of creating tinted lip balms for a couple months now. I ordered her Harry Potter lip balms a while back (strangely I am hesitant to break the seals as I am sure I will fall madly in love and then never be able to get them again). I love seeing the process of her adding mica and flavors, increasing shade pigments or adding shimmer. I love this plummy creation that she included in the box. The deep red-purple tone can be layered to create a vampy shimmery look or a light swipe can impart a slightly bruised blush to the lips. I appreciate the slip and cushion of this moisturizing lip color. $6.50.

So so sad to not have a bath tub to soak in. I really and truly miss my beloved salt baths. Bubble baths. Milk baths. Baths. I wonder if this sudden lack of magnesium from my salt baths is giving me trouble. Oh well. One day. 

This amazing ritual bath potion from Cattail Apothecary called Awaken Intuition blends mugwort, mullein, lavender, clove, sage, yarrow and patchouli into a bath time treat. $8. 

A bath time treat I will have to wait a long while to use but I think it will be worth it.

Ah! The candle. I always look forward to sniffing the Sihaya and Company candle that inevitably accompanies these boxes. The Thinning of the Veil stitches together carved pumpkins, smoky oudh, black amber and smoldering dragon's blood resin. $13. This is a haunting aroma that mimics the scent of a rotted out blackened log where unknown creatures dwell. Ashen smoke, pitch black soil, ebony wood and singed resins all weave into dark shadows. I have burned this candle before and loved it then as I love it now.

This is a great box filled with amazing items. Individually these run about $66.50 but the box is $65. The most alluring part of the box is the limited edition nature of certain items like The Thinning of the Veil, the enamel pin, the lip color, and the Sixteen92 perfume, which can only be had through this box. I am very happy with everything and will use it all up.

What items in the Sisterhood of the Moon box most appeal to you? Do you see any favorite makers in here?


  1. Interesting thought about the lack of magnesium/baths and your struggles. A year or so ago I'd heard something on the radio about a link between general lack of magnesium and mental health. They talked about depression cases rising as white bread (of all things!) became more popular...because white bread lacks magnesium. It was quite interesting, and given my own struggles I started taking a multi vitamin that I made sure has magnesium in it. So yeah, if you're body was used to having it and now it doesn't, it could be!!!


    1. Oh right!! I think I remember us talking about this a long time ago. I think I should definitely look into taking some magnesium supplements. Thank you for mentioning that. My body was DEFINITELY used to me taking Epsom salt baths very frequently. I miss them so much.

  2. I always love reading your Sisterhood of the Moon box blog posts. <3 <3
    Yeah, I'm bummed about KRA closing, but yay to Rebecca moving on to other things she desires. I wish her all the happiness and success and very much look forward to her published book someday.
    I'm still wishing you a tub sooner rather than later, my friend! ;) <3 Maybe try a magnesium spray or lotion for your body? I'm looking to try those type of products soon. A wonderful herbalist recommended an oral magnesium powder, mixed with water, to me the other month, so I've been doing that nightly in addition to soaking in salt baths a few times a week.

    1. Thanks!!

      I am happy she is able to follow her heart and not have outside pressures influence her for sure. I majorly look up to that. I will miss her goods though. She makes some incredible body oils and teas. I picked up her last boxes. I simply cannot resist them. She is giving an herbal workshop here in Orlando next year and I am trying to figure out a way to go to it.

      Thank you!!! A tub would be a dream come true at this point. The whole house has been renovated except the bathrooms. I am thinking the tub will fit best in the girls'/guest bathroom but walking across the house is NO hardship for me if it means I get a bubble bath. I would walk to the next door neighbor's if it was socially acceptable. Adam jokes I should just bathe in the pool but it isn't heated and it is getting chilly at night in the pool. :-)

      Magnesium spray!! I had no idea. I will head to a health store and take a peek at their shelves soon. Thank you. Great advice! Hope you are feeling well. Do you have any fun plans or things to look forward to this month?

    2. The Posh Olive, Cedarhill Homestead from Tennessee (on Instagram and has a website) and Wild Wood Apothecary I've all seen magnesium sprays or lotions from recently. I don't think Posh Olive is stocking until the new year sometime, Cedarhill just closed their October restock, but I think Tori may restock in November since the spray sold out and April (She Is of the Woods on IG) I'm pretty sure will be stocking at her upcoming restock.
      I can definitely tag you or message you if I see anything available or being released soon from vendors I've used and trust, if you'd like?
      I do think checking out health food stores could be beneficial as they could very well carry products like that.
      I wonder if making spray is even something easy enough to diy make at home??

    3. THank you! I would love a tag. I will try my best to make sure I make a restock. A DIY spray would be a cool idea. You rock!!