Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ebb & Flow: September 2019

The highs and lows of the month... a day late.

Solstice Scents Hidden Lodge

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Anodyne at night
Nocturne Alchemy Bastet's Ice Cream: Halloween Spice Cake Santalum Creme

B. Perry Studios PSL Sassy

B. Perry Studios Celestite

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Deep Woods 

Hair Gloss:
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pumpkin Patchouli

Nail Polish:
Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle

Sihaya & Company Sleepy Hollow (smoky leather and smoldering pumpkin)

Rosegirls Winter Mermaid in the bedroom (peppermint, shaving cream, coconut)

Ruffles All Dressed potato chips

Starbucks Fall blend coffee at home and water

Still slogging through The Witches by Stacy Schiff, ready to move on.


To Don Williams records.

When the time comes in the next month or so for me to truly decide if I want to continue Montessori training.

Boston and Salem this weekend. No doubt. Fall Leaves. Lanterns in the Village hot cocoa and ghost story time. Used bookstores in Cambridge. Chilly weather. Clam chowder. 

Molblly queen mattress from Amazon for the guest bedroom. Surprised how inexpensive a good mattress is now.

The sunflower seeds I tried to plant in the backyard that the squirrels immediately dug up and ate. Turds. 

Some family issues that kind of all came to a boiling state at once this past weekend. Thankfully they were able to be resolved with open communication and open hearts. I had some friendship struggles and other things here and there but seasons come and go and I find as I get older those things are easier for me to handle.

Seeing and spending time with my sisters. Getting home situated more. Splurging on plants. Landscaping more. Having my dad over for his birthday. Exploring our new town. Watching baby quail hatch in the classroom.

How was your September? Is fall treating you well so far? How about me being so scattered that I simply forgot to post my Ebb and Flow until my sister called me out? Thank you, Lindsey. I don't want to miss some reflective time.


  1. September was okay. STILL trying to adjust to this early retirement thing. It's not been the glorious, joyful, heavenly thing people assume it is, and they can't understand why. I wouldn't have understood either. Getting back into soap making has finally been something solid to focus on, so that's helped. Loving fall though! :) My 'early fall' decorations will come down today and full Halloween mode will begin. I'm thinking about decorating outside, do up our fallen tree all spooky since it still hasn't been completely chopped up and removed.


    1. Ooh, decorating the downed tree is a good idea!

    2. I love that you are soaping and are finding some fun in that. I need to order some soaps from you soon. Decorating the fallen tree would be cool!! I made it to the Dollar Tree with the girls and they picked up a couple skeleton arms for fun.

      I can see how retiring wouldn't necessarily be fun unless you had some hobbies or projects to keep one busy. I keep thinking about even just having a small job at a local nursery. The pay would be peanuts and I wouldn't get to travel much so I keep pushing it away.

  2. Have a wonderful trip, it sounds well deserved!

  3. I am also slogging through The Witches... On chapter 11 now. I didn't read The House Of The Seven Gables like I wanted. Maybe I'll read the clip notes. Lol love you!

    1. Glad you are loving the House of Seven Gables. It was a really cool place to visit.

  4. Can't wait to see your pics from the trip! We're finally getting some fallish weather which is helping my mood, but work is super busy and my main priority is finding a new job, so that is causing a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

    1. A new job!! Hoping you find just what you would love to do. Have you mad much luck?? We are finally feeling some fall weather here too. Not as hot and humid and more dry and breezy. Nothing like Salem was for sure but close for Florida. What type of job are you hunting for?

  5. Nope, not anon - Sandra here. All Dressed potato chips, I love you very much, even though individually, I hate all the flavours that are in it (ugh, dill pickle is vile!) I actually like the loaded baked potato ones better, but beggars can't be choosers. There's an episode of this very raunchy Canadian TV show called the Trailer Park Boys where this one character, Ricky, sends his daughter to the store for chips, "Dressed All Over and Zesty Mordant kind" ("mordant" apparently being the French word for "zesty" - I've no idea what he meant by this request. Maybe some type of Doritos?) Anyhow, enjoy your Dressed All Over chips. ;)

    1. I am addicted for sure. I also love the VooDoo chips but not sure if they have those up there. Dressed All Over Zesty Mordant chips sound pretty much like perfection. :-) I do like dill pickle chips too. But then I never claimed to have good taste LOL!!!! Send all those dills this way.