Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blood Moon Botanica (Archaic Honey): Coconut Silk Butter

Britton Boyd, the nose and founder behind Haus of Gloi, has decided to step away from the booming indie company to flesh out a more intimate and seasonal line of creations to fund her up and coming trek along the Pacific Crest Trail next month. Profits from her new endeavor, Blood Moon Botanica, will also go towards her attending an herbalism school. As soon as I read the Haus of Gloi announcement of her stepping aside and launching Archaic Honey (and along with that Blood Moon Bontanica) I was eager to try her new wares. 

I purchased a small jar of Coconut Silk Butter for $10 plus $2.70 shipping. I wanted a large jar but it was sold out. Coconut Silk is scented with coconut CO2 pulp, vanilla CO2 and palo santo. This body butter is built around organic virgin coconut oil, honeysuckle extract, amino and hyaluronic acids. 

It feels dense and spongy and luxurious on the fingers and skin. There is a tiny amount of emulsifying wax that makes it nice and thick to spread, but still manages to feel light and airy like an indulgent chocolate mousse. It leaves a slight sheen of hydration and softness. A little bit goes a long way, which makes me happy since I don't have a lot to go around. Cool coconuts with a hint of mint and vanilla lift from the skin after applying. The aroma wafts up light but detectable. This will be a wonderful summer and night time body butter. 

She did just restock a few items, as she will be leaving soon for the hike. I may grab another small jar of this Coconut Silk Butter, there is also some Florida Water I wouldn't mind using as a cologne splash. She does recommend using up the silk butters within 6 months due to the freshness of the ingredients. 

I love the idea of hiking for long stretches of time but my primitive camping trip really showed me what a wuss I am about being eaten alive, so I will stick to day dreaming about that for now. Would you hike on a long term jaunt, like months? Where would you go? If you could lay everything down right now with no consequences, what would you do? Where would you go?


  1. I just ordered the bathing dust, I should bump this up on my list. It does look spongy!

    I agree with you on the backpacking. If I could go anywhere, maybe Australia but only if I could also travel there instantly. I heard the culture described as being like the UK with California's weather.

    How about you, what would you do?

    1. Nice! I kinda wished I had ordered more Bathing Dust too but I really am trying to keep within my bath/wax budget so I can keep saving for the trip. I did however, go back for another small Coconut Silk Butter and the Rose one and one small Florida water to use as perfume... I mean how can I... a Florida fragrance blogger and native, not get that?!

      Australia would be amazing. A walkabout would be memorable and quite the experience. Hmmmm.... I really would love to to a hike in the Pacific Northwest or backpack through Europe or explore Iceland. SO many dreams float about in my skull. I keep thinking... one day. One step at a time. It is quite funny because my sister, Lindsey, and I were planning and dreaming over sushi this past weekend and we came up with a multi-year travel plan that goes a little like this: 2018- US Virgin Island, 2019- Pacific Northwest, 2020- Maine, 2021- Bali and then 2022- Greece. Pipe dream but maybe planning it out will help with saving and making some a reality.