Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spectral Scents Wax Tarts

I follow many indie vendors on IG and once in a while, something will spark me to bite. This is one of those orders. Once I clicked the link and started leafing through Spectral Scents' offerings I found many to latch onto and promptly placed a small order. Spectral Scents offers their wax in the one ounce scent shot oval cups, most weighed 0.6 ounces with a couple 0.7 ones as well. They cost $2 each. I believe these are RTS for they shipped fairly quickly. The five scent shots were $10 plus $4.33 for shipping.

The arrived packed nicely in a small flat rate box with tissue and two wee samples and this fun mermaid card (how cool!), business card and sticker. 

Infected Bramble- Notes: Bulgarian rose, Moroccan cedarwood, allspice.
The rose and spice is nice. I thought it might remind me of Claire Burke type but it does not. The rose is plush and dewy with dark peppery spice and heat. The cedarwood keeps the scent clear and aromatic. It is a complex and well wrought scent. 

Ectoplasm- Notes: Bamboo, aloe vera, freshly laundered sheets, yellow pear, green tea, vetiver and Spanish moss. 
Fresh, clean and green without being harsh or chemical. This is very much what I consider a bamboo scent first and foremost. Softly aquatic and wispy with herbs and white florals. It melted strong in the kitchen.

Cerberus- Notes: Brown sugar, spices, Madagascar vanilla, dark musk and black amber. 
This one is my stand out favorite. I have a deep and abiding affection for gourmand spiced ambers and this one fits the bill. Sweet with heaping cups of dark brown sugar and sparks of fiery spice, this scent brims with vanillic amber. I would wear this as a personal fragrance, indeed. It gave off a medium throw in my bedroom. 

Zen Garden- Notes: French lavender, spearmint, basil, ginger, peppermint. 
A brilliant spring time scent. The lavender here is not powdery or sweet but herbal and bracing. Redolent of a seaside kitchen garden, there is a touch of watery ocean breezes and green tender shoots of mints and sweet basil. Melted medium-strong in my large living area.

Forbidden Paradise- Notes: Sweet pea, plumeria, freesia, gardenia, peony, and violet. 
The sweet pea comes forth as the star of this nosegay. Gardenia lends a heady nod to the tropics while violet sweetens it up with a touch of powder and serenity. A lovely floral bouquet.

The samples were in Siren (a touch of wine and resin) and Sanguine Queen (bamboo and fruits possibly) but they were very, very minute sizes. Together they still did not weigh even 0.1 ounce so I really could not get a good hold on how they smelled.

-RTS, fast and reasonable shipping
-Unique house blends
-Cool branding

- A little pricey at a little more than $2/ounce, but not terribly off putting

Overall, I am happy with my order and would love to try Cerebus in a perfume oil. I would definitely buy from Spectral Scents again, in the future.


  1. This is the brand that kept appearing in my IG feed, notifying me Spectral Spirits liked a pic and followed/re-followed my page and I'd see that blank mask face and get totally creeped out! Good to hear they have interesting blends, you know that amber one is so up my alley, zen garden too. Maybe I'll investigate if they offer a promotion. Enjoy!

    1. PS I love these descriptions:)

    2. Awww man! Follow/UnFollowing bothers me for some reason. I understand unfollowing an account if you get tired or something but don't do the pop back and forth just to try and get followers... it's weird. I did like the blends. They were nice. The amber one was my favorite though.

  2. The branding on these is so ding dang cute - it reminds me of Beetlejuice, with all the black and white stripes and the purples and greens.

    1. I thought so too! The stripes and ghoulish lean brought Beetlejuice to mind for me too. I love Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton is one of my favorite actors. I still think he was the best Batman.