Saturday, March 4, 2017

Melting Basket 88

I would buy the LSC Cinnamon Sugar Donuts again but not the LPL Strawberry Fluff (it was too artificial and had a strange pukey note to it on my nose- that faint acidic tang of yuck). As for the RG I am breaking them down into throw since Deb requested that: Strong- Celtic Moonspice, Paradise, Satsuma, Medium- Koopa Troopa, Vanilla Crunch Donuts, Caramel Butter Brickle Mac Madness, Cranberry Apple Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Mac Madness Swizzle Sticks Light- Boo Berry, Strawberry Key Lime Smoothie, Harvest Bake Sale, FKLP Serendipity Ice Cream. I enjoyed all of them greatly. But especially Celtic Moonspice, Paradise, and Vanilla Crunch Donuts.

SMT Rose Jam/Marshmallow Noel/Serendipity
Rosegirls- Posh Pristine Peach (peach/watermelon/pomegranate)
TBG- Raspberry Stockings
TBG- Breaking Violet
TBG- Marie Antoinette's Boudoir
TBG- Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet
TBG- Raspberry Hearts
TBG- Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake
TBG- Sweet Green
TBG- Guava Berry Gelato
TBG- The Sweetest Thing
TBG- Lacquered Lollipops
Satin Suzie- Lemon & Rosemary <3 gift
Scented Squirrel- Day Dreamers (Lavender Cream Soda) <3 gift
Super Tarts- Bella's Blood <3 gift
Jamianne's Wax Creations- Under The Stars <3 gift
CFTKR- Bamboo Type
CFTKR- Cashmere Forest
CFTKR- Kashmir Archipelago
LSC- Patchouli Honey

If you want to know about how any of these perform in greater detail, please let me know which ones in the comments. 

Good Morning! This is one of those very rare times that I am actually typing this up right as I am about to post it. I woke up around 7am to the sound of songbirds and a chilly house. The temperature dipped low again (for us- around 50 degrees) and this beautiful weather has me itching to plant and be outdoors. Spring in central Florida is brief. The orange trees and strawberries are blooming and that is usually my cue (I try to ignore the oak pollen that falls in brittle beaded necklaces of reproductive material and lands in my hair).

This tiny fella is a Spruce seedling (probably won't come to a happy ending here in Florida, but the seeds landed in my lap so I planted them). 

The girls and I planted two herb pots this spring. This one has sage and a few others that I cannot recall at the moment. I can tell better once (if) they grow bigger.

Cilantro babies, for my summer salsa and guacamole making. I think this pot has chives and oregano too. 

I have been propagating succulents too. Some are doing great and others have perished. 

Are you getting Spring Fever? Hopefully not literally, because there is definitely some type of illness epidemic roaming in the air. I have been searing for some Madagascar Periwinkles to plant outside by my Plumeria but I cannot find any. We also will be re-mulching and taking out our Japanese Boxwoods this year I think. Do you plant? Have any indoor plants you recommend that a black thumb such as myself might be able to keep alive?

Have a happy Saturday. 


  1. I've always been curious about Koopa Troopa, wondered if it was any good. I also have to dive into TBG scents as I've only tried two scents, pink Sugared pie crust and Grinch cake. Grinch cake was not my favorite. What scent notes is Lacquered Lollipops?

    1. I like it alot! Honestly to me it smells like a big fat bag of Starburst. It is tart, sweet and vibrant. I enjoy melting it when it comes across my path. I am with you on Grinch Cake. I just never really dig it. I hear Pink Sugared Pie Crust is good though. I don't recall trying that one. Bakery is not really something I look for from TBG though, I just adore he floral, herbal, fresh and candy scents. CFTKR or RG or SMT really hit my bakery buttons. Lacquered Lollipops is listed as black currants, citrus, cypress, musk and ginger but for some reason I picked up violets and licorice. The black currants are tart and perfumy. It is a nice scent but not one I would buy in a clamshell, personally.

  2. What a pretty basket! So much lovely TBG stuff, too - I'd like to know a little more about the Blueberry Lavender one, please. Back on the blueberry kick these days.

    Your plantlings are adorable! I'd love to garden more, but 1) balcony and 2) river-adjacent, windswept concrete hellhole balcony. A few years ago I had a ton of plants out there, but it was SO much work (lugging about 20 bags of soil upstairs? Uh, yeah) and really messy. I haven't in a few years and don't miss it too much, although I'd love to grow some herbs. Too windy for those, too. Bummer! :(

    1. I would be more than happy to review it! I am actually really excited to melt it. I never have, but I have gifted it to friends before and they rave about it. So I am stoked to finally melt it.

      Thanks! They are cute lil guys. But hopefully the actually grow. Oh man. Your set-up does sound brutal for growing plants... but a river view would be top billing for me. Sounds pretty. I would love to grow herbs in the kitchen but my home just isn't set up that way for the cute herb pots in the windowsill but the sink.

  3. I love that fish blackboard. Especially love the chalk art!

    Right now I am propagating some basil and mint. I watched You-tube videos, and thought..."how easy can that be?". Well, with a black thumb, such as mine it is a challenge. We shall see in about a week or so. In the meantime, I will be without herbs because my plants are producing well. I won't give up though. I will keep pushing through and buying more plants until I get it right.

    1. Thank you! I grabbed that at Marshall's on clearance one day. It has been something to look forward to decorating from time to time.

      Good luck on your basil and mint! I really should look into buying some mint plants. I love using it to infuse water in the summer time. Apple mint water is so yummy. I will be sending good growing vibes to your seedlings. And send some my way too LOL! I have a bit of a black thumb myself. Whoops!

  4. My Christmas cactus is still alive, bwah-ha-ha. It's the only plant that's lasted around my abode. The hubs and I hint at starting a garden every year, but our yard is in dire straits. We need a truck load of costly fill dirt to replant a sinkhole left when we tore out our pool. It's overwhelming to think about. Now that I do though, I planted garlic cloves in my side yard in November, I should check on those.

    1. Awww yay!!! That is a good sign! LOL! I have one that manages to hang on by a thread sometimes, it truly is a miracle plant. Tearing out a pool?! What a huge undertaking! Is there a way to make it a pond or something? I hope your garlic bulbs are thriving. Mine died out pretty fast, granted a weed whacker took them out but they never recovered. And now that it may be an allergen (well, it IS an allergen but may cause his rash) I guess it is best I don't grow them. Because then I would want to use them.